The Venus Project: Future By Design

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In August of 1974, Dr. Jacque Fresco was a guest on The Larry King Show. Dr. Fresco was then introduced as a social engineer, industrial engineer, designer, inventor, consultant, and copywriter, among numerous other titles. Larry King asked his guest if it bothered him that people often referred to him as being too far ahead of his time. Dr. Fresco commented that he couldn’t afford to be bothered by this because there are too many things that are far more important to focus on.

Jacque Fresco is a futurist — a person whose every thought and action is based on tomorrow. He has been planning for the future since the 1920s. At the early age of 8 or 9, he began making drawings about of his vision of the future. But Jacque Fresco doesn’t want to only talk about the future; he has a plan to build an entire world from the ground up. Fresco recalls watching a movie called Metropolis that depicted the future as regimented and filled with robots. He loved the architecture portrayed in the film. Inspired, Fresco designed underwater cities and floating cities and skyscrapers and buildings with landing platforms. Fresco showed his drawings to his principal who sent him to see a gentleman who then introduced him to a well-known inventor, Bucky Fuller. Jacques Fresco was about 14 years old at the time.

Dr. Fresco is not just a philosopher that talks about how the world should be but also a technician that explains how it can be built. He firmly believes that if the environment is altered, behavior will also be altered. If one reorients the environment, the environment will reorient people. But if one tries to change people without first changing their environment, the tendency will always be to slip back because the indoctrination is deep.

The Future by Design is a self-regulated society that is governed by a cybernetic system of supply and demand. Political systems are replaced by tabulating the input of information of the general population. This way goods and services are delivered accordingly. The economic system is based upon the use of all available resources in order to meet the needs of the entire culture. Are Dr. Fresco’s revolutionary ideas too outrageous or could they be exactly what our world needs?

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  • DARV

    Impressive visionary. Although I am not 100% in agreement with his philosophy he has a lot of points of merit. Especially liked the inventions and concepts for improved living. These concepts for housing, transportation, agriculture, medical, etc can definitely solve current problems. Have never heard of Mr. Fresco; but, I hope that some of his ideas are being put to use.

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