The Interrupters

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The Interrupters won BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Independent Spirit Awards. It is easy to see why. The Interrupters takes the viewer on an intimate and uncomfortable journey through extremely dangerous gang territory.  The documentary is shot through the eyes of those trying to sow peace and security in the area.

Director Steve James and Producer Alex Kotlowitz bring you THE INTERRUPTERS: those trying to take back the streets.

The interrupters first aired on FRONTLINE on February 14th and follows three brave souls who, with gusto and humor, try to take back a dangerous part of Chicago; a violence which can be partially traced back to their own actions.

The interrupters is a documentary about urban violence, the causes, and the cure.

This documentary was produced by PBS and is part of DocumentaryStorm’s initiative to bring you documentaries the moment after they are released.


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  • Jam3s

    not workin

  • Jam3s


  • James

    The link here played for about 9 minutes and then redirected to PBS where I watched the remainder. I just finished watching and it worked fine on my end here.

  • Guest
  • Drhode

    Don’t work and the PBS fashist’s say I’m in the wrong region.

  • stopcomplainingstartthinking

    Doesn’t work and on PSB so do they say I am from the wrong region…so let us know once we Europeans can watch this one.. :/ 

  • ralphie

    Go here for full video:

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