The Emperor’s Japanese Tram Girls

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Hiroshima, 1945.  The Emperor’s Tram Girls were trained to drive tens of thousands of Japanese troops through the town. The drivers were young, pretty, bubbly girls who were picked for their winning personalities. They had their whole lives ahead of them. Then the bomb dropped. On August 6th, 1945 a nuclear bomb was dropped on the Hiroshima and shattered many lives. Powerful and unique archive takes us back to that terrible day. Survivors recount their stories but it is the dead who get the final word.  A terrible time in the history of humanity; as shown through the rising careers of a group of Japanese girls.

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  • shanks

    these are war crimes by the u.s

    • the bomb stopped the war crimes committed by the japanese

      • sparrow

        war crimes like how the u.s. put it’s japanese-american citizens in internment camps, you mean?

  • S de Vere

    Thank God for the A-bomb.

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