Weird Weekends: Thai Brides

48 minutes 6.5/10 based on 4 votes

Louis Theroux’s continued exploration of the weirder fringes of society takes him to to Bangkok, where he has an appointment at a marriage agency where Western men are introduced to Thai brides.

He begins to wonder if love is what these men are really looking for.

Part of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, documentary series.

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Rating: 6.5/10 based on 4 votes

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  • vince

    Look at the size of Ronnie’s nose. Big red veins of a sure alcoholic. On his 4th with. No wonder!

    • vince

      The other guy was a definite psycho. Married and separated 6 days later!

      Thai women deserve much better than the dregs these so called “marriage brokers” attract from over seas.

  • Sam

    What a bunch of creeps, and some dumb women too. And why the HELL was that restaurant called cabbage and condoms??

  • kmyk

    I think that people are lonely in this world. I don’t believe it when they say they love each other. Marriage is to them perhaps a type of companionship and a sort of business. They both want something out of this and it may not be love but they are both adults and it is their decision.

    I feel bad for the younger girls though, they might not know what’s best yet. Like the 21 year old that married Ronnie, I felt like her mother pushed her into that.

  • OMG.,,. Some of these men seem like predators, and some seem so pathetic. I understand that they are lonely, but this seems a bit too far.

    Then again if they can’t find happiness, who can blame them for going somewhere they are guaranteed to get a woman who doesn’t ‘wear pants.’

  • Luciferbrimstone

    I thought the Guy who got married was a total wanker. I really  couldnt conjure such a complete ass in my imagination. Hard to describe . He covered the whole spectrum of creepy wierdo and yet I feel the woman who chose him did so out of compassion and with intelligence and a spirituality that impressed me. God give her patience .

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