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VICE is a documentary TV series that travels the world to uncover some of the most intriguing, often controversial, topics that often go uncovered by the mainstream media. VICE exposes the worldwide absurdity of our modern condition in these ten episodes. If you’ve never seen these episodes before, you’re in for a real treat. Previously only available to subscribers of the premium cable service HBO, is now available for viewers for free.

Episode 1: Our Rising Oceans

The changes to the world’s oceans are staggering and not enough is being done to stop it. Find out what’s really causing Antarctica to melt and what this means to humanity.

Episode 2:  To Serve and Protect | Coming to America

Police in the United States have been militarized. Is this really going to take a bite out of crime? Then, find out about the new immigration crisis on our border. People are fleeing violence in their own countries. Will they be safer in the US?

Episode 3:  Countdown to Extinction | We the People

A heavily armed and highly trained group of patriots is determined to get the Federal Government out of their way. Then, years of industrial fishing have practically wiped out the top level of the marine food chain. Is this damage reversible?

Episode 4:  Lines in the Sand | Outsourcing Embryos

Cocaine consumption in Europe has increased in the last ten years. Who is benefitting from Europe’s cocaine habit? Then, the world seems to have a new billion-dollar industry: gestational surrogacy. But it all comes with a cost. Find out what’s really at stake when reproduction is outsourced.

Episode 5:  Synthetic Drugs |Transsexuals of Iran

Drug makers are in a race to keep ahead of law enforcement. They are constantly changing the molecular structure of their drugs, with no regard for the dangerous effects, especially on teenagers. Then, ironically, Iran has become one of the world capitals for sexual reassignment surgery. Is this really the solution for the “illness” of homosexuality?

Episode 6: Post-Antibiotic World | Indonesia’s Palm Bomb

Our overuse of antibiotics has given rise to superbugs— a new crop of dangerous bacterial infections that are untreatable by known medications. Then, as the demand for palm oil as an alternative for trans fats increases, growers in Indonesia struggle to keep up. They have now become a major threat to wildlife, indigenous populations, and global climate

Episode 7:  Sweet Home Alabama | Haitian Money Pit

In 2011 Alabama passed an anti-immigrant law that made thousands of undocumented workers flee. Find out how this damaged the state’s economy. Then, in 2010 a massive earthquake ravaged Haiti killing over 300,000 and leaving millions without a home. The international community raised billions of dollars to rebuild the country. Where did all of that money go?

Episode 8:  Egyptian Tomb Raiders | Rent a White Guy

An estimated $3 billion worth of artifacts have been plundered to feed a global demand for antiquities. Then, imagine being offered a job in which the only requirements are to be white and male.

Episode 9: Savior Seeds | India’s Water Crisis

GMOs were hailed as the solution for global hunger, but lately they have sparked a heated protest around the world. Then, India is the largest democracy on Earth. It possesses cutting edge space and nuclear weapons programs and its citizens are highly educated. Yet the country has been unable to provide clean water for its growing population.

Episode 10: A Prayer for Uganda | Kidneyville

In 2014 Uganda’s president signed an ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ which originally demanded death for being gay. The law was struck down, but has the anti-gay mentality changed? Then, more than 100,000 people are on the waiting list for a new kidney. This has triggered people living in the slums of Bangladesh to willingly offer their kidneys for cash.

Episode 11: Evolution of a Plague | Campus Cover-up

The Ebola outbreak continues in Africa. Until now it has killed more than 10,000 in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Is the world ready for the next major epidemic? Then, sexual assaults on campuses are increasing. However, Universities are handling it behind closed doors. Why?

Episode 12:  Enemies at the Gate | Global Jihad

Saudi Arabia is stuck in the middle of Arab uprisings and military interventions. Find out what the desert kingdom is doing to defend itself. Then, in 2014 an extremist group called ISIS started committing atrocities with the intent of taking over Iraq and Syria. Young men from Western countries flocked to the Middle East to join ISIS. Find out why.

Episode 13: Afghanistan After Us | La Haine

As the US withdraws from Afghanistan they leave an increase in civilian casualties and opium cultivation. Then, deep religious and cultural tensions have been rocking France. Distrust between Muslims and Jews is increasing.

Episode 14: Cold War 2.0

The end of the Cold War in 1991 was supposed to bring about a new era of peace and cooperation. This simply did not happen. Tension between the US and Russia has continued to simmer. This ongoing conflict in the Ukraine might be pushing the relationship towards yet another crisis.

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