We Need to Talk About Islam

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Does freedom of speech give the right to offend? And who determines exactly which religious groups the media gets to make fun of?

It’s definitely true that many profess to ascribe to a certain creed, yet their behavior is contradictory to the philosophy upheld by said belief system. We can’t judge an entire religion or race based on the mistakes of a few of its members. Therefore it’s unfair that when acts of terror or other crimes are committed, that are in no way motivated by the religious system to which the terrorists belong, the first thing the media advertises is their religion or their race. This is one of the reasons why there is so much misunderstanding and generalizations regarding people who are simply different to the norm.

However, an honest look at the beliefs of Islam begs the question: is this belief system really as peaceful as it’s followers claim it to be? Why are Muslims appear less tolerant to criticism compared to other religious groups? Why do they find the need to constantly defend themselves and to demand special treatment that isn’t really given to any other religion? The documentary brilliantly separates anti-Muslim bigotry from the real problems in Islam.

This is a film that’s very easy to watch and gets straight to the point. It may even get you to reconsider your views on Islam.

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  • Documentarianism

    eeh. quite a good documentary that.

  • Dan

    great Doco,a lot of people need to see this.very easy to understand,well done.

  • Respect everyone

    Totally biased bull shit,Pope is right when you make mockery and insult to anyone especially their believes behind the disguise of free speech then get ready to bear the consequences and some time its extremely violent. By the way anybody made naked pictures of Moses of Christ ever? I don’t think so, then why try free speech only on Islamic faith?This totally absurd provocation needed to be stopped like ” anybody who dare to deny holocaust ever happened will face the jail time.

    • Sam Zeitgeist Vallely

      “This totally absurd provocation needed to be stopped” coming from a user called “respect everyone”… idiot

    • Leerwesen

      Denying a historical fact like the holocaust is not the same as denying a particular sky god.

  • Mugsey

    Right wing islamophobic crap I am afraid. I gave it 40 minutes to see if it picked up any but it was getting increasingly hysterical as it went on. You could give a similar analysis about any religion that has power tbh. The Catholic church for several centuries in which it murdered women for being witches etc, radical Judaism which has committed untold crimes against humanity in the Middle East, Fundamentalist Christians who go to Africa to promote violence and discrimination against gay people. In fact, some of the worst excesses in Muslim countries occur in countries that the West supports. Saudi beheads about two people a week and bans women from driving. One of our main trading partners. The comparison with Jainism i nonsense. The Jains have no political power.

    I would say don’t bother watching it unless you are sympathetic towards extremist islamophobic views.

    • Sam Zeitgeist Vallely

      I gave this comment 4 seconds… “Right wing islamophobic crap” eh no.. I’m about as left wing as they come but thanks for stopping by x

      • Mugsey

        It’s a bit of a big subject to do justice on a message boards like this, but consider the mocking of

        Mehdi Hasan for believing that Mohammed rose to heaven on a winged horse. Do no other people of faith believe in miracles? The feast of The Ascension (Christ ascending to heaven – levitation but no winged horse) is celebrated on May 15th this year amongst Roman Catholics. Is that wildly different?

        Fundamentalist Christians want the genesis creation Story and the Noah flood story taught as science in schools. Surely that is wackier. At least Mehdi acknowledges that the winged horse is a miracle, ie supernatural. Fundies in the states believe that The Noah story can be scientifically proven.

        • Sam Zeitgeist Vallely

          i agree with you, believing in the flood story or the ascension of Christ or even talking snakes for that matter… its all equally crazy and harmful. but isn’t it funny how no one accuses you of being right wing for for making fun of of Noah. and to be fair i actually wasn’t mocking him, Dawkins was. i included the clip for the purpose of demonstrating how the term “not all muslims are bad” is too loose and how in a certain sense i could make the argument that all muslims are bad even if they don’t personally carry out any of their doctrines instructions.. the mere belief in this nonsense is to some degree “bad”… and since “not all christians are bad” isn’t something i hear very often, i didn’t feel the need make a comparison there.. but if you watched the whole thing you would see that i actually do go on to state that christians also have hateful teachings but that for the most part they have moved on and at least in the western world have become far more progressive and secular.

    • Jonty Cecil

      think you’ll find that most witch trials were in the protestant era and preominantly in protestant countries.

  • Morteza

    Islam is the best – please please research about Islam – you will need good teacher but not fake social medias

  • Peaceful Galactic Wanderer

    Very good and enlightening film, and first of all – PEACEFUL. To talk is not to CUT THROATS. Why Christians and Buddhists are ready to talk about their beliefs and Muslims are not. I am a Theist. I believe in Harmony in Universe, and in Development, and in Science, because that’s what the Universe (aka The God) gave us all. He gave us Ming (Brain; Intellect). We have 15 billion nerves cells in the brain to think, to explore, to discuss. To just believe some principles, to pray all day long and to refuse discussion does not require intelligence< nor use of your brain. That's coming down to animal level of consciousness. Any of the three biblical religions (most of all Islam) is against Science and Exploration because it eventually reveal to any mind that all religions are Enormous Absurdities with their naive wonders and pictures of "heaven" and "hell" with their bodily pleasures (for bodies and genitals, which souls don't have, since they are rotting in graves). Any clear-thinking mind will sense very soon that any religion is about the power. And namely about acquiring it and holding it forever. The most important power of all is power over human's minds. That's why almost all "holy scriptures" talk about war, attacks, killings, beatings, threats and punishment. They are basically the war manual akin to "Sun Tsi" (The ancient Chinese art of war text). How could the text be coming direct from the Merciful and Forgiving God, when every so often in the text it calls for killing other human beings?. If the God is forgiving He would never call for execution or persecution. How could such texts be called "holy" or "sacred"?. Every religious text is full of contradictions which for the hundredth time indisputably confirms that they are the inventions of rulers lusting for power. Is it not clear to everyone who can see or hear, that all religions call people to suffer, be tolerant and bear with their rulers who are mostly tyrants and dictators willing to propagate their power into whole eternity. Toil, suffer, subjugate and keep your mouth shut – that's what all religions are calling us for. Religion is an instrument of dirty politics (and politicians) and nothing else. Believing in Just God as Universal Principle is an antithesis to religion. Without religion (church and clergy), as rightly mentioned in the film, humanity would be more humane. But don't worry, all you people, its days are numbered, thank… God. And the God's Kingdom will come, where there will be no religion but Education and Enlightenment, Scientific Progress and Social Justice, Racial Equality and Everlasting Love of living creatures to each other and to Nature and Universe.

  • piqo

    an unfortunate view, although i do commend this film maker for avoiding thoughtless racism and bigotry.
    1. correlation does not automatically mean causation. basically even though many of the terrorists are Muslim, there could be (and most likely is) a root problem that is affecting Islamic countries. There are problems with the United States’ foreign policy in the middle east and our interests in the natural resource (oil) that is geographically located in a place that is culturally “Muslim.” I’m sure war on their soil is not helping, and people are becoming desperate to have their voices heard. At this time in history Muslims as a whole may very well be slightly more violent than Christians, but is it the nature of that religion? Christianity has an extremely violent history, at that time maybe Christians by the same logic used in this doc could be considered to have a more violent nature because the nature of their doctrine is violent.

    2. Their views about women, homosexuals, apostates and such are ass backward, but my culture (American Christian) was not so different in the past. Most of the people I know would circumcise their baby boy, a lot of people I know are openly anti gay and view legalizing gay marriage as dooming our country to destruction.

    3. Who cares? I get all the points made in this doc, but what is the usefulness in focusing on the small ways that Islam is different from Christianity and other religions?? Building snowmen is “unislamic,” yes hahaha they’re so weird. Jehova’s Witnesses don’t let their children celebrate any holidays or play with toys that are based on fantasy or “witchcraft.” Puritans tortured innocent people to death for witchcraft. Seems like the creator of this doc shares many problems with religion in general with specific references to Islam at a time when understanding an unity is more important than pointing out petty differences. We should strive to be more understanding because the alternative is more death and destruction and war, and this doc is only a more intelligent way to excuse “us vs them” mentality.

  • Nick

    I agree with what is said in this video. He blasts Islam, and rightly so. The things he says about Christianity are not good, but they are accurate. However, he failed to criticize Judaism. Judaism is the root of the other two religions and it is the most foul of the three. Jews enjoy religious protection as well as racial protection in the USA (for some reason, Jews are considered a race as well as a religion). Judaism is probably the MOST bigoted religion on the planet, yet they have great PR thanks to the fact Jews own most mass media. Judaism has the moral flexibility to justify any atrocity or evil act committed by Jews (as evidenced by genocide committed by Jews on neighboring tribes in the old testament, and atrocities committed by the modern state of Israel).

    When will we see a documentary blasting Judaism? An honest documentary. Lets be fair, we have attacked every other religion.

  • Haider Gildred

    This documentary is one of the most biased documentaries I’ve seen and very much Islamophobic. First of all female circumcision is not an Islamic and it is not in the Holy Quran nor is it part of the Sunnah. It is a cultural not religion. It predates Islam and often practiced by Jews and Christians.The creator of documentary knows little or nothing of the religion it is maligning. I’m a Muslim I do not support terror and the Quran and the Sunnah I follow of peace, compassion and love. The greatest crimes against humanity were carried out by ATHEIST… nonbelievers like Hitler, Stalin, and atheistic communist is in China and other communist countries! So if you want to make a documentary about a violent ideology do it on your belief first atheism. One more point Islam was this first to give women rights. The first university was created by Muslim women, Muslims have us modern medicine, scientific process, modern mathematics like algebra, saved the great philosophies, gave us the greatest poetry, advances in navigation and untold more that without the West would still be living the dark ages. So instead, of a dialogue between Islam and faith let’s have a dialogue on the untold millions that were murdered, raped and enslaved by Atheist like you!

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