The Road To Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary

At we like to show you challenging videos about religion. Often, these take the shape of challenges to religion and we have a muscular section devoted to people such as Richard Dawkins, Atheism, Christopher Hitchens, etc. Today, we bring you a more spiritual journey.This documentary tries to find the commonality in message between Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim: a spiritual quest for love, and against hate. The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary examines the universal concept of the Apocalypse on an intensely personal and spiritual level, not as the end of the world but as the end of you: your body, your mind and, if you’re not careful, your soul.

We are about to go on a battle between good and evil. This film isn’t for everyone – in fact, I couldn’t watch it without cringing on many occasions. However, it’s important to hear multiple points of view on a subject while adapting your own position.

What do YOU think of this documentary?

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  • Dwayne Shultz

    Ok, I’m not into religion but I do like spirituality and this was pretty cool. I might want to watch this in more depth after work today. Thanks for posting!

  • Taylor D

    hahahahhaha…this somehow is really good. Even though I didn’t want it to be. I’m confused now about what I think about the end of the world..or, like he says, simply the end of me. Interesting

  • Acotas

    Funny stuff. As if life isn’t hard enough, there are demons and evil everywhere out to get you!. Just imagine the negative effects on a young child’s mind and adults being taught these things, and how it would greatly disturb sensitive people. Google Religious Trauma Syndrome which is similar to PTSD. We get just this one precious life to live, please don’t terrorize and ruin minds with the terror of it all this.

  • Nebular

    Being guilty of all seven deadly sins, I’m somewhat resistant to the preachings of people who claim to have two-way conversations with Jesus. However I do agree with the message that, no matter what allegorical narrative we choose to perceive it, there is a war going on for our souls and it is up to us to look beyond all the deception and seek to elevate our consciousness. Thank you. I found it very engaging.

  • madscirat

    There IS a war raging on earth and we ARE surrounded by immaterial beings. But the immaterial beings are not demons or angels but ideas: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Nationalism, Communism, Capitalism, Feminism and the war is between those memetic systems and the free human mind. This video is a rather feeble front for the former.

    • AZryan

      Concepts/Ideas are not ‘beings’ and the rest of your point is too vague to be meaningful.

  • God

    worst thing ever posted

  • God

    Stop using my name to try explain your poor decisions. demons dont kill people. people kill people

  • groovemaster

    They have incredibly vivid imaginations that could be useful for something yet they choose to live in a world where their fairy tales (and things they or others simply make up to justify their existence) become the central focus of the one and only life they get. I don’t mind it when they try to apply the supernatural to some weird situation in their life that needs a satisfying explanation to them or when they address metaphysically philosophical issues through the lens of religion. Where they lose me and the part I find hilarious is when they say things like “Jesus told me to read these books and pointed me to what I needed to know”…..NO! YOU read the books after finding them on Google and YOU found certain parts of them interesting….just say that! When we have a portion of the population offering mystical explanations for everyday common sense occurrences, how are we supposed to make the world a better place? If this God is in control, it really takes out a lot of the initiative for people to not mess up the planet or actually take responsibility for their negative actions in the real world (not this 7 deadly sins junk). That guy from Columbia U is the only person in this entire undocumented documentary that made any sense whatsoever! Every other part of this was downright hilarious….especially the part about the demons and the “scary” crayola picture of them. Can we please not be 2 years old anymore? I’m still happy this was uploaded as I’m a huge supporter of the first amendment and would highly defend the right of these people to believe in what they believe. BUT this is only the case as long as people realize that this is their belief system which should not be forced unto others or their government and that killing people because their fairy tale doesn’t match up with yours is definitely NOT cool.

  • SteveDave

    The people featured in this film have children’s minds in adult bodies. Life is not a cosmic comic book, you bible fed simpletons. Stories are fun to listen to, absorb and repeat, but they’re not truth. More importantly, they don’t solve problems. The only “forces of evil” in this world are people absorbed by this sort of sublime ignorance and gullibility.

  • Victor

    What a bunch of manipulative lies.

    The idea: All is one (you are looking in the hi-tech mirror). Our perception of this universe lies in duality.

    War for your soul can only exist if you: imagine it, believe it, see the world slowly giving you hints it is truth, it becomes truth (sry only for you), also you have to believe you are separated from the universe (kind of impossible task but hey, 20+ years of school can have this mindfracking effect, psychadelics reverse that path to damnation).

    The last thing I want to say is: There is no guilt. What do you want to be guilty of? Lying? when you know that all possibilities are truth and exist simultaneously? Stealing? (impossible to define what is whose). Killing? (for sending someone back to the universe?) ect.

    There is probably only one sin and that is Not Acting As a Powerfull Creator.

    Go out and create!!!

  • MacTimbo

    Wow. Sorry, only lasted 22 minutes into this one, and that was difficult. As an agnostic/athiest, rational, thinking person I just could not get past the supernatural nonsense presented here from the get-go. Demons? Dark realms? Really? For those that managed to get through the whole thing, was any empirical evidence even attempted to be presented to support any of the ridiculous notions or was it all just theoretical rambling emanating from their own creative minds? I am dubious.

    • Dennis Dugan

      “For those that managed to get through the whole thing, was any empirical evidence”

      Yes, they did mathematically prove the existence of an 11 dimension astral plane through which our consciousness has and will forever reside. Although you discontinued viewing after 22 minutes you have previously viewed this in its entirety several thousand years in the future.

  • anton blino

    I personally found this engaging and interesting.I have zero critiscism of any spiritual or religious people, if just a small amount of people could genuinely embrace the principles discussed, hey massive improvement.

  • tony

    watching the first 20 minutes of this film i realized it was all christian fear mongering and maybe the real evil in this world is organized religion


    Great material for a comedian.

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