The Ken and Barbie Killers

51 minutes 8.7/10

Dubbed ‘The Ken and Barbie Killers’ for their blonde, tanned and seemingly wholesome image, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were in fact a husband and wife team of serial killers from Ontario, Canada.

Their trials and subsequent convictions for raping and murdering three teenage girls engendered a global media storm.

Alarmingly, amongst their victims was Karla’s younger sister, 15-year-old Tammy Homolka. Karla served her full sentence of 12 years whilst Paul is currently in prison for life.

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  • Rabby

    I have never heard these two referred to as “The Ken and Barbie Killers” until this moment. These titles are, unfortunately, increasingly sensational…

    • Lawsonn

      they’ve been referred to as that for well over a decade

    • Jen369

      Yeah they’ve been called that for a very long time, you just haven’t heard it before.

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