The Truth About Food

60 minutes 7.2/10 based on 12 votes

BBC guides us through a series of videos documentaries on the truth about food.

Some questions that are explored:

News presenter Fiona Bruce takes us on a journey through the digestive system and learns why there is good and bad bacteria.

If we’re honest we all probably eat too much. But does dieting work? Andrea Oliver is on a quest to lose weight and learn the truth about being slim.

Can the way we eat reduce the effects of aging? Is it necessary to drink two liters of water a day? Liza Tarbuck gets to the truth of being young and beautiful.

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  • ShelleySargent

    OMG! What medical professional handles venipuncture without GLOVES!?

  • Ferienne

    Interesting series but Episode 2 is missing “the truth about food: How to be sexy”

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