True Norwegian Black Metal

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Norwegian Black Metal has actually become a brand, being one of Norway’s largest exports in the music industry. This documentary, produced by VICE Magazine, is an introduction to the Black Metal scene of Bergen, Norway.

A huge part of the scene is dominated by fake wannabes, masquerading as satanic evildoers – in turn bewildering rebel teenagers, making them believe they now have somewhere to belong. With this image, these bands are getting rich quick.

But in the darker corners of Norway, there are other Black Metal bands who see themselves as “true” and truly create music that conveys the dark hatred that they feel. This documentary explores this authentic side of the Norwegian Black metal scene through the eyes of Gaahl, one of the most legendary vocalist in the scene.

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  • Mr Death Metal

    Fucking funny documentary, My favorite part was when they were going to Ghaals granddads house up on the mountain, and that american guy almost starts to cry, priceless.
    And you say he’s gay, dating some agent fur guy? HILARIOUS!

  • Chelsi

    I know they’re from Norway but in all honesty, these guys are NOT true Norwegian black metal. The original true Norwegian black metal bands are mayhem, darkthrone, burzum. And all the rest are copy cats. Not implying they are bad bands, because they are definitely awesome black metal bands. But I don’t think they can claim themselves as true norwegian black metal when they are themselves following. right?

  • Hib

    Being openly gay in the hardcore black metal milieu is truly a satanistic act. A lot of black metal fans (often the young guys) are as conservative as born again christian right wing republicans ;)

    Respect !

    And yeah, the part where the american guy gets spooked up in the mountains is priceless !! But Gaahl does have a really unnerving stare once in a while… phew.

  • Hib

    Since 2008 he has been romantically involved with Robin Jakobsen, who is 15 years his junior, this being known to the wider public after confirming his homosexuality that same year. On 27 January 2010, Gaahl won the award “gay person of the year” in Bergen at the event “Bergen Gay Galla”. He was present and accepted the award.


  • alliepat

    The ending…staring…what???

    And, VICE…might want to check where Newcastle is on your map. I’m Canadian and I know that Newcastle isn’t in Scotland!

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