The Girl in the Box

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As the world struggled to imagine the torment endured by Elisabeth Fritzl, imprisoned in a cellar for 24 years, Colleen Stan describes her own terrifying ordeal with disturbing, sick similarities. In May 1977, 20-year-old Colleen was hitch-hiking through northern California when she was offered a lift by Cameron Hooker.

Despite the fact that four years earlier, Edmund Kemper had stalked and killed female hitchhikers in San Jose, California most young women did not give the potential dangers of the practice much thought. Hitchhiking in the ’70s was a way of life, part of a statement of freedom that the youth subculture had adopted in recent years. Eschewing material things or simply having no money, they got around based on their belief in the kindness of strangers.

Released in 2008. TV documentary.

The Girl In The Box by ErmmmTV

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Discuss This Documentary

  • Kees

    Almost unbelievable in it’s horror.

  • Phoenix

    Hate the way the interviewer treated her like she was the one in the wrong … Like it was her choice to be kept in a box under his bed for 7 years WTF!?!? …. stupid ass Americans

  • youngman

    the doc. is fake. a woman who goes thru all tht wouldnt b tht calm tlking about it…. she probably wudnt even want to b on camera.

    • Andreas
    • Now

      Not true!! I was tortured and abused for ten years, and kept as a slave away from society. I was convinced by my captor that he would kill my family if i ever disobeyed him. Talking about it sets you free and helps others in similar situations to feel less isolated and more confident to seek help. When you have been so afraid and so close to death for so long and unable to tell anyone for fear of their life and your own, being on camera talking about it is liberating. You are finally being given the chance to share what you wanted to scream out for years.

    • Sebastian

      You’re really REALLY stupid.

  • Andreas

    Wouldn’t this be an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome? I was surprised that her truthfulness was questioned what so ever at the trial, as if they didn’t fully understand how broken she must have been.

    Also, prison is too kind for this crime, only an eye for an eye would do some sort of remote justice. 7 years in the box followed by a torture execution.

    • He would probably get off on that.

    • Objective thinkers

      Most people in jail or prison take care of people like him. Pedophiles rapists etc, they all get theirs in the end. In the “end” (more like the back-end)MUAHHAHAHAHAHa)

      • Sebastian

        Unfortunately he’s over 7 foot tall. :-(

    • Sebastian

      It wasn’t Stockholm Syndrome at all. She said she never felt any positive feelings for him she was just scared he and his friends would kill her family if she escaped because he always said they would.And that she would be nailed to a cross if she tried to escape.

  • Scarlata

    Can’t watch it because “The video contains content from Channel 5, who has blocked it in your country(Canada) on copyright grounds”. :( Oh well.

    • I’ve changed it to the documentary trailers category until we’ve found the full documentary in the future, thanks Scarlata!

  • cmm

    I have watched the documentary and read the book which I have no put in the bin – I’m a liberal well read person but this has shocked me to the core and I had nightmares last night

  • Now

    Thank you Colleen Its so good to know I am not alone. I am so glad your abuser is behind bars where he belongs. Your story has inspired me to continue to choose life.

  • CM

    He should’ve served his prison sentence in a box….

  • Binxbabe

    The defense lawyer is disgusting!!! All of this is disgusting….. I can’t believe half of this! I feel for the girl…..

  • Charmaine Warpaint Orchard Mua

    Im sure I would go mad. What a strong woman.

  • Mona Lisa

    Fuck that guy, fuck that defense attorney, and you know what, fuck the interviewer. “Did you still feel like a slave?” and she looks at him like, are you serious… “Yes, because I was.” And then he asks the prosecutor why you can’t have consensual sex with a slave?!

    And I can see how her being terrified of “The Company” sounds far-fetched. But you have to remember that this woman was kidnapped, tortured, raped, and degraded for YEARS. That is something that shatters your reality. If that can happen all of a sudden, out of nowhere, and go on for what must feel like forever, a “society” of other douchebags doing the same thing doesn’t seem so crazy.

    She is seriously a hero. Any rape survivor is incredible, but to go through this kind of thing for almost a decade? I wish her all the happiness in the world to make up for what she went through.

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