TOXIC: Garbage Island

An Island Full of Plastic

65 minutes 6.4/10 based on 75 votes

Located between North America and Asia lies an island the size of Texas. This island is made up completely of human garbage: a sludge of plastic, metal, and decapitated Barbie dolls – and the island is growing.

First predicted in the late 1980’s, “Garbage Island” has become a reality. An area of the Pacific Ocean has become so choked with floating garbage that ice breaker ships are often needed to travel through the area. As the human population continues to grow and expend more and more of the Earth’s resources, so too grows Garbage Island. VICE has created a fantastic documentary about the dirtiest island in history – and perhaps humanity’s legacy?

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  • omaha

    So it basicly doesnt exist, that was the whole point of this documentary. Well thank you solving the myth of the “garbage island”. haha what a bunch of loosers

    • If it did exist green peace would make it disappear :P Its title is very attractive for the viewer to see the documentary

  • Roy

    After seeing Vice sneak into North Korea, interview insane African warlords and delve into the most dangerous slums in the world, watching this threesome of children barely able to handle spending a couple weeks on a boat with all you can eat sushi was severely disappointing. Perhaps this is Vice B-team.

    Also drug on for to long. Were I producing it, I would have ended right after the one kiddie playing reporter remarked, “maybe we can solve this problem in America and Japan, but who’s going to stop the third world from polluting.” The incredible ignorance, arrogance and denial packed into that statement does a better job of summing up the mindset behind the pollution problem than any opinion consciously expressed in the previous fifty minutes of the documentary. Seriously, you folks how will we handle Africa’s plastic waste. Someone needs to stop Africa.

  • VideoEyes

    It, does exist, I’ve seen it, sailing over 15 times to Haiti. One time during the night it scraped the hull so much I feared we hit land. It hit really close to home, and I now try very much not to be ” A LOOSER” by adding to it….^V^!!!!

  • Caligula

    Normally, I love the videos from “Vice Guide”. This could have been done excellent, but quite a few things knocked it down from being decent to watch. The main issue that I had, the “presenter”. I feel like he was making more of a home video for a frat house than any type of show that would end up getting viewed by the public. The topic that they are covering is a HUGE issue in todays World (Sadly enough) and could have been taken just a bit more professional. There are many ways of having fun and presenting something well, while having a serious undertone about the topic that you are covering.

    This is one “Vice Guide” that I am going to have to skip over. Think it would have been tons better if “Shane Smith” (the co-founder of “Vice”) was presenting.

    Giving this a 2.5/5*****.

    The video itself as well is playing awful, at least for me. It seems like for every 15 seconds of play, you get 10 seconds of buffer. Even off of the “Vice” site, it is playing a little better, but not by much.

  • D

    People that have a problem witht he presenting need to shut the fuck up. this is an important film

  • SurvivorVeteran


  • maxwell

    Meh… gave up watching it cause it was all just too groovy. oh yeah, and boring.

  • yourface!

    that four eyed prick is “fucking annoying”

  • meh

    unproffessional and annoying (well mostly the guy with glasses). basically all they did was poke through some shit and be like “ooh this is so wrong”

  • Volvox

    There is no doubting this documentary is about an important issue but the presentation is terrible. It should have a ‘strong language warning’…although far more preferable would be a presenter that doesn’t feel the need to drop the f-bomb every few minutes. An important message totally ruined by a very unprofessional production and presentation…liked the Captain though.

  • tbfunlater

    Too bad this is so poorly presented, and that the guy with the glasses makes it totally impossible to show to the children who will inherit this mess. Also, that it is described as a “garbage island” leads one to believe that there is a real “island” of a more solid structure is disappointing when all there really is a large area of polluted water. Then to find out that there is nothing that can be done about it is also a disappointment too. All in all I will not share this because of the use of vulger language and the end seemed to turn it into an “oh well they had sex movie” . Too bad.

  • Madsen

    This was a waist of time. “It’s possible that…”, “I think that maby…”, “Could be…” – just random thoughts and no facts. There’s a lot of garbage. We get that. What’s the point?

    • Thomas Greene III

      A “waist” of time? Someone that can’t even spell should not comment on here.

  • buddy23

    wow, this could have been a good documentary about an important subject but all the present can say is “fuck, fucking , and fuck this”. It’s sad that you have to swear so much it takes away all of your creditibility (if you had any to start with).

  • Joseph

    Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Nova, Frontline and PBS in general as to professional editing of a film. After watching Garbage Island I concluded this was no more than a home movie with three annoying 20-somethings stuck on themselves and unable to present a coherent voiceover narrative in spite of one claiming to be a TV professional. Let’s not forget the false advertising. There is a photo of a garbage Island with this documentary depicted as the size of Texas, when suddenly the Blonde girl explains it’s twice the size of Texas, only to find out they are talking about a zone and not a real island. I give this disappointing experience a 2/6

  • Deliverance

    How do I get a job as a documentarian for vice? I’m a stoner who doesn’t know shit about anything. But I can go on a boat trip with a cute blond to Hawaii and complain all the way.

  • sejn

    Why must kids say “fuckin'” all the time? It has no shock value whatsoever and merely shows their mindless conformity. VICE tries to be so edgy, yet it exemplifies dullness.

  • sejn

    Plastic is oil. BIG OIL is much more responsible than consumers.

  • Andreas Sørensen

    can some1 just help me with some questens pls. 1: where’s the boat going to? 2: what are they going to search for on the boat? 3: bescribe captain Charles Moore and how is he as a scientist? 4: what is the conclusion??

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