The Most Hated Family In America

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The Most Hated Family in America is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC’s Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church.

At the heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church, headed by Fred Phelps and based in Topeka, Kansas. It runs the website, and, and other websites expressing condemnation of LGBT, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, and other groups. The organization is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League, and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has achieved national notice because of its picketing of funeral processions of U.S. soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The church bases its work around the belief that “God Hates Fags”, and expresses the opinion, based on its Biblical interpretation, that nearly every tragedy in the world is God’s punishment for homosexuality – specifically society’s increasing tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It maintains that God hates homosexuals above all other kinds of “sinners” and that homosexuality should be a capital crime.

Theroux stated that the Phelpses are the most extreme people he has ever met.

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  • billie

    the pastor’s a huge douche bag. these people just piss me off.

  • Carrie

    WoW! When the 7 yrold lil boy got hit in the head, I wanted to jump thru the screen and slap his mom an dad for putting him in that position! He doesn’t understand any of that,why put him in harms way? They are CRAZY!!!

  • Claire

    oh my goodness!! i can NOT believe these people!!
    they make me angry!!
    i live in spain and i really am thinking that i might fly to kansas and go and beat the mum and dad who made their kids go through that!! Anyone wanna join me??

  • Carrie

    I will! Somebody needs to call child protective services on them,,,you know something funny is going on there. It’s obviously a cult!!!

  • Ashley

    Shirley had a child out-of-wedlock.

  • Observer

    The Westboro people are a cult – but are obviously highly intelligent – they held their own with a very good and experienced propagandist from the BBC, though I think Louie was attempting to hustle the older daughter (Shirley ?)

  • gerry

    Theres another documentary about a condition called NPA…narcississtic personality disorder. It never mentioned anything about it being hereditary though. The Phelps family have it in spades so Im guessing it might be…

  • ray

    these people look inbread

    • aussieaussieaussie

      Yeah…It was the teeth for me.

  • Swedish (hellbound)

    Hahaha…if there now is a God it would be funny to see their faces when THEY go to hell. These are the most evil people I’ve seen.

    If some terrorists out there see this:
    – Please note from the film where these people live and suicide bomb a service of theirs so you get as many as possible. Thanks

  • GoAskAlice

    May they find peace <3

  • fossape

    they should be on broadway!

  • confused man

    if god is so almighty, why cant he defend himself? they are just retarded.

  • Keah

    I don’t agree in any way with their beliefs, nor do I approve what they’re doing.
    That being said, the BBC’s interview process with the church and family members could not have been handled more poorly.
    Mr. Phelps’ comment that Mr. Theroux was wasting a golden opportunity with asking ‘dumb’ questions was completely correct. Not only did Mr. Theroux miss out on gathering insight to this belief system, but by asking such common knowledge questions he was being quite uncouth and disrespectful. The church itself shows little respect, so doing the same is just falling to their level.
    Seemed like the crew cared less about making an informative documentary, and more about antagonizing the church members into violent reactions, which is just childish and unclassy.

    • Myathewolfeh

      Are you kidding me? The whole reason for the church’s existence is to gain publicity. Sure, he was annoying with his questions, but then again the church adores the media. Whenever they get a chance to promote their views to a wide audience, they don’t hesitate to do so. Whether feedback is negative or positive, the church doesn’t care as long as word of its beliefs are put out. Besides, it’s kind of hard to have a rational discussion with a raving lunatic. He did his best to explain to her how the world views the church and got back what the church always gives back: violent and backward-ass statements without any taking into account another’s opinion. It’s about time they should sit down, shut up, and learn a thing or two. This is ridiculous.

    • aussieaussieaussie

      I think it was a fair question because if he was to ask the pastor his views on the country or bible or even gays he knows exactly what the answer is going to be, but to ask whether he has 13 children is to admit he has 4 sinning children or if he says 9 then he is a liar as everyone knows he has 13 and it just confirms that he makes up whatever he wants to suit his argument.

  • ‘Tis Moi

    Another group of self-loathing, low-esteem, attention seekers…yawn…Common as cockroaches. If everyone ignores them, maybe they’ll scurry away.

    Btw- they do it to hopefully incite someone to do something they can sue for (check on that- they’re a family of lawyers & suing pays their bills). It has nothing to do with religion- it’s all about the buck. I see them as your typical carnival side-show hustler.

    • aussieaussieaussie

      Problem is that they come to you so you can’t just ignore them.

  • Carolyn Ching

    Jesus said ‘Love your enemies. Pray for them that despitefully use you.’ He had no words of hate. He never said anyone would go to hell. He said he had come to save sinners. He also said, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do.’ These people know nothing about the Bible or Jesus.

  • CallMeLogical

    I feel physically ill watching this. That small girl who did not understand the sign she held, or the young boy who parroted his family’s beliefs without knowing what it meant… It’s very sad.

    • aussieaussieaussie

      Louis was also right in that he could tell the eldest daughter was torn when his line of questioning became about whether she has impure thoughts or if she thinks about boys.
      Her and the other children have been brainwashed and it is sad because you can see she was really trying to be someone who she’s not in the way that she would giggle, I mean she even considered to having a public coffee with him because she rang her mother for permission.

  • Sabina Karsan

    I don’t approve of this nor and I don’t approve them inflicting pain on people who lost a loved on serving in Iraq . Shirley phelps is just seeking attention I watched another viedo she was mocking Lady Gagas poker face she has no soul she wants to inflict pain on anyone she is coldhearted bitch and anger is a sin you can google the seven deadly sins

    • aussieaussieaussie

      Their whole lives are just hypocrisy and double standards, one thing I noticed is that for such a religious organization they never once mentioned heaven (only hell). Even when Louis asked the pastor if they were going to heaven he ignored the question, that man is angry and he has drawn his family into his bitterness.

  • CallyK

    Total brainwashing of those poor little children, I wish the authorities would do something. The older children and adults couldn’t even answer any questions with relevant answers. They are just full of hate! God is a loving God, he does not hate. Oh well we know who will be gong to hell, it will be the false Prophets of Westboro Church. Disgusting the way they turn up and picket at funerals.

  • Giggles

    I get the feeling these people are trollin’ America. I’ve only read about them and what they do, to see them in action is much more different then I expected. Most of the time they can’t keep a straight face, just my opinion.

  • B.I.G

    Unlucky uce

  • Margaret Wilson

    What happened to “judge not or you be judged” and “He who lives by the laws will be judged by law”. The only section that mentions “man shalt not lie with another man”, also says that anyone who combines meat with dairy products (i.e. hamburgers). There are over 900 rules in the Old Testament. None one outside the most orthodox Jews even attempt to follow all the commandments. This group needs to learn that they are not following what

    G-d taught.

  • k

    This was shocking.

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