Word Wars

81 minutes 6.0/10

The classic board game, Scrabble, was invented over 75 years ago and since its inception has sold over 150 million sets worldwide. You may have fond memories of playing Scrabble with your grandmother but there are other people to whom scrabble has taken on a much more important significance. These hardcore Scrabble fanatics will play in clubs and the most passionate and skilled will enter extremely competitive tournaments.

This documentary follows the lives of four competitive Scrabble players as they prepare for the National Scrabble Championships.

Word Wars, also known as Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble Circuit, is a documentary film that explores the world of competitive Scrabble. On the surface, the film is about Scrabble play but it is also a look into the obsessive compulsiveness of those who are willing to give up anything in the pursuit of greatness.

This film was an official selection at the 2004 Sundance film festival and was also nominated for an Documentary Emmy for “Best Artistic or Cultural Programming.”

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