The Ultra Zionists

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Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers. He discovers a group of people who consider it their religious and political obligation to populate some of the most sensitive and disputed areas of the West Bank, especially those with a spiritual significance dating back to the Bible.

Throughout his journey, Louis gets close to the people most involved with driving the extreme end of the Jewish settler movement – finding them warm, friendly, humorous, and deeply troubling.


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  • Stefan

    Well, I’m quite sure this documentary will result in heated debates.
    Not seldom in a place just like this.

    • Gila

      There is a documentary on this site, also in the “Society” section, which makes interesting – and very chilling – watching. Called, “the Cult of the Suicide Bomber,” it shows the kind of mindset that Israel is up against, and from which Israel has the duty to do all it can to protect its citizens.

  • The book

    Nutjobs, it was never their country anyway. The only reason why Israel was created was due to WW2, effectively taking over Palestine by immigration. But hey, fucked up people in closed communities isn’t really new…

    • Alex Schamenek

      The book,

      Dude, when you side with the bad guys, and the good guys beat you, then you lose.

      Educate yourself.

      It all started in World War ONE, not WWII. Persia sided with the bad guys. The area known as Israel today was invaded by the British and was occupied, during WW1. After the war the League of Nations gave control over the area to Britain.

      After WWII was over the British Mandate ended. The Jews declared independence, inciting the 1948 Arab Israeli war. The Jews were vastly outnumbered but managed to hold out. They were kicking butt against the Arabs.

      The creation of the Israeli state all started when the Persian empire (and the Palestinian people) fought against the good guys in WW1 and lost. Then they lost the Arab Israeli war, and the United Nations voted to accept the Nation of Israel as a state.

      • Alex Schamenek

        Sorry, I meant the Ottoman Empire, not the Persian Empire.

      • eecs

        There was neither a good side nor a bad side in world war one; we easily could have joined central powers–until the sinking of the Lusitania.
        As for an Israeli state, we should have given them half of Australia or most of Arizona and let that be the end of it. Sadly, its far too late for such a simple solution and i fear its too late for any solution that doesnt tantamount to genocide…

        • Gila

          There was a suggestion of Uganda/Kenya at the beginning of the 20th century for largescale Jewish settlement as a refuge from pogroms, persecution and murder. Weizmann records his answer when Balfour suggested this to him in 1906: ‘ “Mr. Balfour, supposing I was to offer you Paris instead of London, would you take it?” He sat up, looked at me, and answered: “But Dr. Weizmann, we have London.” “That is true,” I said, “but we had Jerusalem when London was a marsh.” He … said two things which I remember vividly. The first was: “Are there many Jews who think like you?” I answered: “I believe I speak the mind of millions of Jews whom you will never see and who cannot speak for themselves.” … To this he said: “If that is so you will one day be a force.” ‘

          The only place for a Jewish homeland is Israel, always has been. Despite huge difficulties and much persecution, there had been Jewish communities continuously living in Israel (including in the ‘West Bank’) for over three thousand years. Groups of Jews also managed to return to Israel over many centuries eg a large number returned in the 16th century and settled in Tsfat in the north of Israel. The whole focus of Jewish existence, history, longing, and religion has always been Israel.

          And of course nowadays with a thriving country and with most Israelis having been born in Israel and speaking Hebrew, Israel is most definitely here to stay, no matter what.

  • M Theory

    Cool, a new Louis doc!

  • Gila

    The problem with this documentary is that Mr Theroux, like the BBC generally in how it reports on Israel, has a one-sided agenda from the start. The long history of Jews living in Israel – including the “West Bank” – was essentially ignored, including the community in Hebron, the burial site of the Jewish patriarchs, which lived there continously for thousands of years until forced to leave by the British after the terrible Arab massacres of Jews. The mandate of “Palestine” – a name actually invented by the Romans – included all of present-day Jordan which formed the bulk of the whole area actually given to British protection to create the Jewish homeland.

    Whereas the status of the “West Bank” – actually the Jewish heartlands of Judea and Samaria – has actually NEVER been determined in international law. This area is actually disputed rather than “occupied” territory, and Jews have every right to live and to build there, in what is actually ancestral Jewish land. When Jordan controlled it, there was no attempt to create a “Palestinian” state there. (Actually, the only people who called themselves “Palestinian” before about 1950 were actually Jews.) In addition, the Jordanians forced Jews to leave their homes in areas including so-called “East Jerusalem” and the whole “West Bank”, they desecrated and destroyed synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem and prevented Jews from coming to pray at their holy Western Wall. It is only under the Israelis that everyone, whatever their religion, is free to worship how they choose. In addition, as a Jerusalemite, I happily work with Arabs as well as Jews, Arabs freely go about their business in West Jerusalem, and Arab Israelis have full democratic rights. In fact they have more rights than Arabs living in any Arab state in the Middle East, as the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt attest. That is why many Arab Israelis wish to remain under Israeli jurisdiction and not be transferred to a “Palestinian” state.

    Unfortunately, true balance in what is a far more complex situation than most people realise, is not usually attained or even sought for, certainly in most media portrayals of Israel and sadly, however likeable Mr Theroux may be, also in this one.

  • gerry

    @ gila nothwithstanding the fact that the jewish government flagrantly ignore international law and continue to murder, steal and ‘procure’?….I hope I havent done you a disservice by qualifying your statement

  • Gila

    Gerry, I can only imagine that you have been brainwashed by anti-Israel propaganda. What you write is frankly slander. Israel is a democratic state (unlike its Arab neighbours), with due process of law. It’s not perfect (name one government that is) but is faced with unbelievable provocation including relentless rockets fired from Gaza deliberately targeting Israeli civilians including children, and suicide bombers. The real issue is that most Arabs have never accepted the Jewish people’s right to exist. There would be peace tomorrow if they did. The reasons for the Arab denial of history lie essentially in Islamic anti-semitic religious dogma and vile hate propaganda promoting murder of Jews (although the Quran actually contains a passage that says that Israel belongs to the Jews!). There has never been any such thing as “Palestinian” land or a “Palestinian” people throughout history; most Arab inhabitants of the “West Bank” and Israel are actually descendants of recent immigrants with no prior attachment to what is, and has always been for well over 3000 years, the Jewish homeland.

    • jimbo

      Gila, I can only imagine that you have been brainwashed by anti-Arab propaganda. What you write is frankly slander. Palestinians have a democratic state (like its Jewish neighbours), with due process of law. It’s not perfect (name one government that is) but is faced with unbelievable provocation including relentless rockets fired from Israel deliberately targeting Arab civilians including children, and suicide bombers. The real issue is that most Jews have never accepted the Arab people’s right to exist. There would be peace tomorrow if they did. The reasons for the Jewish denial of history lie essentially in Jewish anti-islamic religious dogma and vile hate propaganda promoting murder of Arabs (although the Torah actually contains a passage that says that Israel belongs to the Arabs!). There has never been any such thing as “Jewish” land or a “Jewish” people throughout history; most Jewish inhabitants of the “West Bank” and Arab states are actually descendants of recent immigrants with no prior attachment to what is, and has always been for well over 3000 years, the Arab homeland.

      • Gila

        Guess I should feel flattered you essentially copied what I wrote (can’t you think of anything original?), but what I had to say was correct. Your version is complete nonsense; try learning some real history. Only in recent days in Israel there was an appalling murder of five members of a family, including a baby of only three months who had her head sawn off – there are pictures on the internet that have been published of the gruesome aftermath – many mortars have been fired on our land by terrorists deliberately trying to murder civilians, and there was a bomb deliberately placed on Wednesday to try and kill as many people as possible in the middle of Jerusalem. One British tourist was killed and a considerable number of people injured, many of them teenagers, and some seriously. I would not call the callous murderers who carried out such brutal attacks even animals, because animals only kill for a reason, simply cowardly monsters beneath contempt. I hope these evil people are soon caught, and that when they are locked up they throw away the key. Nothing can ever begin to justify such atrocious acts.

        Israel has a duty to protect its citizens from terrorism and murder, and it will continue to do so. Would any other sovereign state put up with rockets and mortars deliberately fired at its civilians and not reciprocate?

  • jamie

    what? it’s been only the jew’s homeland for over 3000 years? every word you type is complete bullshit! do facts and ethics just completely elude israel supporters? indigenous NON JEWS (god forbid) have lived and prospered for just as long- why is the land not just as much theirs as it is yours? oh that’s right, you’re the “chosen people”. fascist, racist nazis- that’s what you are. maybe if you weren’t so fucking self-righteous and intolerant of others beliefs, they wouldn’t have forced you off the land in the first place. get over yourselves. you should be happy to share the land if anything, and knock that chip off your shoulder.

    • Gila

      On the contrary, facts and ethics support what I have said. The Canaanites and Jebusites etc. died out as peoples and civilisations three thousand years ago. The present day Arabs who came to Israel have no connection with them. Although the first Arabs to invade the Jewish homeland did so in the 7th century CE, in fact most Arabs living in Israel/Judea and Samaria are descendants of recent immigrants who arrived after Jews started returning to their land and making it flourish once more, in order to take advantage of the growing opportunities there during the time it was still controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Many Jews desperate to escape from Hitler were prevented from doing so by the British who allowed in many Arabs during their Mandate but limited the numbers of Jews allowed to return to their land, thus condemning many Jews to certain and horrible destruction. To compare Jews to Nazis and fascists is utter garbage and deeply offensive racist and anti-semitic slander. The reality is that facts and ethics seem to elude the proponents of those who spout ridiculous hate-filled anti-Jewish diatribes.

      Not only were there Jewish communities living in Israel continuously throughout the last three thousand years (including in the so-called “West Bank”), despite many Jews being murdered, persecuted, enslaved and forcibly exiled, but the land of Israel in the mid nineteenth century was largely barren with only a small number of inhabitants until more Jews started returning home. In Jerusalem, which has always been holy to Jews, there has in fact been a Jewish majority living there from at least the 1840s.

      The problem is not that Jews have a problem with other people living in the Jewish homeland; Arab Israelis are full citizens with equal rights before the law. There are Arab members of the Knesset and Arab judges in Israel. The problem is that many Arabs refuse to accept ANY Jewish state in their ancestral land of Israel. The charters of the PLO, of Hamas, of Hezbollah, all clearly state their objective of genocide of the Jewish people and the complete distruction of Israel. There were actually more Jewish refugees than Arab refugees in the 1940s. Jews were persecuted and forced to flee from the Arab lands which had been their home for hundreds and even thousands of years, without any compensation. The difference is that Israel took them in, whereas the huge Arab countries around Israel refused to take in those Arab refugees who left (those Arabs who remained in Israel became full Israeli citizens), instead using them as political pawns to continue their attempt to destroy the Jewish nation and their land of Israel.

      There is much anti-Israel propaganda distorting and twisting the facts and the real history of Israel. Some of the comments here sadly reflect the effect of believing such disinformation.

      • Guillaume


        I’m neither Jewish, neither arab. Looking at this conflict from a french north american perspective, i’m absolutely dismayed and saddened at the situation in Israel/Palestine. I do agee with part of your discourse in the fact that the documentary is not absolutely neutral, but not in the prior setting of an agenda. I think if any pacific, neutral, reasonnable person interviews a religious fanatic or zealot(from any creed that is), the very religious will come out as a freak, someone who has lost reason and behaves in accordance with close-minded dogmas. I think the doc is interesting and maybe the sadest part of it is when Louis interviews the jewish settlers and asks them how they feel about their children’s coping of getting rocks thrown at them when they ride in their cars. It is very hard to imagine anything else than spite, fear and desire for vengeance in those kids that were put in this situation. Any person who sees their loved ones being threatened or killed will want to defend or avenge them, this goes for both sides, the reason it think lots of persons take for the palestian side is not out of antisemitism, but really because the palestians are the underdogs. They are absoluetely no match for the military/economic power of the Jewish state, that’s why you always see them throw rocks at tanks and blow themselves up, and use crazy last resorts acts.

        In short, i’d really wish for peace for both sides and i think writing stuff like: ‘they started it’, or: ‘if only the other side stopped aggression all would be solved’, is childish and doesn’t take the full measure of the complexity of the situation. Sadly, i have very little hope for reconciliation. Even if there would be separate states, there would always be dispute for land and water.

        Finally, i must say, the passion/obession about a piece of land that i see on both sides is alien to me. I place happiness, safety and peace before anything else and would never endure any situation akin to that, and never put my family at risk for my religious beliefs whether it be islam or judaism.

        my two cents.


        • Gila

          While I don’t agree with everything you’ve said, I do appreciate and respect your thoughtful comment.

          As to why this land is so important, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Israel, but most people, certainly any people with any kind of spiritual appreciation, do feel the difference there. It is not called the holy land for no reason. Of course, if you are an atheist or not at all spiritually sensitive, what I am saying will make no sense to you. Here in Israel I feel more whole, alive, real, much more aware of the infinite presence and love of the Creator, and literally I could no longer live outside the land. Jerusalem is especially holy, and the holiest place of all is the Temple Mount, site of the Jewish Temples. To feel so close to the Creator is the best high there is, and is worth whatever it takes to be here.

          If you are Jewish, this land is where your soul belongs. This land feels like home, even if you are used to a completely different culture and environment. Also, there are many commandments in the Jewish faith that can ONLY be performed in Israel. Jews have always prayed towards the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Muslims pray towards Mecca. The whole focus of Jewish faith, identity, history and future is on the land of Israel, the Biblical borders of which include the whole “West Bank” and Gaza. All this land is holy to Jews, and for instance we have to tithe produce that comes from here, whereas we don’t have to tithe produce from outside the holy land. I might add that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible well over 600 times, while it is not mentioned once in the Quran.

          As for security, safety and peace, the greatest security for a spiritually aware Jewish person is to know that you are in the land that the Creator has called you home to be in, that He protects you, and He has promised that the Jewish people will always exist.

          • Guillaume


            hmm. ok, well, actually i consider myself spiritually sensitive so i can relate to you feeling special about a place, a land, although religion doesn’t take that big a place in my life.

            If i understand correctly, the Jewish religion(as well as many other) describes their followers as the Chosen ones a.k.a. the people that god loves VS the others, the people God doesn’t. If this is the case, won’t the jewish always consider the gentile as lower class citizens? as undermensch in nazi’s terms?

            The problem i have with most religons and dogmas is that they most always pretend to holding the truth, Muslims say the muslims are the righteous, the others are the infidels, the catholic say the same , the Jewish the same. I have a problem dealing with someone who puts himself on a pedestal because of religious creed.

            If God protects all Jewish people in Isreal, then why the suicide bombings?why the rockets?You say your God has called you home to be in a place where your life can be threatened on a daily basis? why in earth would he do that?

  • anon Ymus

    —-As RED Chinese ‘eugenics realism’ is being hailed
    as ‘model for the world’ —not so much as a glance in
    the direction of the over-awin power of Lucifereian (TRUE!)
    capstone FREEMASONRY and its covert agendas.

    Meanwhile, Louis obediently at it again, characaturing
    the, no doubt, Rockefeller Foundation et al set-up characatures.
    thereby leveling cultural identities and moving those standardization programs along —–NICELY…

  • David

    Interesting to see a non-biased documentary coming from bbc. Usually bbc is pro Israel. Hardtalk etc. trashing everyone daring to say anything bad about Israel, while treating the Israeli side with velvet gloves. But I think it’s got nothing to do with bbc in this case. Louis Theroux is a very clever guy. Usually he manages to get the truth out of people without having to take sides. He is somehow able to get people to confide to him. He builds up a trust which he doesn’t break. What people forget is that the camera is still rolling.

  • Gila

    Guillaume – I’m replying here because the printing is getting smaller and smaller!

    With respect, I am afraid you appear to have some profound misconceptions about Jews and Judaism. The concept of the chosen people doesn’t mean you are better or worse as a person than a gentile, Heaven forbid. Actually a better word than “chosen” would be “designated”. According to Jewish understanding, there are many commandments that Jews are required to fulfill – 613 in all – whereas non-Jews only have to keep 7. It’s not easy being an observant Jew, but it is a fulfilling, joyful, ethical lifestyle if you are Jewish because that is what your soul is actually designed for. Observant Jews believe that there is a difference between a Jewish and gentile soul, and that difference actually comes from G-d.

    Jews don’t proselytize. On the contrary, if you seek to convert to Judaism, because there are many more responsibilities to G-d and to other people as a Jew that you have to take on for life, it is a very difficult and hard road and you have to fight your way in. Jews believe that while Judaism is for Jews, there are many other paths to G-d and that G-d loves each and every human being.

    According to Jewish understanding, G-d gave each one of us free will and an evil as well as a good inclination. It is up to us how we choose our goals in life – whether to seek to do good and to become a better person, or whether to do harm. There are consequences of our actions that we have to take responsibility for.

    G-d protects the existence of the Jewish people as a whole, but there is no individual guarantee of survival in any given situation. The blood-soaked history of the Jewish people, their murder, enslavement and forced exile by the Romans, the Catholic Inquisition, the pogroms, the many forced exiles from different lands, the Holocaust and gas ovens of Auschwitz, and nowadays the suicide bombers, rockets, anti-semitic hatred and rhetoric, as well as modern assimilation by Jews intermarrying and their children and grandchildren no longer being Jewish, actually have resulted in a far smaller number of Jews today (about 14 million in the whole world) than there would have been had the Jews not been so terribly persecuted through so many centuries of history. In fact it is a miracle, considering all the many attempts to destroy them, that the Jewish people are still here. Actually the survival of the Jewish people was cited by the Marquis d’Argens to Frederick the Great over 200 years ago as irrefutable evidence that G-d exists.

    As to why the Jews have gone through so much persecution, well that’s also part of the 64 million dollar question of why a loving G-d allows suffering. Such a huge question cannot be adequately answered but my understanding of at least a little of the puzzle is that spiritually speaking, the closer to G-d you can go, the more suffering and spiritual refinement you generally have to go through. The history of the Jewish people contains many miracles, such as Sarah giving birth to Isaac when she was old and past the menopause, the ten plagues in Egypt and the exodus of the Israelite slaves, the parting of the Red Sea etc. etc. It seems – and I have certainly experienced this on a personal level as well as this being part of the Jewish collective experience – that sometimes G-d wants us to reach the end of our resources, when we literally have done all we can and have nothing left but to trust in Him. Then He acts, the situation is resolved and all becomes well.

    In addition, G-d chose the Jewish people to be a paradigm, to be a kingdom of priests to the nations, a calling that not all of us have always lived up to. There is a concept of reward and punishment as a people collectively, if we do not keep the commandments G-d gave us. And it is ultimately G-d who gave the Jewish people the land of Israel, which is actually tiny in size compared to the huge and largely hostile Arab lands that surround it. But Joshua and the Israelites still had to conquer it over three thousand years ago.

    As to why G-d wanted things this way, I guess in the end you’ll have to take your questions to Him. But I hope this rather lengthy answer clarifies at least some of your misconceptions as to what religious Jews believe.

    • Sorry about the font size issue. It should be fixed now.

  • gerry

    When the discussion descends into the ridiculous about fairy tales and superstition and when you know its going to end up like a bad 1980’s song (You gotta have faith) which serves one of the parties ignoring the facts and blind intransigence…its time to move on to the next discussion. Great documentary btw Storm…Keep em coming!

    • Gila

      If you don’t realise how important religion is to the people living in the Middle East, then you have missed the point. The REAL bone of contention in Israel to many Muslims is the fact that the Jews have regained control of their country and their holy places, even though for the first time everyone of whatever religion is free to worship how they wish in Israel (apart from Jews on their holiest site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an outrage which is frankly contrary to all human rights). This is anathema to an Islamic mindset that insists that Islam replaced Christianity which replaced Judaism. The dispute is not about land per se.

      For the post-modernist liberalist thinking of some (not all) people living in the West, such realities are outside the box. But to try and impose liberalist ideas on a situation in the Middle East where most people’s concepts, ideas and reality are very different is frankly ridiculous, not to mention deeply disrespectful. It will also not solve anything.

      You have your own conception of reality but that does not make it real for anyone but yourself. The spiritual connection to and long history of the Jewish people in Israel are completely and far more objectively real than individual personal opinions and are certainly not figments of imagination; just because you personally don’t understand or respect such things doesn’t in any way negate them.

  • jamie

    “If you don’t realise how important religion is to the people living in the Middle East, then you have missed the point.”

    THAT IS THE POINT. how many MILLIONS of people have been slaughtered over religion? get a life.

  • gerry

    ‘If you don’t realise how important religion is to the people living in the Middle East, then you have missed the point. ‘

    I do and I havent

    ‘ But to try and impose liberalist ideas on a situation in the Middle East where most people’s concepts, ideas and reality are very different is frankly ridiculous, not to mention deeply disrespectful.’

    Its not my intention to disrespect anyone, nor impose my thinking, quite franky I find that presumptious in the extreme. I find the hypocrisy and the intransigence of the jewish state quite staggering and the refusal of those shackled by the constraints of religion to actually seek a human resolution to this conflict tedious and troubling in equal measure. Why not try something new for a change? Put the book down and stop using it as a ‘moral machine gun’ If you admit that the conflict is about religion, try a different way…the world will thank you for it.

    ‘You have your own conception of reality but that does not make it real for anyone but yourself.’

    Dont you mean myself and countless Jewish and Palestinian dead? Not to mention billions of concerned onlookers who are justifiably concerned about the unstable and volatile nature of pseudo-politics in the middle east? I call it pseudo-politics by the way because politics determined by religion can never address social issues without bias and even hatred.

    ‘The spiritual connection to and long history of the Jewish people in Israel are completely and far more objectively real than individual personal opinions and are certainly not figments of imagination’

    ummm….newsflash…I dont care…as someone has already stated…get over yourselves…there is a lot more at stake in human terms regionally and in geo-politics for you NOT to examine your own consciences. Take off the blinkers and see what you can give to bring stability instead of quoting (insert holy books name here) and using defunct and dangerously misguided tenets to ‘progress’

  • Gila

    Funnily enough, statistically those who believe in G-d and attend religious services are happier, healthier and live longer. Coming closer to G-d – certainly in Judaism – is actually all about increasing your pleasure in life. The problem comes when one lot of people with one set of beliefs, believe that everyone else needs to believe what they do and are prepared to kill to make that happen. That is a problem within Islam itself with different sects fighting against one another, resulting in murder, and a problem of a large number of Muslims today with regard to how they view the rest of the world. Whereas Jews do not proselytize and respect the fact that there are many paths to G-d. Israel is the one country in the Middle East where there is religious freedom for all (try taking a Bible into Saudi Arabia and see how far you would get!)

    As for being creative in the Middle East, it doesn’t matter how creative the Israeli government has tried to be when Israel is faced with far larger Arab armies in countries surrounding it (in places Israel outside the “West Bank” is only eight miles wide!!! – think about it!), when the huge Arab countries on Israel’s borders have refused for decades to accept the descendants of Arab refugees – most of whom are descended from people who came from outside the whole area of Israel to begin with – to have jobs, make their homes and to become citizens there – unlike the Israeli government did for nearly a million Jewish refugees forced to flee from Arab lands. The long history of the connection of the Jewish people to Israel is deliberately falsified, denied and distorted (eg the outrageous denial of the existence of the Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount which is equivalent to denying that Muslims have any connection with Mecca), with murder, genocide and ridiculous vile lies about the Jewish people promoted in Arab schools, on Arab TV, indoctrinating children and encouraging them to destroy their young lives by committing suicide as “martyrs”, and the large funds poured by the EU and other countries to help the “Palestinians” are diverted to line their leaders’ pockets, to promote terror and to buy weapons to use against Jews, instead of building up an infrastructure for a society of their own….etc. When Israel left Gaza, Gaza became an extremist Islamic state, murdering and persecuting its own people as well as firing thousands upon thousands of rockets aiming to kill Israeli civilians including children.

    When – or if – Arabs actually take off their blinkers and accept that the one tiny Jewish land of Israel (about the size of Wales or New Jersey) – as opposed to 22 Arab countries, some of them absolutely huge – in the world – actually has the right to be here, then there will be peace. Until then, Israel, like every other sovereign state, has the responsibility to defend its citizens (which includes Arabs as well as Jews) against attack.

    • Gohary


      fuck you and all of israel, we r out there to get u… WATCH UR BACKS cause we r comin 4u
      im from egypt n we made u suffer in 1972 n will do again n soon..
      LATER BITCH!! TILL WE MEET AGAIN PUSSIES israelies r a bunch of fake ass pussies.. n that is true google it… type in israeli kunts for the truth..

      • Gila

        If what you write is a true indication of your moral qualities – or rather the complete lack of them – then I do feel sorry for your fellow Egyptians who have to put up with you. Don’t you have anything actually worthwhile to say?

    • gohary

      my religion is not bout killin btw, but if a muslims brothers of mine r sufferin by any1, just like palestine n u pussy ass bitches than its my duty as a muslim is to save em, even if i hav 2 die in a war!! im not even scared of dyin in a war against u id b glad, the almighty will put me in the highest of the heavens next 2 Mohamad (radya allah 3anh) ibrahim god bless him mosies god bless him jesus god bless him n so on… so im religion is not killin but savin
      islam in english means BEENING PEACFUL but im not god (is7’afar el allah) to right all wrongs, god will deal with em wn they die.. but seeing wrong happening to muslims then its my duty as a muslim to right it.. soo be ware of all the muslims around u not just egypt baby..

      • Gila

        I am well aware that anti-semitism is incited amongst many Muslims, with ridiculous lies like the blood libel invented in the Middle Ages being circulated when Europeans generally threw out such nonsense centuries ago – what is totally ridiculous about the blood libel that Jews are actually forbidden by their religion to eat blood in the first place! In the Bible – which I believe as a Muslim you are supposed to have some respect for – G-d clearly states to Abraham, passed on to his descendants through Yitzchak and Yaakov, “I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you” (Genesis 12 v3). In the light of G-d’s clear promise, perhaps you might be more thoughtful about using curse words or threats to a Jew. Also the book you consider holy – the Quran – actually says that Israel belongs to the Jews (5:20-21, 17:104).

        I am afraid that anyone who deliberately kills other human beings for the insane belief that this is what the loving G-d of us all who created all life actually wants of them is going to get a rude shock in the next life. These are the kind of people that more enlightened judicial systems generally lock up and throw away the key. While there are no individual guarantees of survival, as the blood-soaked history of the Jewish people shows, G-d has promised us that the Jewish people as a whole are an eternal people and cannot be destroyed. I have no doubt that it is G-d who is bringing Jewish souls back to Israel, and personally I would not want to be on the side of evil trying to destroy us for anything. The Bible itself predicts that Jerusalem will be “a cup of poison for all the peoples all around…” G-d promises He will “make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone…and all the nations of the world will gather against it…..On that day G-d will protect the inhabitant of Jerusalem; on that day even the weakest of them will be like David, and the house of David will be like divine beings, like an angel of G-d before them.” G-d continues that on that day He “will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem” (from the book of Zechariah 12 v2, 3, 8 and 9). What is very interesting is that these words of prophecy were written down 2,500 years ago. Even 100 years ago it was unimaginable that they could apply to the world as it existed then, but look at what is happening today! The wars predicted in the Bible are the precursor to the time of the Redemption, when the Moshiach will appear and amongst other things rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The point of the Temple is that it is supposed to be a “house of prayer for ALL nations” (Isaiah 56 v7) – not just the Jews, and the time of the Redemption will be a time of peace and joy for everyone in the world, when G-d’s loving presence will be palpable to all.

        Judaism is all about the sanctity of life and respecting and being sensitive towards others, whether they are Jews or not. What you write is certainly no advertisement for your contention that Islam is about being peaceful: quite the opposite!

  • gohary

    you know wut fuck u, n all u jews fuckers. u r all a bunch of murderers, home stealers, land takers, n most of all u r all a bunch a pussies.. in im an Egyptian n we fucked u up in 1973!! just so that if u dont remember we’ve it on tape n u can check dat out on the inteernet, N U WERE RUNNING LIKE BITCHES, DYIN LIKE COWARDS. nn promise u dat ill happen again real soon bitch.. wait till u meet da MAHDI u piece a shit… Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, wn Moises (god bless him) took u out of egypt to palestine, there were plastines livin there n u were a bunch of pussies to fight them wn Moises (god bless him) asked u 2, u told him (god bless him) u go fight em with ur god (almighty). god the almighty was so angry wid u u had to wander the desert for 40 years… so check ur history bitch, u were pussies n still r, so fuck u n the holy land will b 2 its righteous ppl god willingly of course. if i were u god forbid id b shit scared, u piece a pussy..

  • 22:22

    I do not belief this problem will be solved peacefully, sadly humans will always make the same mistakes and follow there ego’s…. This is not a Jew thing or a Muslim thing….. only if we humans stand up and demand for peace loving leaders, in Israel the Arab world and Iran….. but there is too much hate on both sides… and if the Jews or the Arabs hear this, they will justify there hate…. this is really shame full…. Are we that stupid? don´t we really have the capacity to imagine a better future? It´s time for a new generation because this is really embarrassing…..

    • Gila

      The hatred lies on the part of those Arabs who incite genocide and murder against Jews. There is no “cycle of violence”: the roadblocks exist in Judea/Samaria solely because there are Arabs living there who seek to kill Jews. If Arabs were prepared to live in peace the roadblocks and wall would be removed because there would be no need for them. Arafat was offered 97% of all he was ostensibly asking for by Barak and still walked away from the negotiating table. Why? Because the establishment of a “Palestinian” state side by side with Israel was never his goal: he wanted to destroy Israel completely. Arafat would say one thing to western leaders and another to his fellow Arabs (by the way, Arafat was born in Egypt, not in any part of what he called “Palestine” at all!). This double talk continues in “Palestinian” leaders today. In Islam there is a concept of a “hudna”, a peace treaty which they will then break at an opportune time.

      There would have been peace over 60 years ago if the Arabs, upon the partition of the tiny sliver of land that was left after the British already gave nearly 80% of “Palestine” to Arabs in 1922 which had become Jordan, had accepted the UN partition into separate Arab and Jewish states. Whilst Jews were prepared to accept any Jewish state of any size, the Arabs did not and immediately declared war on the fledgling Israel in order to destroy it completely. Most Arabs who left from Israel at this time did so because their fellow Arabs told them to do so, in order to allow them to commit genocide against the Jews more easily. Once they had destroyed Israel, then the Arabs who had left would be able to return. But that didn’t happen. At the same time there were actually more Jewish refugees than Arab, because the Jews were forced to leave the Arab lands where there communities had lived for many centuries, losing all their property and homes in the process. So before considering what Arab refugees lost, remember there is the other side of the equation to take into account. The difference is that Israel took in many Jewish refugees; the huge Arab lands around Israel generally refused to take in their fellow Arabs, deliberately allowing them to be used as political pawns in order to continue their attempts to destroy Israel.

      Israel has offered much for peace. When Israel left Gaza a few years ago, instead of building up an infrastructure of their own peaceful society, the Arabs living there voted in extremist Islamic fundamentalists who did not build up an infrastructure but proceeded instead to fire thousands of rockets and mortars on Israeli civilians – actually living in land that was part of Israel from the time of the UN partition in 1947 – deliberately seeking to murder ordinary men, women and children. If land was what this was all truly about, there would have been peace back in 1947 (Arabs were offered more land then than could possibly be offered now!). However, experience shows, like any victim of abuse, the more Israel offers the more is demanded by Arabs, because their goal remains the same: the complete destruction of Israel and genocide of the Jewish people.

      You are wrong to say that there is too much hate on both sides. The hatred lies in the hearts of those Arabs and Muslims who seek to destroy Israel, and who deliberately promote anti-semitic incitement in their TV shows, education systems and religious meetings. Israel is defending itself and will continue to do so, no matter what. Arab citizens of Israel have more democratic rights than in any other country in the Middle East. Personally I work happily with Arabs as well as Jews, as do many other Israelis.

      • 22:22

        They call this tunnel-vision. Everyone knows that the Israeli Arabs are Second-class citizens and being discriminated as hell…. I’m sure not all the Jewish people hate the Arab. But as I already said, there will never be peace if we go on this way, don’t you really see this? And believe me, there will be no divine power to solve this. We will have to do this on our own…. At Gila’s comments I never see that the Jews are doing something wrong, but it scared me when I saw those settlers walking throw those Arab streets and say loudly that this all will be a Jewish area and those kids are hearing that. This sounds very egoistic, but I am glad I’, not a Palastinian

        • Gila

          Arabs are a minority in the democratic Jewish state of Israel, but they have equal rights in law. There are Arab members of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament), Arab judges (one of the judges who sentenced the former President Katzav for rape was Arab), Arabs in all levels of society. Only the other day I was treated by an Arab doctor. There is freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to make a good life. So I suggest that you cool it on the “everyone knows” bit. You are not everyone and frankly you are wrong. I live in Israel – do you? Do you know what life is really like here? Is everything perfect here? No of course not. Name one democratic society where it is. Are all ethnic minorities in say Britain all equally happy about practical every day life? But Arab Israelis have it far better with regard to democracy, freedom and human rights than in any other country in the Middle East. Just think about that.

          And the interesting thing is that according to recent opinion polls most Arab Israeli citizens want to stay that way and don’t want to be part of a “Palestinian” state. They know they have better rights than in any Arab country and better opportunites in Israel than anywhere else in this part of the world.

          Judea and Samaria (what some people call the West Bank) is actually the Jewish heartland where there are strong connections of the Jewish people to the whole area. All Jews still living there were forced out either by the British or by the Jordanians in recent times. Anywhere that Jews build nowadays, in what actually legally is perfectly legitimate for them to do so according to the UN resolutions, is on land where no-one else is actually living. The correct term is “disputed” land, not “occupied.” There has never been a “Palestinian” nation or people throughout history – the whole concept is a recent invention. Why do you think no attempt was made to create a “Palestinian” state during the twenty years that Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria? Why were the only people who called themselves “Palestinian” before about 1950 actually Jews? Today’s “Palestinian” Arabs are in fact largely descendants of recent immigrants with no prior connection to this land.

          As for making peace, Israel has tried various creative solutions and has been prepared to offer much. But it’s a little difficult to make a true peace when there is no realistic partner on the other side, and instead you receive rockets, mortars, bombs, threats of genocide and no recognition of the rights of Jews to live in peace in their own land.

  • Vale

    Each and Everytime anyone says something criticial about the “OCCUPATION” e.g. Apartheid of Arabs on their own Land, Jews are quick to pull the anti-semite card.. It is simply a “false flag” When any nation brutaliy occupies another nation. of people.. Its WRONG!! Obviously you have not read anything about modern Apartheid systems around the world. Believe or not there is a documentary about Chilean Nazi’s floating around on the net.. How ridic is that. . my point being, a sick distortion of facism is alive and well around the world and Israel is playing a significant part in permeating this type of hatred. The middle East is alive with cries of “Democracy” and it will nto be long before more countries join in and demand “FREEDOM” and rightfully so. Israel and America will not be able to continue its brutal occupation of the Palestinians much longer. It is painfully obvious that these fundamentalist truly believe what they are doing is right…However as with all things that are wrong, one day there will be a day of reckoning for the Jews. the opressed has become the opressor. 20m people where slaughtered in Nazi Germany and yet it is the Jews who continue to cry the loudest about there what happened. Although a very sad historical happening. What of the millions of others that also died in Death Camps? Swedes, Germans, Poles, Africans, Americans, Roma’s .. etc. There is no memorial for them. No one iis holding a candle for them… Its only the Jews who seem, for some strange reason the only ones able to pull the race card.. ahh sorry, religious card everytime someone says Occupation is wrong. Israel has no allies apart from the dying Imerialists and their only motivation is stupdity of facts and Jewish money. Throngs of Military, Polical and religous leaders, including those citizens switched on, have stated that being Isreals ally is the cause of most of Americas problems. And what of the American Tax payer , coughing up billions of dollars every year to feed Israels War machine.. 10% unemployment, milllions out of work, particularly black Americans, do you honestly believe if they understood that their money was going to Israel to brutally occupy people who are in many senses just as they are. These people are waking up and one day they will demand from their governments and elected officials that aid to Israel be cut off. Where is the benefit for them.. Unfortunately like America, Israel cannot exist without a boogy man.. And therefore to keep the fools , fooled and the money rolling in for more weapons.. This historic tradegy will continue to unfold until there is no more time for anyone in America. .. “Freedom” will come to the Middle East and soon the voices of Democracy in Arab lands will vote down its treaties with Israel and demand a Day of Reckoning. America is crippled and China & Russia usually stand on the side of the Arabs…. Althouggh South Africa is far from perfect, The people now have the right to their own destiny.. And soon so will the Palestinians. Gia Grow Up!!

    • Gila

      Israel is NOT an apartheid state. That is a lie and frankly libel. “Apartheid” refers to the system in South Africa where “non-white” residents were denied citizenship and basic civil rights, and were forced to live in separate residential areas with segregated and inferior educational and medical services. Those wishing to demonize and destroy Israel now falsely call it “an Apartheid state.” The only true Apartheid states in the Middle East are Islamic states in which Jews are not allowed to live and where Christians and other religious minorities are discriminated against and persecuted.

      In Israel there are 1.4 million Arabs with civil and human rights that are the envy of the Arab world. Israeli Arabs vote in Israel’s elections, they have representatives in the Israeli Parliament, they sit on Israeli courts and on the Israeli Supreme Court, and also serve as tenured professors teaching in Israeli colleges and universities. Arab citizens of Israel have more rights, and enjoy more freedom, education, and economic opportunities than the inhabitants of any Arab or Muslim state.

      I live in Israel and see Arabs as well as Jews going about their business freely every day. I happily work with and for Arabs as well as Jews. And yet Abbas wants a “Palestine” that is free of Jews – if that’s not apartheid or discrimination, I don’t know what is.

      Israel is NOT Arab land. That is a nonsense. It was run by the Turks for four hundred years as part of their huge empire which included much of the Balkans in Europe and Turks were definitely NOT Arabs, then by the British who were also definitely not Arabs who were given the Mandate to create a Jewish homeland in “Palestine” which actually included the whole of the land that became Jordan, forming nearly 80% of the original Mandate and which the British gave to Arabs in 1922. If anywhere is “Palestine” (which was actually a name invented by the Romans) and a homeland for Arabs then Jordan surely is, where many “Palestinians” already live. The ONLY nation state that has existed in Israel throughout history, including the whole of the so-called “West Bank” is a Jewish one.

      There has never been a distinct “Palestinian” people or nation and most people who call themselves “Palestinian” today are actually descendants of recent immigrants with no prior attachment to this land. The first Arabs to invade Israel did so in the 7th century, but Jews were living in Israel 2,000 years before that and communities of Jews continued to live in their land throughout the various occupations of their homeland by other people until today, despite being subject to murder, forced exile and much persecution. The whole area of Israel including the “West Bank” was essentially a backwater 150 or so years ago, with only a small population actually living there at the time, as Mark Twain famously described.

      Israel is not “occupying” land to which it has no right. The “West Bank” is not only the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria but it was land returned to Jewish control following a defensive war against the huge Arab forces who were trying to destroy Israel and to commit genocide. It is not “occupied” but rather the correct term to use for that area that was part of the original land of Israel is “disputed” land. There would be no checkpoints and no wall if the Arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria preferred to live in peace rather than allowing some of their people to commit murder against Jews, such as the appalling murder of a family recently in Itamar including a three month old baby or the recent bombing in Jerusalem, and sickeningly inciting anti-Jewish hatred on their TVs, in their schools and in their mosques.

      Time and again Israel has offered much for peace, but has been rejected, because a peaceful co-existence with the only tiny Jewish state in the world as opposed to 22 Arab countries is not the real Muslim agenda. Not only did Arabs reject any Jewish state of any size at all in the 1940s – when they were offered more land than would be possible now including the whole of the “West Bank” – and then declared war against the new tiny Israel, attempting to destroy it completely and commit genocide against the Jewish people – but even when Barak offered Arafat almost the whole “West Bank” for a “Palestinian” state, Arafat refused and walked out. You would think that if that was what the Arabs living there truly wanted that he would have accepted – it was after all 97% of all he was asking for. Israel was prepared to give up a great deal of its ancestral homeland for peace, but the Arabs still refused.

      As for the Holocaust, an entire one third of the Jewish people including a million and a half children were murdered. That’s a huge percentage of your population to lose. That means that out of all 12 million Jews who were left at the end of the Second World War, half this number had been murdered by the Nazis.

      I suggest you try opening your eyes, take off your biased anti-Israel blinkers, and learn some actual facts about Israel, the one real democracy and free country in the Middle East. No it’s not perfect, but name one free country that is.

      If you genuinely care about people who are oppressed then I suggest you turn your attention to those who are unfree in so many places in the world, such as women from many 3rd world countries seeking a better life turned into sex slaves, women and non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Christians in Muslim countries around the world and many Arabs in various Arab countries who are oppressed by their fellow Arabs such as in Libya, and many more besides. Why pick on democratic Israel? It makes no logical sense at all.

  • Gerry

    @ Gila
    ‘Funnily enough, statistically those who believe in G-d and attend religious services are happier, healthier and live longer’

    Never heard so much nonsense…where do you get your ‘statistics’? Would you like to see the results of a different survey? How about the life expectancy of those who combine religion and politics as opposed to those who dont? You see we both can be selective to prove a point.

    ‘As for being creative in the Middle East, it doesn’t matter how creative the Israeli government has tried to be’

    Sure they’ve been creative. They systematically dumb down press coverage by their own media outlets and by those of international news agencies by veiled and not so veiled threats of sanctions and worse. Hell…they even plant people on various message boards across the internet to drip feed the unsuspecting users lies and deflection…imagine that huh? ;)

    ‘When – or if – Arabs actually take off their blinkers and accept that the one tiny Jewish land of Israel (about the size of Wales or New Jersey) – as opposed to 22 Arab countries, some of them absolutely huge – in the world – actually has the right to be here, then there will be peace’

    Translated: STFU you no marks…we’re taking what we want and you wont stop us or we’ll continue maiming and killing your children and make the world turn a blind eye with our legion of career apologists. We have the means to do so and we dont care if the world is watching because we already have paid them off.

    • Gila

      Talk about bias! You are reading things into what I wrote that have no basis in reality. Those people deliberately maiming and killing children are Arab terrorists, aiming their rockets, mortars, bombs and murderers at civilians. The bomb that went off in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago was filled with shrapnel in order to create as much carnage as possible; many of those wounded were teenagers.

      When Israel acts in self-defence, warnings are usually given and the IDF tries very hard to avoid civilian casualties, to the extent of losing some of their own in order to do so. However, as the terrorists in Gaza deliberately fire their rockets and mortars from heavily populated areas, especially schools, mosques and hospitals, in order sickeningly to create as many casualties of their own people as possible to make good anti-Israel PR, it is inevitable that this is what tends to happen.

      There is a HUGE difference between the efforts of the IDF to avoid civilian casualties and the deliberate intent to maim and to murder as many civilians as possible from Arab terrorists.

      As for nonsense, if there is anything that is nonsense, it is what you have said. You are targeting your ire at the wrong people completely.

      • gerry

        ‘There is a HUGE difference between the efforts of the IDF to avoid civilian casualties and the deliberate intent to maim and to murder as many civilians as possible from Arab terrorists.’

        please dont make me cite examples…you’ll look extremely foolish and I would prefer to avoid that if possible.

        • Gila

          I’m not making you do anything. As an ordinary Israeli citizen who actually lives in Israel, I am in a far better-informed place as to what goes on here than someone who does not. There is so much disinformation, so many lies and biased anti-semitic propaganda out there ultimately stemming from those who seek to destroy Jews and the one and only tiny Jewish land of Israel (no bigger than Wales or New Jersey), I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if some people have actually fallen for it.

          • Gerry

            There are just as many lies and disinformation spread by Isrealis as anyone in this conflict. The difference being that your government has the wherewithall to influence those in positions of power far more readily and they do so unashamedly and systematically.

            As for your persecution complex, you’ll forgive me if I find it mindbogglingly hypocritical.

  • Beb

    Gotta love the fucking Israeli Defence Force Gila replying to every fucking comment here.

    • gerry

      ‘ Hell…they even plant people on various message boards across the internet to drip feed the unsuspecting users lies and deflection…imagine that huh? ;)’

  • RamKrishna

    I don’t believe in your God. I believe in peace. Please stop this bloody game in Name of religion and God. Fuck Jesus Christ…fuck Mohammad. all we need is peace..what type of bullshit people are in this world who think some soil is holy and some unholy.

    • Gila

      I believe in peace too. Israel has given much for peace, but if you look at the documentary on this site I mentioned in another post – “the Cult of the Suicide Bomber” – you will see the chilling mindset that Israel is up against. There is no reasoning with that kind of insanity. It’s a little difficult to make peace with someone who is hellbent on destroying you no matter what you do, as any victim of abuse knows too well.

      As for G-d, there is one Creator of us all. I’ve certainly had much help from Him palpably in my life and I know that every breath I take is because He has given me life. Whether you believe in Him or not, He believes in you. But He also gave us free will. It’s up to you to decide how to live your life and to take responsibility for it. If you live a good and moral life, then at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in G-d or not.

      Israel really is holy. That’s why I live here – to feel the loving closeness of the Creator of us all. I cannot bear to live anywhere else.

  • Gila

    In response to Gerry’s latest post, the lies and disinformation are spread by those who seek to destroy Israel. Even the BBC – in years gone by a bastion of perceived honesty – is blatently biased against Israel in how it reports things here. The recent horrific murders of a family including a three year old baby in Itamar are a case in point.

    It’s not a case of having a persecution complex unfounded on reality. Just look at the charters of Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO, just read the obscene genocidal words of the president of Iran. All declare they wish to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. All deny the long connection of the Jewish people to their one tiny land.

    As for the Jewish state having such influence as you describe, that is a blatant anti-semitic falsehood. There are far far more Arabs in the world than Jews and many Arab countries have oil that everyone else needs. Israel does not. Enough said there. The UN is blatantly anti-Israel; after all such luminaries as Libya have been sitting on its Human Rights council!

    Well I guess I will have to leave you Gerry to your anti-Israel lies and delusions.

  • Gadea

    I find it so difficult to watch this documentary,
    The Ultra Zionist, by Louis Theroux.
    I am in a Starbucks Cafe, on Union Square
    and the people around are now interested in this
    video and bringing it up on their laptops.
    The Jewish people endured horrors under the
    Nazi Regime and even before, when they were
    the target of evil people during the pogroms.

    So I cannot understand, how Israel, The Jewish
    State, can condone and even have as their
    policy the discrimination that the Palestinian are
    subjected to.

    It’s really terrible.

    A big part of the problem is the brutal, American
    backed, Israeli Military occupation of everything

    How is it that Jews from around the world,
    can come and live in Israel, but the Palestinians
    that have been there for centuries are denied
    even basic human rights?

    Aljazeera had a news report on how the Israeli
    government blows up water supplies in Palestinian
    areas, it’s horrible.

    Watching Occupation 101 is also an eye opener.

    • Gila

      There is a great deal of anti-Semitic disinformation and propaganda out there which sadly you appear to have fallen victim to.

      The reality is that Israel’s Arab citizens have more human rights than any Arabs in any Muslim country in the Middle East. Arabs vote, are members of Parliament, have equal medical care and social services, work as professors in Israeli universities. My boss where I work is an Arab (I’m a Jew) and we get on well together.

      The area of Israel has ONLY ever been a nation state under Jewish sovereignty. There has never been a distinct “Palestinian” people, country or culture. The only people who called themselves “Palestinian” before 1948 were actually Jews. The concept of an Arab “Palestine” is a recent invention: when Jordan controlled the “West Bank” between 1948 and 1967 – also expelling all Jews living there, preventing Jews from worshipping at the Western Wall, destroying Jewish synagogues, using the gravestones of the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives as latrines – there was never any attempt to create an Arab “Palestinian” state there. Only once Israel regained this area of land, did Arabs start calling for a Jew-free “Palestine”.

      Arabs living in the “West Bank” – actually Judea and Samaria, the ancient Jewish heartland where Jews have lived for many centuries – were offered a state of their own – bigger than they could be offered today – in 1947 but they refused. Instead they tried to commit genocide against the Jewish people. Arafat was offered practically all the “West Bank” by Barak in 2000 but walked out instead.

      Whatever Israel offers is never enough, because the real Arab agenda is to destroy Israel completely and to commit genocide against the Jewish people. When Israel left Gush Katif, instead of getting peace, Arab terrorists started raining rockets and bombs on Israeli civilians, including children, on areas of Israel that were WITHIN the original 1947 borders.

      This desire to destroy Israel lies behind the plight of the “Palestinian” refugees. (Actually most of these “refugees” live in villages and towns like everyone else.) In fact there was a greater number of Jewish refugees persecuted and forced to leave various Arab countries in the late 1940s who lost more possessions than did the Arabs who were largely persuaded by their fellow Arabs to leave the fledgling Israel so that the Jewish state could be annihilated. Those Arabs who remained were accepted as full citizens of Israel with human rights that are the envy of the Arab world.

      The Jewish refugees were absorbed by Israel; the Arab refugees were largely refused entry or citizenship in the huge Arab lands around Israel (NB Israel is no larger than Wales or New Jersey). Instead they were left as political pawns to continue the fight to destroy Israel. Instead of blaming Israel for their situation, the true people responsible are their fellow Arabs.

      In “Palestinian” schools, mosques and in their media, hatred of Jews is deliberately taught and fostered. There is a complete refusal to accept the Jewish history and the legitimate claims of the Jewish people in Israel. For instance, lies such as the denial of the existence of the Jewish Temples on the holiest Jewish site of the Temple Mount are commonplace, and the appalling and ridiculous “blood libel” – that Jews, who are actually forbidden by their religion to eat any blood, require the blood of a Muslim or Christian child for their Pesach matzahs – is widespread in many Muslim countries today.

      The reasons behind this are essentially religious – you cannot understand the sitution in the Middle East without recognising the importance of religion here – in the Quran there are references to killing Jews and there is a whole history of “dhimmi” – second class and humiliating status for Jews and Christians – treatment of non-Muslims. (Actually the Quran also says that Israel belongs to the Jews – but this part seems to be ignored by Muslim anti-semites.) Essentially, the return of the Jews to their land (NB there were Jews living in Israel including the “West Bank” throughout the two millenia of exile and a Jewish majority in Jerusalem from the 1840s) and Jewish control of their holy places – for the first time under Israeli sovereignty all people of whatever religion are now free to practice it and to worship at their holy places (except sadly Jews themselves at the holiest Jewish site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) is seen as a kick in the teeth for the Islamic concept that Muslims have somehow replaced Christians who replaced the Jews as the “chosen people” of G-d.

      There would be peace tomorrow if the Arabs seeking to destroy Israel altogether would stop doing so and accept that the return of the Jewish people to their land will never be undone. Israel has been prepared to be very generous in giving up some of its ancestral land to create a “Palestinian” state – when in fact nearly 80% of the Mandate of “Palestine” assigned to Britain to create a Jewish homeland was given away to Arabs in 1922 to create what became Jordan, which if anywhere, could be considered as “Palestine” – but will not commit national suicide or cease to protect its people from terrorist attacks. The only reason there are checkpoints, walls etc. is that there are Arab terrorists seeking to murder Israelis. They would not be necessary if that was not the constant reality that Israel has the duty to protect its citizens against – which includes the protection of Arab citizens as well as Jews.

  • jamie

    oh my god gila- still? it’s been like a year and you still can’t let it go. give it a rest you are not the center of the universe! keep talking about anti semitism when in israel every law is inherently racist and prejudiced against anyone who isn’t jewish. go fuck yourself you’re getting no sympathy.

    • Gila

      Israel is a democracy, with equal rights including freedom of expression, freedom of religion, equal access to medical services enshrined in law for all its citizens. Arab citizens of Israel enjoy greater human rights than in any Muslim country. Whereas, as the uprisings of the Arab Spring show only too well, human rights in most other countries in the Middle East are not respected nearly as well, if at all. Just look at what’s happening in Syria right now. Have you ever been to Israel, let alone lived here?

      • eat me

        Judging by the amount of posts you made on this site its quite clear who you work for eh? :D democracy my ass lol cant deny the truth bro!

  • jamie

    yeah, if you’re a jew! you think we don’t know your obscene laws? license plates according to ones religion, no work permit if you’re not jewish- you proudly operate the worlds largest open air PRISON while still playing the victim of the same mentality. the illegitimate and illegal state of israel is inherently racist because it is based ultimately on ethnicity and religion. END OF FUCKING STORY. shame on the u.s. for their support of a (another) dictatorship. keep on defending your prejudice and ironically nazi-esque practices… i know there’s no arguing with a religious zealot why even bother.

    • Gila

      Not only what you have to say is utter garbage – license plates according to one’s religion??!!: I never heard anything more ridiculous – but it is frankly libel. You obviously know very little about Israel, are deeply biased and completely misinformed. Israel is a democracy with equal human rights for all its citizens enshrined in law (NB even one of the Israeli Supreme Court judges is an Arab). Israel is a legitimate sovereign state entitled to defend its citizens from all attempts to destroy it and it is here to stay.

      • jamie

        okay gila, whatever. blue plates for palestinians, yellow plates for israelis. what are you debating? you want to argue semantics? being in israel was the most sickening experience of my life and i witnessed first hand your racist mentality and blind superiority to ANYONE who is not a jew, so go ahead trying to twist it. when will you religious idiots realize your “faith” is the only thing keeping the violence raging? this goes for both sides, naturally. the fact remains you defend an illegal occupation whose grounds for existence is based solely on religious/ethnic superiority to others that have inhabited that land for centuries. i’m done with you go ahead and rant on

        • Gila

          You obviously went with a clearly biased, distorted anti-Jewish viewpoint and you saw exactly what you wanted to see.

          Nowhere on earth is perfect, including Israel, but it is a democracy with equal rights enshrined in law for all its citizens, Arab or Jew or anyone else. Watch the documentary “Cult of the Suicide Bomber” also on this site, and you will see the chilling mindset that Israel is forced to fight. Like any victim of abuse, whatever Israel does or doesn’t do to protect itself, you and others like you blame Israel for what are actually the attitudes and intentions of those terrorists and murderers who seek to destroy this tiny land.

          But it doesn’t matter how cogent and true my arguments are, you are clearly out to Jew bash and to pour out unwarranted venom completely inappropriately.

  • Gadea

    Moshe Dayan addressing the Technion
    (Israel Institute of Technology),
    Haifa (as quoted in Ha’aretz, 4 April 1969).

    “Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages.

    You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either.

    Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu’a in the place of Tal al-Shuman.

    There is not one single place built in
    this country that did not have a former
    Arab population.”

  • Gadea

    David Ben-Gurion

    “Palestine is not an empty country . . .
    on no account must we injure the
    rights of the inhabitants.”

    David Ben-Gurion often returned to this point,
    emphasizing that Palestinian Arabs had
    “the full right” to an independent economic,
    cultural, and communal life, but not
    political. (Shabtai Teveth, p.

  • Gadea

    David Ben-Gurion stated in a letter to Moshe Sharett in 1937:

    “Were I an Arab, and Arab with
    nationalist political consciousness . . .

    I would rise up against an immigration liable in the
    future to hand the country and all of its [Palestinian]
    Arab inhabitants over to Jewish rule.

    What [Palestinian] Arab cannot do his
    math and understand what [Jewish]
    immigration at the rate of 60,000 a year
    means a Jewish state in all of Palestine.”

    (Shabtai Teveth, p. 171-172)

    Ben-Gurion also clearly stated that it was
    the Zionists who were the aggressors, at
    least from the political point of view.

    He stated in the contexts of the First
    Palestinian Intifada in 1938, :

    “When we say that the Arabs are the
    aggressors and we defend ourselves
    —- that is only half the truth.

    As regards our security and
    life we defend ourselves. . . .

    But the fighting is only one aspect of the conflict,
    which is in its essence a political one.

    And politically we are the aggressors and they
    defend themselves.” (Righteous Victims,
    p. 652)

  • gohary

    @gila first of all, its palestine not israel or better yet the occupied land of palestine…

    now gila u talk about the right of jews to live peacefully, grow healthy n old. im not against that in fact i believe that all people on the face of this earth should b in titled to sumwut of a descent life, n never should we b judging eah other either on religion, color, nor region.

    this said im mahmoud writin u from egypt, and on this glories day the 6th of october 2011 we celebrate for the 38th year our triumph over ur zionist army. were we fought like men when u were running like chicks (baby chickens), just so u n evreyone else knows, n its well documented with actual war footage, check it out.

    now back to our topic u talk about the genocide of arabs on jews n all that shit . PEOPLE fyi thats bull. all we want is that u n all the zionists whom migrated from all over the world in 1948 n lived in the occupied land of palestine is 4 u 2 pack up ur things n leave n the land returns to its rightful land owners, with actual land permits, the palestinians. not just because they r muslims n i as a muslim (proud of bein 1) seeing wrong/harm being done to a fellow human may that b a christian a jew or a disbeliever even an animal, my religion our one true god orders me to not stand n watch but to take charge either with my hand, my tongue or even my heart.. n thats why im writing this (oh n btw muslim means sum1 how is livin peacefully, islam means peace, actual translation from arabic 2 english for those who didnt know. not terrorism like the media refers, so dont get scared now). therefore all muslims know that leaving is inevitable, leaving peacefully or forcefully its all up to u.

    “genocide of the jewish people” lol, how about genocide of the palestinins PLEASE PEOPLE look at these maps of palestine from 1946 till 2011

    or google it, oh n google how many children died in gaza in the last 10 years or 40 years in the whole of palestine. THESE COMIN NUBERS OF DEATH TOLLS FROM 2010 TO 2008 R SHOCKIN!!!

    palestians 81 adult 9 children
    zionist gov of occupied palestine 8 adult 0 children

    p: 1034 adult 314 children
    z: 9 adult 1 child

    p: 887 adult 128 children
    z: 35 a 4c

    who funded the nazi’s?? who funded both sides of ww2? who funded both sides of ww1? the banking cartels i.e ROTHSCHILD, ROCKEFELLER JP MORGAM among others.

    In 1917 Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild was the addressee of the Balfour Declaration to the Zionist Federation, which committed the British government to the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.

    who funded the HOLOCAUST? if it actually did happen, which i truely believe it NEVER DID!! google HOLOCAUST DENIAL!! SHOCKING!! “FALSE FLAGS” 9/11 FALSE FLAGS




    • Gila

      Perhaps you would like to outline the long history of the distinct nation state and people of Palestine, its kings and leaders…mind you, you might find that a bit difficult, because such a state and people has never existed. The only nation state that has EVER existed where present-day Israel is – including Judea and Samaria aka the “West Bank” – is a Jewish one: the kingdoms of Israel and Judea and the state of Israel, renewed and resurrected in 1948. The name “Palestine” was invented by the Romans – long before Islam existed and long before Arabs ever settled in this land – in order, unsuccessfully, to try to expunge the connection of the Jews with their land. The first Arabs came in with the Islamic invasions, but most “Palestinian” Arabs are actually descendants of recent immigrants from the surrounding Arab lands. Before 1948, the only people who called themselves “Palestinian” were actually Jews. Mark Twain was one particularly famous witness to the extreme desolation of Israel in the 19th century and the very few people who actually lived there at the time, when it was a backwater in the waning Ottoman Empire.

      Whereas, despite many Jews being murdered, persecuted, forcibly expelled from their one tiny land, there has actually been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for well over three thousand years, and a Jewish majority in Jerusalem from the 1840s. Jews have always prayed towards Jerusalem, have always longed to return home, and many Jewish commandments in our religion are specific to the land of Israel and to the Temple in Jerusalem and can only be carried out here. Whereas Muslims pray towards Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. Many people who came to Israel in the late 1940s were Jewish refugees forced to leave the many Arab lands where their communities had lived for very many centuries: they are the other half of the refugee equation and in fact there was a greater number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands who lost a greater amount of property than the number and possessions of Arab refugees from Israel. The losses of the Jewish refugees need to be taken into account in any settlement as well as the losses of the Arab refugees. Those Arabs who chose to remain in Israel were accepted as full citizens with human rights that are much better than in any other country in the Middle East. Whereas the many Arab states in the area became largely “Judenrein”.

      The real issue is that many Arabs still refuse to accept that there should be ANY Israel at all. Whereas, there could have been a more generous Arab “Palestine” than is possible today – not that anyone ever tried to call it that at the time – back in 1948 if Arabs had accepted the right of Jews to live in their one tiny land and had not promptly attacked Israel and tried to destroy it and to commit genocide against the Jewish people. Arafat still walked out in 2000 when Barak offered him 97% of all the land he was demanding for a Palestinian state. Only the other day, Netanyahu continued to offer to be generous to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and who wish to have a state of their own. But let’s be pragmatic and realistic: until Arabs finally accept that Israel, the one Jewish state that exists in the whole world, is here to stay, Israel has no choice but to continue to defend its citizens (which includes over a million Arabs) from all those who seek to destroy the one real democracy in the Middle East.

      Jews have no intention of returning to “dhimmi” status in their own land, and it is only under Jewish control that ALL people, whatever their religion, have been free to practise it (except, completely outrageously and contrary to international law, Jews on their holiest site of all of the Temple Mount in the Jerusalem are still forbidden to pray there!!). In fact even the book Muslims regard as holy, the Quran, states that Israel belongs to the Jews (see 5: 20-21 and 17: 100-104).

      As for your holocaust denial – well that is not only offensive but utterly ridiculous. If you can deny that, you can obviously deny all other historical facts as well.

      The Jewish people are here to stay in our land and will fight against any attempt to destroy us. It was predicted by our prophets (eg Ezekiel chapter 36) two and a half thousand years ago and frankly there are many amazing things happening nowadays to bring more of us back home. Personally I literally had tremendous help from G-d Himself to come home to Israel, and my soul simply HAD to be here no matter what it took: Like a number of other Jews, I literally cannot live anywhere else today but in the holy land of Israel (and believe me I gave up a great deal to leave where I came from and where materially I was better off) – as soon as I leave Israel the very air feels thick and heavy and my connection with the Creator of us all feels more distant. As soon as I return home to Israel I breathe a sigh of relief and feel whole once more. Ultimately, while there are never any guarantees individually for the Jewish people, it is a real miracle that we are still here despite so many attempts to destroy us and we have been promised that collectively we are an eternal people, and anyone seeking to harm or destroy the Jewish people will ultimately find that they are fighting against the One who gave us this land in the first place. Why do you think, despite the considerable odds against us, that Israel survived the attempts to destroy us in 1948, 1967 and 1973 in the first place?

      As it says in the book of Genesis about the Jewish descendants of Abraham (12v3),
      G-d “will bless those who bless you,
      and whoever curses you I will curse;
      and all peoples on earth
      will be blessed through you.”

  • gohary

    fuck zionists

  • patandkate’sma

    Louis says he finds it comforting that no one is watching over him.
    Strange he went into a hostile area with a bullet proof jacket, eye protection, a respiratory mask ,and the military to protect him.
    I am sure he found these quite comforting.
    He may spout his atheism in more eloquent terms than some, but the clumsy way the Israeli try to say some of us wish to believe in more than your born and then you die with no purpose in between is valid. That being said i do not believe in violence for violence sake nor do i adhere to a eye for an eye mentality.

  • megan

    It is sad to see that a people once opppressed are now the oppressor. It is time for the United States to end their support of Israel and force it to recognize a Palestinian state. Settlers who occupy illegal lands are nothing more than Jewish terrorists.

  • gohary

    n iagree strongly wid wut u said.. Zionists r now the true terrorists in fact all of the israeli regime/politics/politicians are the terrorists.
    and no offense to the true jews, theyre quite nice people cause i live in egypt n i meet a couple in Sinai n theyre actually pretty cool! but not zionists they r the true terrorists. “the protocol of the elders zion” isnt a hoax its true, search it but not on the controlled media which is run by zionists such as fox abc nbc cnbc n all the others. neways bak 2 our point again no offense 2 the Americans, 9/11 false flagging n its been proven many times on different documentaries. uve been deceived by ur own president bush, n now obama a democrat is helpin those zionist pigs n depriving the palestinian to the right to claim their land bak with actual land permits from 200 years ago 4 an example mayb even permits from 500 or even a 1000 years ago. dont know exactly but i do know this for a fact israel or the occupied land of palestine as i n all arabs prefer 2 call it has only been around 4 less than 62 years. WHY IS OBAMA HELPIN THIS MASSACRE. check out my earlier comment look at the death tolls, n the link of the map of palestine as it vanishes in the past half a century.

    • jmcc19

      I do not agree with everything Israel does but i do admire the way they stick up for there own.

    • Gila

      The Protocol of the Elders of Zion is an anti-semitic fabrication and is utter garbage. So is the blood libel (suggesting that Jews – forbidden by their religion to eat any blood in the first place – supposedly and ridiculously need the blood of a Christian child to put in their Pesach matzahs !!!!!), invented in England in the Middle Ages and now sadly doing the rounds in various Muslim countries. There are only some 13 million Jews in the whole world out of 7 billion people. To suggest there is some Jewish plot to take over the world is completely ludicrous, given the figures involved. Just shows that racists and anti-semites wishing to bash Jews are extremely gullible and willing to believe any slanderous nonsense.

      Actually most countries in the Middle East, including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan (Jordan actually formed nearly 80% of the original mandate of “Palestine” to provide a homeland for the Jewish people) are recent creations formed out of the Ottoman Empire when it finally fell apart at the end of WW1. However, Israel has ONLY existed as a nation state under the Jews, whose history long predates any more recent Arab arrivals (most of whom only came to this area in the last 100 years or so). As for land permits, those of the Jewish people long predate any Arab claims. The cave of Machpelah in Hebron (part of the so-called “West Bank”) was bought by Abraham for an outrageously high sum as a burial place for his son Isaac and Jacob and their wives, the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs, nearly 4000 years ago. It is carefully documented in the Bible in the book of Genesis to make it clear that this land (part of Judea – the land of the tribe of Judah from whom the Jewish people take their name) was legally bought and paid for for the Jewish people in perpetuity. Likewise the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the holiest place of all for Jews, towards which all observant Jews pray (NB Muslims pray to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Quran, whereas it is referred to over 600 times in the Jewish Bible), was purchased by King David and is also documented in the Bible.

      There has NEVER been a distinct people or nation state called Palestine. It was a name invented by the Romans long before any Arabs settled in this area of the Middle East (NB Arabs come from Arabia; Jews come from Judea). There is no such thing as “Occupied Palestine”. There is an area of land, which is actually the ancient heartland of the Jewish people of Judea and Samaria, whose ownership is disputed. It has not been resolved under international law: in fact according to the San Remo Conference whose rulings are still legally binding, the “West Bank” belongs to the Jewish people as part of the Jewish homeland agreed to by the League of Nations and binding on the United Nations. Consequently Jews have every right to be there and to build there. Israel is prepared to be very generous to Arabs who wish to form their own state in part of what is actually ancient Jewish territory, but will not deny the facts of history nor commit national suicide when Islamic terrorists still aim to destroy the whole of Israel and to commit genocide against the Jewish people.

      • haz

        You do realise that the nation – state as we know it has only existed for about 500 years and is merely how the international world is currently structured. Just becasue the Palestinians didn’t have a nation – state as you describe does not mean that their claim is any less legitimate. Also using the bible as historical evidence doesn’t really prove anything because its not a factual book, and evidence suggests that it was written by a lot of different people hundred of years after the events that they describe. So it cant really be used a legitimate source.

        • Gila

          Israel was a nation state 3000 years ago, long before Arabs invaded this land. Actually England had become a nation state by 1200 years ago, and again 900 years ago after the Norman invasion. You might have read history books suggesting the notion of a nation state was a Renaissance invention, but such realities, whatever they may have been called, existed long before, especially in the case of the Jewish people. I also don’t know whom you mean by “the Palestinians”. There were very few people living in the area of Israel in the nineteenth century which was then a desolate backwater of the Ottoman Empire, as independent witnesses such as Mark Twain verified. However, there was a Jewish majority living in Jerusalem from at least the 1840s and there was a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for over three thousand years, despite enforced exile, murder, slavery and persecution. Most Arabs who settled there were recent immigrants, many let in by the British when they ruled the Mandate during the 20s and 30s, who also prevented many Jews from entering when they were desperate to escape Hitler’s ovens. Before 1948 the only people who called themselves “Palestinian” were actually Jews. During the period of the Jordanian occupation of Judea and Samaria of 1949 to 1967 there was never any attempt to create a “Palestinian” Arab state there, because that is not how Arabs living there – and the Jordanians had forced all Jews in that area to leave; Jews were only able to return after 1967 – saw themselves. The whole “Palestinian” agenda is a recent invention, and is frankly based on factual distortions and lies that deny the long historical connection of the Jewish people with their land.

          As for the Bible, it is primarily a book of theology, but it also contains a great deal of historical information. Observant Jews consider that the first five books were given by G-d to Moses, and indeed the history books and the prophetic books that form the rest of the Tanach were written by various authors over the centuries. Observant Jews follow the commandments G-d gave in the Torah – the first five books. No way as intelligent questioning people would we follow commandments we would consider not to be a “legitimate source”. As for being given by G-d, for instance there is the commandment to let the land of Israel lie fallow every seven years. We are promised that G-d will increase the yield in years before the sabbatical year, so that there will be enough to eat during the fallow year when nothing can be cultivated, and also the following year when there are no supplies after the fallow year. Can you imagine a human being inventing such a law? Not in a million years!! The whole emphasis of the Torah is on trusting G-d as well as being good and kind to other people.

          Of course there is a lot of factual information in the Bible. What do you mean “evidence suggests”? What evidence and from whom? There are certainly some people with an agenda to discredit the Bible, however unconcious that may be and however learned they may appear. How well do you know the Bible? Have you read it in Hebrew? Have you studied the various commentaries, especially that of Rashi? Have you studied the Talmud? The Jewish people have been studying the Bible and seeking its deepest meanings for thousands of years. Have you investigated all the archaeological remains so far being dug up or retrieved? There are many artifacts being found that give good evidence of the Jewish people’s existence in Israel as described in the Bible.

  • akdfjal;skdfj;sljf

    Palestine is an open air concentration camp.

    Ironic, huh?

    • Gila

      If you want to believe a lie, believe a big one, as Hitler knew well…….Arab citizens of Israel have far better human rights than in any other part of the Middle East. Most of Judea and Samaria aka “the West Bank” is actually run by Arabs, under the auspices of the “Palestinian Authority” who has responsibility for the infrastructure. I think most Arabs would rather live there where things are rather better than for instance in Syria whose unelected government is presently torturing and killing its own people for daring to demand better human rights…..

      • gerry

        Is this the same standard of human rights that allow a 9 year old girl to be shot dead in her classroom?

      • jamie

        blah blahhhh blaahh, here we go with hitler. your logic is completely fucked. you cant argue with FACTS. GET OVER IT.

      • jamie

        one more thing: you talk about arab countries “torturing and killing its own people for daring to demand better human rights”… how is israel different? palestine has been demanding their HUMAN RIGHTS since 1947, but you don’t seem to care about that. ANY nation that uses it’s religious ideology to rationalize hate/violence/prejudice is wrong. i don’t care if we’re talking about the united states, israel, palestine, iran, syria, china- WHATEVER. all the same bullshit as far as i’m concerned. israel has no room to talk call a spade a spade

        • Gila

          Nobody in Israel is trying to deny Arabs their human rights: on the contrary Israeli Arabs have far better human rights than in any Arab country in the Middle East. They operate in every level of society, as doctors, university lecturers and lawyers: indeed one of the judges who convicted the former Israeli president of rape is an Arab.

          The problem lies with those Arabs who are seeking not only to deny Jews their human rights but are actively seeking to commit murder and genocide against the Jewish people. Once they stop doing so, there will be peace. Until then, as a sovereign state Israel has not only the right but the duty to protect its citizens from attack.

          • Gila eater

            You are truly a shining pillar of human rights. Running the largest open air prison in the world, taking peoples land, ignoring and changing the borders, bulldozing family homes and dropping 500 pound “precision” bombs on little children. Arabs may have problems but you point your sharp finger and can’t seem to look in the mirror. You are the problem

  • cream soda

    i guess this is what happens when people are too concerned about history. my home is where i was raised, it’s simple

  • robtheslob

    Cant we just let these two groups of people destroy each other in peace jeesh!

  • Hector

    Study The Biological Jew, Brilliant !

  • philip

    That is why the JEWS are a cursed society and hated around the WORLD.

  • WashingtonDeathCult

    There are no “chosen people”.
    There are only people here.

  • fedup

    Omg I’m going to be sick. It is absolutely frightening how religion has completely eaten away all rationality from these people’s minds. It is time that religion and the things believers speak of is called on the BULLSHIT that it is. Their messed up minds up destroying this planet and every time they speak their irrational minds and we let them get away with it, the world gets deeper into misery.

  • topsy krittss

    lmaoooooooooo isreal is a fake country of stolen land muslims were there way before the jews. jews have no homeland they are wanderers and zionists are the scum of the earth

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