9/11: Decade of Deception

9/11: Decade of Deception

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On the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, expert witnesses gathered at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada to provide evidence-based research that basically opposed the official story of what took place on that fateful day. The organizers saw the date as the perfect occasion to sum up all the research that had been done over the previous decade. Their goal was to explore what really happened, how it happened, and who made it happen.

When the mainstream media heard about their intentions, of course they were accused of being insensitive and cold. Many people felt that an anniversary of an event in which so many lives were lost was not an appropriate date to explore whether the public had been lied to all that time. However, they were determined to present the truth as they now saw it.

The hearings were not an investigation in themselves, but rather a succinct presentation of evidence that proved that a new investigation was immediately warranted and that the international community could no longer abdicate this responsibility.

Over a period of four days, these experts in fields such as Structural Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and History presented many hours of evidence-based testimony to an international panel of distinguished judges. Their evidence clearly contradicted the official government version of the events. Each witness was required to present an opening statement and then answer any questions posed by the panel.

After the meetings were adjourned, the panel of judges would go on to reconvene for the following weeks and months in order to decide which aspects of the evidence presented required further investigation. After that, they would publish their final analysis of the evidence provided in a detailed report, which called for a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence that point towards the possibility of a controlled demolition versus a collapse due to fire is the fact that never before in history had a high-rise building collapsed because of fire. Not even those that had burned for many hours. A controlled demolition is one of the fastest and cleanest ways to get rid of a high-rise building. The free fall of the towers was similar to what occurs during a deliberate demolition caused by explosives.

A conspiracy theory seeks to discredit inquiry. However, every responsible citizen needs to ask questions and not just accept what the government says. This film presents a summary of the strongest evidence that was presented during the hearings. Watch it now and draw your own conclusions.

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Rating: 9.1/10 based on 30 votes

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  • kulak124

    No doubt in my mind that was inside job,how many proves we need?Enough is enough its time to name the names who were involved and send them to the gallows.

  • James Thomson

    I am not disputing these findings. My questions are. To demolish such a tall skyscraper that is built to such high standards takes expert demolition professionals. And the placement of the cutting explosives and secondary explosions requires a lot of time. So it would have to be done before the attack took place. Then they would have to get there and setup their detonation timer boards and execute them to bring the towers down. I will continue to watch to see if the panel raises the how, who when questions

    • Chris Brown

      There is another lecture video on Youtube of a woman who held a former CIA or FBI position (can’t remember which) who talks about witnesses seeing ‘white vans’ entering and leaving the complex in the middle of the night for weeks prior to and ending a few days before the attacks. I’m not here to say who they were or why they were there, but it was also stated this taking place after cleaning crews had left. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, both towers had just undergone a “major upgrade” on the elevator systems. Between two towers, there were 15 miles of elevator shafts. That would give people great access into the core of the building which, if you look at any of the construction photos, was thick with beams. This was Minoru Yamaskis’ intent when he designed the buildings to have open office floor space, which actually strengthens the question of why was there no core remaining at all…in both towers? The 2nd plane didn’t even go through the entire core, but only clipped the east end of it.

    • mcgyvergirl

      two words…Marvin Bush…he headed up the security at the towers…there is more to the story…also google Marvin Bush’s maid dies in accident…kind of says it all without saying anything!

    • bigfoot

      mr. Thompson , you are absolutely correct. . This whole so called terrorist attack was not a terrorist attack at all.but it was done to make the U.S. citizen think it was a terrorist attack and except the ok to go ahead and attack Iraq,Aphgan., and other countries on the list to take over. But when they got to syria the attack was stopped by Puten, the Russian President.. If Syria had been taken then Iran was supposed to follow.It did not happen. The real individuals behind this whole thing murdered over 3,000 innocent people and they will stand before God at their calling and they will be judged. This whole planning was to work on gathering other countries by force so eventually the New World Order would take place. If you were looking at the World ,
      you can see that Russia is getting more and more surrounded by the U.N. gathering more countries under it,s wings. Eventually Russia and China together will attack the U.S. to start WWIII and millions will die. It,s a matter of when.Our Government, President ect. is run by those in power much higher up or the Shadow Government. Need I say more , should I add our Human Veterans that also gave their lives for ??

  • James Johnson

    The events surrounding the possibility of this happening and the fact that the buildings were DESINGED for JUST SUCH AN EVENT has been well known and was even discussed prior to the attack. There are interceptor jets stationed at nearby airports for just such an attack and yet they were grounded or told not to interfere. The planes disappeared from radar for 20 MINUTES!!!! This set up alarms in every air control tower but yet no scrambling of interceptor jets was ordered, in fact the opposite was ordered, the deliberate order to not interfere was given. Also many floors of these towers were off limits to even those whose job as to maintain the towers had NO ACCESS to many of those floors that were unoccupied. Why were they unoccupied. Many Americans did not know that the towers were SCHEDULED for DEMOLITION. So thermite and other demolition material would have been EASILY distributed to those floors that were off limits to everyone. The security detail that was in charge for the operations of the pending demolition was run by dubious persons. Everything falls in place for another “Operation Northwoods” type of plan where the government commits some act of atrocity against it’s own citizens to bend public opinion in support of war. This has been done before! What makes American citizens believe that this was not the case? When far more evidence suggests it was.

    • Lorraine Glessner

      I believe what makes so many Americans believe the BS propaganda spewed by the government and media is fear. The idea is so monstrous they would rather bury their heads than face facts. The idea that

      • tntroy61

        Yes, how could people possibly believe that their own GOV ( or people who OWN said GOV ) could ever do something like this? Seeing they have a few other times before this? Why not? Because then it would blow all trust people have in their leaders and would have no one to look to help for or rely on in times of need. Most people are followers or people like me ( what I say next isn’t my own opinion. But the opinion of many bosses I have worked under ) People like me, who could be good leaders, but do not want the responsibility that comes along with it. ( or to deal with the white collar BS that comes along with being a leader )

    • tntroy61

      You forgot the Jets that were doing exercises, near the Canadian Border. Purposely too far away to get here in time. Or out at sea.

  • James Johnson

    Also it must be said several investigative groups have come to their own conclusions and they all universally come to similar conclusions and when the government was asked to reopen the case they said it was a cold case and will not be reopened for further review nor any new ideas pertaining to this case would be accepted. This 9/11 commission case was so full of holes it purposely does not make any sense as too much information was blacked out for this to be an acceptable documentation of this event. This will remain a mystery until the political part y who orchestrated this event is no longer a viable party in the election cycles. And we Americans should demand that this party who orchestrated this step down and disassemble permanently as such heinous acts of violence against it’s own citizens is the ultimate act of treason.

  • Josh Mcadams

    Two huge jets filled with fuel crashed into those buildings and took out the exterior and interior supports. The high temperature fires weakened the rest of the surrounding supports. The buildings collapsed right where the planes hit. It’s common sense. Stop trying to be special.

    And, oh yeah… you take a whole bunch of aluminum from an airplane and melt that into steel and what happens?

    • You’re not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree are you? It’s a fact that steel does not melt like molten lava from jet fuel. There was thermite in the dust from the set charges and thermite is the only thing that would melt steel. Building 7 was not hit by any plane…why would it collapse like a controlled explosion? It wouldn’t.

  • Yeah right, think whatever you like. 2000 + Architects and Engineers must be wrong I guess…LOL

    • Troll Prince

      Of course they are wrong. They want to be seen as “special” and “smarter”.

      • Oh sure, that’s their agenda. If you really want to know the truth about our government and our world, do some scientific research. The link you sent me has no contact page or author and is someone’s opinion, not based on science. Try this link: http://www.ae911truth.org/about.html

        • Troll Prince

          Then you didn’t read the site. It refutes all of your crazies point by point. Stop disgracing the death. Have to courage to admit you’ve been had.

          • I have no further comments to your idiocy.

            • Troll Prince

              The first to insult is usually wrong.

  • Troy Turton

    I think the recent fire at that High Rise Apartment tower in the UK. Proves beyond a shadow of doubt. That no fire alone, could have caused the Twin Towers & building 7 to collapse. That apartment building was like a freaking blow torch and burned for hours. But it NEVER collapsed. TWC was BLOWN UP. And anyone who still doesn’t believe it, is insane.

  • tntroy61

    The theory they discussed or mentioned, of how you could have the hundreds or even thousands of people. To possibly pull off a 9/11 event or something like it? Is called Compartmentalization. It is used by nearly every business under the sun. The whole of a job, is broken down into many smaller parts. With each person or group of people. Only working on a small part of the whole. Nobody ever asks why, nobody ever cares about questionable things they might see. Because they want to get paid. Do their part of the job, to the best of their ability. And punch out. And go home, pay check in hand. I asked questions all of the time & had 2 bosses who answered them honestly. Ray at Roy Rogers and Ralph at Congress video, were the 2 best bosses I ever worked for. I learned so much about everything, working under the 2 of them. Ray actually got transferred out of our store, because he was getting too close to his employee’s. They don’t like managers getting too friendly with their employee’s.

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