The Trials of Ted Haggard

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Ted Haggard had it all: prosperity, a doting wife, five kids and a ministry that reached more than 30 million followers who hung on his every word. But in 2006, it all fell apart in a sea of scandal.

Journalist/filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi returns to talk with Pastor Ted – whom she met while filming Friends of God – who was exiled from the church he built and the state where he lived after admitting to “sexual immorality” and to buying methamphetamines.

Following Haggard and his family as they move from house to house and motel to motel, Pelosi interviews the sullied ex-minister as he works as a traveling insurance salesman, and maps out a strategy for redeeming himself and supporting his family.

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  • Cam

    And did they forgive him? No, they didn’t. Goes to show just how Christian the evangelicals REALLY are.

    • taffysaur

      dude, you preach hate all your life, expect to get it back.

    • James Johnson

      There is no forgiveness for someone of his stature in the community. There couldn’t be any at all. He committed those acts even while publicly demonizing those very things. He has misleading folks most of his adult life. Why should he be forgiven? All I know if hell is real, he has a very special corner all to himself. Well he’ll have to share that corner with the likes of Jim Jones and David Koresh and the rest.

  • joe blow

    Ted Haggard is a SCUMBAG through and through….he did not display one bit of remorse or guilt for what he has done. His ego is so over-inflated there is no hope for him.

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