The College Conspiracy

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The National Inflation Association (NIA) presents this powerful, intelligent, and fact packed documentary primarily focused on an illusion that U.S. children and adults are being fed daily. They call it the “College Conspiracy”. However, by its well researched and fact based comparisons this amazing, must watch film manages to give anyone a crash course in economics.

“College Conspiracy” states that from the 6th grade, or more likely from kindergarten as from personal experience with my 7 year old, you are taught that the key to success is to do well in high school in order to get into a “good college”, because if you get a degree from a “good college” you will be able to get any job you want! Most Americans today have been brought to believe in the illusion that future economic success will come simply by obtaining a college degree. Moreover, they may have also bought into believing that if they do not go to college they will be on a one way street straight to nowhere!

In the film, Gerald Celente, Editor for the Trend Research Institute, states that educational institutions are not teaching people to think, but rather what and how to think. He goes on to state that when he is hiring he is not interested in a person’s degree rather, he wants to know if the person has a mind, can they think for themselves, are they energetic, and do they have a passion for what they are doing. These are qualities that are not easy to come by anymore. Trillions are spent on education but the quality of life in America is declining. Today, college debt is at over $830 billion in the U.S., exceeding that of credit card debt.

When schools are failing to equip students with creativity and tools for real life situations, much less start up a business and inflation has made it impossible to pay for education, this film forces us to ask ourselves, if education is the key, then how does one cover the exorbitant cost of education?

In the US Government’s attempt to make college more affordable, they have managed to accomplish the exact opposite. However, the US Government backed by the Federal Reserve, using the exact same easy lending practices as they did in the mortgage industry through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is handing out loans for education with no regard to your ability to repay. With the rising cost of tuition, by the time you graduate with your “valuable” degree you are immediately forced into the wage slave economy, becoming an indentured servant by means of your college debt.

If that is not enough to burst your college bubble, national reports indicate that since 1992, 60% of college graduates were working in positions that are considered “low scale”, or not requiring so much as a high school education. In fact, 20% of new waiter/waitress positions since 1992 have been filled by college graduates. One of this nation’s greatest myths is that college graduates make more money than those who do not graduate college. The myth goes: college graduates will make $1 million more over a lifetime than those who only graduate high school. This is based on a false and misleading study that leaves many factors out of the equation, for example, they do not take into account the cost of college education nor potential loss of wages during the 4-6 year period during which one is in school.

The mainstream media working hand in hand with the U.S. Government and educational institutions has spread this propaganda far and wide. The film illustrates, with real life examples, the manipulation and fraud taking place to misinform people into buying into the myth. One major law school has reportedly admitted to placing graduates to work in their admissions group at the time employment placement rate surveys were being conducted.

You will take a ride through real life situations and statistics that are undeniably proving that the higher education scheme is headed for the same “bust” that came to the mortgage industry. With the government’s involvement, as usual, the free market has been destroyed. And the NIA does a wonderful job of exemplifying how it was accomplished in this eye-opening documentary.

The college industrial complex is a racket, just like war is a racket. People are learning more about economics from the NIA than in all their years of study. Some people are preparing for the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the NIA suggests that people invest in buying gold and silver for the day the dollar becomes completely of no value. However, I agree with Ron Finley of L.A. Green Grounds who states in his TED talk from February 2013 that, “growing food is like printing money”. Not only growing food but other skills that would be sought after, should the greatest depression in history come to fruition as has been prognosticated by many, such as clothes making, engineering, constructing, etc. would be of great value. By developing these skills one could barter with others to obtain goods and services.

After watching the film, do you agree that the college industry is headed for a “bust”? Further, what are your thoughts on the best possible way to prepare for a great depression, should it be headed our way?

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  • Uni Prof

    I think the premise of this video is excellent, but the writing value and subject selection really devalues the message. It is a pity, because I think college and university cost, promises, and even educational curricula are abominable. I hope someone takes the idea and does a better job so that content credibility will be taken more seriously. Good stats!

  • GunsmithKitten

    I get it’s points, but it still dismisses a college education far too flippantly. There are plenty of useless endeavours in education, but if you were to believe this film, they’re all useless. Would the makers of the film or it’s supporters be okay, for example, if someone doing open heart surgery on them never went to medical school?

    Also, yea, someone has to pull the wagon, so to speak, someone has to mine, ect..but we’ve seen the fate of those people. Dying poor and of hideous conditions. You consider it noble to hack up black dust in your twilight years? To have missing limbs from mills or farm equipment? There’s a reason why people bought into the college hustle, becuase it’s human to not want to end up like that!

    • cplop

      So going to college is the only way to make it out of a blue collar job? I know you didnt say that, but that is what you implied. Your statement is an example of learned helplessness, and it does not give the human race enough credit for our level of intelligence. Just because we have this current education system shoved down our throats, it does not mean that it is the right one. Just because we say we live in a “free country” does not mean that it is free. Actions speak louder than words, knowledge is power, and the education system, which is controlled by the state, is just another way to keep the veil pulled over our eyes.

      • GunsmithKitten

        In the words of Megadeth, “If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line; but it better work this time.” You got a better way out of a blue collar job? Not saying there isn’t one, but just like this documentary, it gives no answers, no alternatives. It also stupidly discounts specialized fields. You want to tell me how you’re going to learn complex neurosurgery, higher forms of the material sciences without at least some formal training into the basis of those fields? I’ll bet MONEY that the makers of this film wouldn’t accept themselves or their relatives to be treated in the event of a traumatic injury by someone with no Emergency Medical training, which you get FROM A SCHOOL. Would you?

        Also, no, that is not what I implied, I said it’s perfectly understandable why our culture so instinctively flocks to higher education by default. It’s perfectly reasonable to not want to end up mill workers, farm laborers, miners, ect…have in history.

  • John D. Horton

    In 1985, when I challenged having to pay on my student loan for my Master’s degree while I was attending Law School, the Oklahoma student loan collection agency quickly turned my case over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for criminal investigation claiming that my complaining against student loan collection practices constitutes a “threat.” Student loan collectors who are state employees are terrorists. The purpose of all education (K-12, college, etc.) is “welfare” and “make-work” for teachers, professors and most especially for educational administrators.

    The only reason the federal government got into student loans and other student financial aid was to reduce unemployment in the late 1960s at the Vietnam War was winding down and unemployment was climbing by claiming that students are not unemployed. 40% of the adult USA population is unemployed.

    Employment does not depend on education but on family connections and nepotism.

    • GunsmithKitten

      If that’s so, get get a job as an EMT without any kind of schooling in emergency medical care. Tell me how well it goes.

  • John1411

    This film is corporate propaganda. It speaks to a few truths such as how the student loan system was corrupt and abusive, how it’s no guarantee that you will get a job just because you get a college degree, and how college really isn’t for everyone. But the crux of this video is that STUDENT LOANS SHOULD BE GIVEN BACK OVER TO THE BANKS — the very people who corrupted the student loan system in the first place. Finally, after many years of bank profiteering and abuse, the government passed new laws that took the student loan reins from banks and instituted better regulation and fairer treatment of borrowers. The abusive and unscrupulous banking industry lost their gravy train. Now they are pouring millions of dollars into campaigns, which include propaganda films like this one, in order to try and get their unregulated gravy train back. Please be aware of these kinds of shenanigans and other trickery the banking industry is going to resort to in the coming years. Be aware. Be discriminating. Be suspicious of hidden motives.

    • bobby

      BRAVO! You said it!

      This Faux-Documentary reeks of propaganda!

      A person would have to be a an idiot to walk away from this film thinking it is truthful and all-encompasing.

      My god people – open your eyes!

      The self-interest is just ooozing all over this garbage of a film.

  • Tim

    This idea for this film has a lot of potential and some of the stats are accurate, buts it lacks a realistic perspective. Relies much too heavily on interviews with irrelevant and fraudulent “experts” such as Gerald Celente, and makes broad inferences based on false assumptions. Worth a watch but bring a grain of salt.

  • Mark Glover Masterson

    PBS and “Frontline” did a way better examination on this subject matter. And they didn’t push Silver or other precious metals.

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