Transplanting Memories?

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Is science’s understanding of how memory works quite as cut and dried as once thought?

In recent years several heart transplant recipients have reported unexpected side effects including experiencing memories, habits and desires they never had before. With studies showing that these are not isolated cases, we meet patients searching to understand what has happened to them.

The film follows organ recipients as they make contact with their donor families in an effort to understand their new-found lease of life, and features scientists who are pioneering research into the intelligence of the heart and the biochemical basis for memory in our cells.

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  • Muzammil

    I think this is highly unlikely because if you consider this to be true then you’d also have to consider the claims of people meeting god after having a near death experience and every person meets their own version of God. So the situation is self explanatory.

    • Tom

      Sure, though Its still true getting a new heart from once having a sick one, can revitalize the patient to such an extent different parts of the body will change. – Or it could be a psychological infused from conquering what otherwise would have been death.

      But memories from the heart? Rubbish. Still watching the doc though.

      • Davey Tee

        I haven’t watched it yet but the HeartCode and Neurocardiolgy is proving the truth that the brain has neurons and memory and there is some shocking and true anecdotal evidence to prove it’s truth…

  • James

    Video is down…

  • Ken Cooke

    Get a bible concordance and look up the word ‘
    “Heart” and you will see that God speaks of the heart as having memory. As a man thinks in his heart. Look it up.

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