The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

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Ever wonder what British Columbia’s most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include marijuana? If you haven’t, think again. No longer a hobby for the stereotypical hippie culture of the ’60s, BC’s illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a seemingly unstoppable business giant, dubbed by those involved as ‘The Union’.

Commanding upwards of $7 billion Canadian annually, The Union’s roots stretch far and wide, directly and indirectly affecting all areas of our society. With 65% to 85% of all ‘BC Bud’ being exported to the United States, it’s clear that the BC marijuana trade has become an international issue with consequences that extend far beyond our borders. When there are record profits to be made, who are the players, and when do their motives become questionable?

Why is marijuana illegal? What health risks do we really face? Does prohibition work? What would happen if we taxed it? Medicine, paper, fuel, textiles, food, etc. Are we missing something here?

Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he dives head first into Canada’s most socially acceptable illegal activity. Along the way, Adam demystifies the underground market and brings to light how such a large industry can function while remaining illegal. By interviewing experts from around the globe, including growers, clippers, police officers, criminologists, economists, psychologists, medical doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, Scorgie explores the cause and effect nature of the business behind getting high.

Nobody’s innocent in this exploration of an industry that may be profiting more by being illegal. Join Adam Scorgie as he unravels the mystery of The Union.

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Discuss This Documentary

  • Hugehandoff

    not great

  • Cam

    beasters isn’t BC bud…beasters is a level of quality that lies between KB and headies. the scale goes like this (from worst to best) schwag, mids, KB, beasters, headies, and name buds (like silver haze for instance)

  • Anonymouse

    In terms of “beasters”, yes it can refer to a quality, but i think that some of that term could have been adapted from “BC”. Counterculture linguistics gets very muddy and mixed up, its hard to pinpoint where a term came from.

    I think this is a pretty good documentary.

  • thatguy

    the piano score beginning 3:00 is really awesome

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