The Holographic Universe

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The holographic universe is an idea presented in the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. It explores the metaphysic implications that underline quantum mechanics supersymmetry and suggests the idea that the universe is a hologram.

After examining the work of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, both of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, the book argues that a holographic model could possibly explain supersymmetry and also various paranormal and anomalous phenomena, and provide a basis for mystical experience.

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Rating: 7.8/10 based on 11 votes

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  • Mil0je

    Werry interesting theory!!! Combined with electric universe might be a revolution in cosmology!!!

  • jamie

    this would have been a GREAT doc if it wasn’t for the overemotional and distracting music that plays the entire way through. so unnecessary!

  • Avanchorda

    The book from which this documentary has sprung goes so much deeper down the rabbit hole…… and it’s a worthwhile buy, and read. The beginning delves deep into the science of the Holographic model (hard on my right directed brain) but well worth the adventure. Take the time to explore new ways to understand, perhaps even experience reality as we know it, as it has been known for thousands of years. This book weaves this model through a range of disciplines pulling references and cases that are both astonishingly beautiful and almost unbelievable. When you see what you project clearly, you also see yourself clearly, seeing that we are everything that we project out.

    “miracles do not happen in opposition of nature, but in opposition of what we know of nature”.

  • David

    This Documentary is actually a spliced together mix of several other documentaries, they contain a lot of psuedo-science, babblings of quantum physicists talking about ideas that are still very much theoretical, NOT proven. So don’t go away believing all of this.

    That being said, it is entertaining so here’s a few of the documentaries this one comes from:

    What the Bleep – Through the Rabbit Hole –

    Nassim Haramein – Crossing the Event Horizon –

  • Diana

    The first 15 minutes are really good & insightful – but then, unfortunately, follows a load of baloney, of superstition & disinformation. It is very true that all matter consists to 99.99% of empty space, and very true what Bob Wilson said about reality tunnels – each of us sees the world in a unique way that no one else can see.
    But we are NOT “all one” – I really dislike this new-agey fluff, denying the self, denying individuality. You once started as a single cell in your mother’s womb – are you STILL just a single cell? Are you exactly the same as your mother, a clone? Following the line of evolution far enough into the past, our ancestors were microbes. Does that mean you STILL are a microbe? This “we-are-all-one” stuff is mixing up the past with the present & future – we sure all came from the same source as the rest of the universe but we develop. We develop individuality, and thereby develop apart, becoming more different. Denial of the self, as well as denial of evil which is also part of the world and of ourselves, is a dead end. I, for my part, prefer to stick with hard science instead of starry-eyed fairy tales.

    • Ryan Perez

      wow. ok so the “new age fluff” as you call it, is you being ignorant. Clearly it doesn’t mean we are clones of each other. That would be dumb. We are one in consciousness (as some believe consciousness is the creator of the universe instead of some god that is jealous, requires sacrifices, and only allows some of his so-called ‘perfect’ creations into a heaven – a heaven that is so perfect that it would be boring) But anyway we are one in consciousness and we can tap into the same information. We all create this reality together. This subject that you call “new age” has actually been around longer than that religion shit, that, i think, governments use to control mass populations. but that is a different story. And no, it isn’t conspiracy

      Maybe you should look into this deep subject before talking about it like you know. I cant even begin to explain the complexity of it all so that it would make it make sense to you, but the whole consciousness, oneness, etc., is all labeled that because we don’t have words other than those to describe it.
      When talking about these things in a simple way (like using the world consciousness instead of saying exactly what it is that the word is describing – which, again, is way to hard to define in a short amount of words.) where you don’t have to define every little thing you say in order to make it understandable to people, like you, it sounds a little bit crazy. However there are plenty of articles, books, etc that explain it in detail. This subject is so deep that people have spent entire lifetimes studying very small aspects of very small aspects of it.
      Might I suggest you start with Sacred Geometry, which in itself if very deep. That is a good jump off point. You also need a basic background in physics and at least look up some things about quantum theories. Then revisit the Holographic Universe theory. The theory actually could explain a lot of things
      I haven’t watched this doc., but I have read the book by Michael Talbot and its very interesting indeed. The book was written quite a while back, i think in the 90’s, maybe 80’s so some of the scientific correlations he made have been outdated and some of the spectacular incidents he talks about have since been discounted, but for the most part his theory holds its ground. It just needs some tweaking here and there. But I think most people would rather just throw it out instead of doing a bit more research and trying to figure it out for themselves. He wasn’t necessarily trying to say his theory was the answer to everything, but like all theories, they have to be revisited and tweaked according to current evidence.
      All things should be considered true until proven false without a doubt. When we throw out ideas just because they seem impossible to the uninformed or otherwise, we are throwing out possible answers.
      I hold as much information about things in my brain as I can and choose to agree with the things that have the most evidence backing them up. As more evidence comes for one thing or as something becomes disproved, I change my mind about them.
      Maybe it is something people could try more often. I think there would be a lot to benefit from that way of thinking.

  • Dexter

    Starts out great, then ends up a clever disguise for an add for “holistic” products. This industry overcharges for junk so bad, they have to get together and create a reason for people to buy in to this bull crap. The music is obnoxious filler for lack of true facts. Notice that at first they back up the theories with modern research, then eventually begin spewing random, un tested pseudo science.

  • kurtl

    It’s hard to take any production seriously when they make the same grammatical errors over an dover again; “to” instead of “too”, “there” instead of “their”. A little research into a grammar-checking word processing program would go a long way toward credibility. While such things don’t severlely detract form the message, they make the effort look amateurish and sloppy. It just leave one wondering how far the sloppiness extends into the content.

    • mjfox

      you wrote form instead of from. follow your own advise maybe?

      • Ryan Perez

        There are plenty of other mistakes too. I’ll refrain though. Ha Ha Ha!

        • fleshbug02

          Mistakes are for learning. Perhaps this experience is for experiencing existence. God/Consciousness/Energy, can never be destroyed…so due to boredom ‘G/C/E’, returns to this Dimension, over and over, not unlike a Child to a Playground. ‘Solipsism’, is a word I ‘just happened to find’, (how strange huh !?), in a Dictionary when I was about 15 solar cycles involved,(…years old). It pertains to this subject, precisely. When I go, everything goes. -Chuckle x 3. See ya ’round the Multi-V !

  • Gorsian

    Very Good Video And It is Agree With Religions GOD (ALLAH) is The Absolute Truth and the Creator of the Universe

  • Raphael

    VERY GOOD FILM! And sapientis satis. Those in the know will understand. Diana needs to learn more as justly said. We are One in the sense that we are leaves on a Tree that has common roots. We are not loosing ourselves. The remark about the grammar is CORRECT, but not of paramount importance. The KEY here is the MESSAGE itself. And the Message is breathtaking!!! It’s a revolution! BRAVO!!!

  • Tosca Z

    I have no objection at all to the content of this video, which is grounded in both quantum physics and ancient knowledge that has been ‘rediscovered’ and rearticulated in every generation by those few willing to see beyond conventional thinking. Matter is illusory. We do create our reality, and All IS ONE.

    However, I found this video very badly put together. To me, it feels like a video put together either simply thrown together out of a many bits, or by someone who has no real understanding of this material, or by someone who wants to make it sound like fantasy. In any case, truth has been undermined. Pity. You could have helped many wake us up.

  • Tosca Z

    OK, I might have been a bit too harsh in my criticism. Since I don’t know how to edit a post, I will apologise. The video does contain a lot of value. Just wish it had been better put together.

  • Mont Burns

    God walks into a bar and orders the chaos. Should the bartender bring Him a pint of order or a pint of chaos? And if you think that’s confusing, just watch this daft video. The narrator actually says at one point that vaccinations are bad for your health. Maybe he’s dating Jenny McCarthy. No, Mr. Narrator, what’s bad for my health is sitting next to a plague carrier like yourself on the bus.

  • JO

    I agree, first 15min was ok, then they start saying that religious groups had secrets for millennium. wtf. probably swampgas in your brain

  • RCompton

    Spirituality: of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things… there is wisdom found in many places. Genesis tells us that God whose name is believed to be Jehovah or YAHWEH created humankind in his image. The scriptures also tell us that God is love, or if I may use the word harmony, which would therefore mean that we are love or in harmony with the creator because we are made in the image of the creator or active force. Again we should, as we have received instruction to do so, think in terms of spirit and not the physical world. We then are one in consciousness however each one has the ability to act and react independent of the other. Some refer to this as free will. That which does not act in harmony or love is eventually expelled from the collective active force much like the physical body’s defense mechanisms rejects that which is foreign. Well, that is enough of that for now.

  • steve

    Why is documentary “background music” always so much louder than it needs to be and so irritating., inappropriate and downright bad ? Just saying.

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