VICE on HBO: Episode 1 – Killer Kids

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The people at VICE have been making waves with the controversial subject matter that they cover in their documentaries over the last several years. In 2013, VICE produced a documentary film series in the form of 10 episodes for HBO. This new backing provided the filmmakers with a much larger budget and brought their documentaries to a whole new audience.

Originally only available to premium cable subscribers in the USA, the team at VICE are releasing several of the documentaries from the series online for free and DocumentaryStorm is proud to present them as they become available.

In this first episode, titled “Killer Kids,” Ryan Duffy travels to the Philippines to explore the reasons why this region has become the deadliest place on Earth for politicians. Then Shane Smith lands in Afghanistan where suicide bombing is one of the Taliban’s most effective terror technique. Find out who is pulling the trigger and pressing the buttons in these troubled nations.

Kids are adventurous and bold. They don’t think about the consequences and they love to show off. These qualities make them perfect prey for militia movements and mercenaries. In the Philippines, military training can begin as early as age 8. In a country where guns form a huge part of culture, with ownership as high as 70% in some areas, it’s no wonder that many kids even learn to make their own guns by working for underground networks of backyard gunsmiths.

In the last ten years there have been over 1,200 political assassinations in The Philippines. In 2009 one candidate lost a convoy of 57 of his supporters including his wife and two sisters when they tried to file his papers to run for governor. They were attacked by a rival political clan, executed, and buried together in a mass grave. Many of the gunmen were mere boys.

In Afghanistan the Taliban has successfully used terror techniques such as suicide attacks and suicide bombings to gain power. Recently, the Taliban has implemented a new transportation device for their powerful explosives which has proven very effective against the occupation. They’re using children— some of them as young as 6. These young boys are told that after they press the button, everybody will die but they will stay alive. Sometimes they’re told the waistcoat holds secret documents. In their ignorance and innocence, they believe.

Some of these young boys, arrested before they could detonate their bomb vests, are interviewed. What do they have to say? Watch now to find out.

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Rating: 6.8/10 based on 9 votes

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