The Lottery Liar

Court Cases | Crime
Average Rating: 7.5/10

This amazing documentary tells the story of how a painter and decorator deceived his wife, family, friends, a bank manager and many more, into believing he had won a £8.9 million jackpot on the National Lottery.

The ‘Lottery Liar’ and his wife detail their extraordinary story, alternatively hilarious and pitifully sad, of how they went on a frenzied spending spree.

Featuring the victims of Howard’s deceit, the architects and designers called in to plan a swimming pool, a gym and a snooker room but who were never paid and the detectives who finally caught up with him and the court case that followed.

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Part 1

Part 2

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  • Robbie

    doesn’t work, can you fix it?

    • Jonas


      I’m afraid I can’t fix what is not broken.

      The above videos are hosted through Veoh, to view the entire film you need to download Veoh Webplayer. You can do so by clicking the link above the video.

    • posi x mosh

      Well it is a year after you asked but,there are scripts that will allow you to watch the full video… However, the veoh player will allow you to download a higher quality version than that which is being shown