The Light Bulb Conspiracy

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The Light Bulb Conspiracy, also known as Pyramids of Waste, is a documentary about products that are designed to fail. The term planned obsolescence is the policy of designing or manufacturing a product with a the intent of limiting its lifespan. This film explores how different companies incorporate known failures into their products just to be able to sell more. While consumers spend money on replacing these defective products a heavy burden of waste is placed on the environment.

Have you ever wondered why light bulbs burn out so often?

The Phoebus Cartel was a global alliance between major light bulb manufacturers in the early 1900s that imposes heavy fines on those that created light bulbs with a lifespan of over 1,000 hours.

In the film, we also learn about the American industrial designer, Brooks Stevens, who traveled across the United States preaching planned obsolescence as the solution to keeping business booming and the economy growing.

This documentary exposes this controversial business practice.

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    This is exactly the kind of mind set that has fucked General Motors up so badly and allowed Asian automakers to “run” over them competiitvely like a freight train

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