Too Ugly for Love

57 minutes 9.0/10

BDD, or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, is a largely undiagnosed medical condition that is said to affect 1% of the British population. Sufferers are obsessed with how they look and can spend hours obsessively grooming themselves. Often misunderstood as a vanity driven obsession, people with BDD are the opposite; they believe they are horrendously ugly. In fact they are so disgusted by their looks, one in four attempt suicide.

Too Ugly for Love follows three sufferers living with BDD, and shows how they’re fighting it to regain a normal life. They’re offered therapy from one of the country’s leading experts in BDD, Rob Willson. His therapy makes sufferers carry out tasks that force them to confront the thing that terrifies them the most – the way they look.

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  • NancyB

    I can’t help but wonder what type of reputable surgeon would be a part of 7 rhinoplasties on a clearly mentally ill young woman. Tragic.

  • Rabbit from Space

    I was thinking just that, how can a plastic surgeon give his or her consent to a psychological incapable individual. Hopefully its only the minority!!

    Also, I thought this mental illness was a huge slap in the face to people who really are ugly as hell. Theres a tumor dude in another documentary on this page, under the health category, who lives with 100% of people looking at him when he walks outside. His mutation of the face with huge tumors is really taking him down. Now THAT I wouldn’t want to live with.

    I really feel this psychological state of mind, BDD, is something which has been nurtured heavily in our times society. That there are mirrors everywhere and the inner narcissuss is hailed like never before. REBEL PEOPLE!!! ITS TIME TO STOP SHAVING!!!

    • cher

      Although i respect you have your own opinion on this illness.. I feel i must point out.. this illness is real and extremely debilitating to the sufferer.. my 15 year old daughter has severe body dysmorphia and it is hell on earth for her and to us as a family.. I think the comment you made that this mental illness is a slap in the face to real ugly people is harsh and unfair.. my daughter doesn’t choose to feel the way she does and has alot of guilt for feeling the way she does because of comments like yours!!

      • Luc

        I’m sorry to hear that about your daughter, no person deserves to suffer from an ilness, wether it’s physical or mental.

        Unfortunately most people these days (and even more so in the past) have little sympathy for others who suffer from mental ilnesses. The biggest problem is that you can usually spot a person who has a physical ilness because it affects those people on the outside, while mental ilness is almost always something a person has to suffer from on the inside, and which can’t be seen by other people with their own eyes. As such, they tend to have less sympathy for it, because they can’t clearly see what’s wrong with those people.

        If people would be less narrow minded about mental ilness it would help much more to treat people who suffer from it, because at the moment most people are still afraid to come forward about it, out of shame or guilt, and so they go untreated and meanwhile carry a big load of negative emotions with them. I hope people will have more understanding for these mental diseases and be more accepting of people who have them, so they can be more easilly and treated and people can get help more easilly. And please people, just try to realise that just because you don’t see anything wrong with a person on the outside, a lot can be wrong with that person on the inside that severely affect them in their lives, so please be more understanding and sympathetic.

  • Cindy

    It was nice to see this now i know im not the only one

  • name

    that last girl is amazingly attractive.

  • Crazy Tony

    Oh gosh, i think my sister has BDD! :)

    On a serious note though, I think everybody suffers a tad from BDD. No one’s totally happy bout the way they look anyway.

  • Annie

    Maybe people with BDD would feel better if they looked at me. I had a brain injury during a car accident and need brain surgery. I was 25. Now there is a big dent in my forehead, I can only move half of my face, and I have a trach scar. Or maybe my friend Ray who was born with cerebral palsy, has trouble using half his body, and has a limp. Oh ya, how could I forget my friend Julie? Her scoliosis is pretty noticeable. Maybe that would make them feel better. I love how they opened up the documentary with the girl hating her freckles. I’m a ginger kid and I’m covered in them, now I have something else to feel sorry for myself about! Yay!! BDD is the most selfish thing I have seen in a long, long time. BDD = a load of self centered BS.

    • Dysmorfofobi

      Annie, your initial reaction to BDD is quite common but nonetheless very misinformed. BDD is a serious mental illness, with higher suicide rates than both people with bipolar and manic depressive disorder. They see themselves as monsters.

      Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental illness, it has nothing to do with having any physical flaws or being selfish.

    • Victoria

      Narrow minded people need to read more, or take some psychology courses. BDD is a mental illness, and if mental illnesses were just about showing the person with BDD a bunch of people who have it worse, there wouldn’t be anymore mental illness. It’s like when I had depression so bad I was almost suicidal. It was so frustrating when family members would try and lecture me out of my depression, by telling me I have nothing to be depressed about, and proceed to tell me how bad off a lot of other people are. So besides my depression, I also got a lot of guilt, of how horrible of a person I must be to think I have it so bad. It didn’t make my depression go away, just made me feel worse. You can’t tell someone with a mental illness to stop being so selfish, they can’t help how they’re feeling. It goes a lot deeper than what you see on the surface.

    • Damien

      Wow u seem like a great guy…..
      realy wonderfull to see you’ve restrained from learning compasion from your problems. Your wrong. I feel for you and these people aswell. If either of you feel bad im sure theres reasons and im sure everyone feel the same depressed, no matter what your deppressed about, within obvius limits. In other words, you can have a poor child starving, but loved and happy for life, on the other hand u can have a rich child lonely and disconnected, to the point of suicide. The fact you can say something like that just says your out of touch and selfcentered “my problems are bigger than yours, therefore your not aloved to feel bad”

  • Victoria

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the song in this video is, the slow piano piece?

    • Lola

      It’s Erik Satie’s Gnossiene No. 1 (Lent)

  • Roy

    Couple interesting things about psychological disorders like these.

    1) They are oddly limited to rich industrialized countries.

    2) They appeared suddenly within the last decade or two.

    How peculiar that these disorders only appear in places where people have enough money and spare time to pay and see a psychologist.

    Now before all the blind bleeding hearts start screeching about my lack of empathy, let me warn you that I am suffering from a disorder recently diagnosed by psychologists, DTFWPS (Doesn’t Take First World Problems Seriously), which forces me to always contrast the petty and imaginary problems of people in the first world with the real problems of people there and elsewhere. Please be understanding and forgive me for I can not help my condition. If you do argue with me you are automatically incorrect by virtue of your own flagrant insensitivity.

    • Yor

      You do realize that there are people who actually think they are too ugly to live? All these disorders haven’t suddenly *appeared*, it’s just that a long time ago there were no professions like psychologists, the insane were regarded as being possessed by the devil, etc. You seem to think that this happens only in rich industrialized countries only because nobody pays attention to the people living in the poor ones?

    • Richard Dykes

      in fact this was diagnosed 200 years ago,

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