9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

5 minutes 8.6/10 based on 46 votes

This 5 minute Mockumentary is just what the Documentary Doctor ordered for everyone in America and everyone watching the Republican in-fighting from the sidelines. While Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, etc duke it out there are more pressing matters to discuss and dissect: 9/11 Conspiracies. James Corbett’s funny video has gone viral. A few chuckles for some. Terror for others.

James Corbett’s “Corbett Roport” might not yet be as famous as the Colbert Report, but this video is every bit as politically funny and cutting.  He bills his neatly arranged rant as the “Official Conspiracy Theory” and uses every fact, graph, and joke in the book to nail his points home. Jessica Lynch, JFK (of course), and everyone else is linked in this grand old scheme to take down America and drag the world down with it.

Although not technically a documentary, I hope that you will agree that this is worth 5 minutes of your time. Now, we can all go back to watching The Republican Primaries and wonder if that, too, is a conspiracy theory in the making.

GD Star Rating
Rating: 8.6/10 based on 46 votes

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  • Number9

    The story of 9/11 is one of multiple uncooperative intelligence agencies all over-saturated with intelligence coupled with a then diminished interceptor system. After the planes hit there was a massive structural failure due to extensive fire damage to the inner frame which led the buildings to collapsing in a relatively straight line. Despite the “Truther’s” insistence on a perfect collapse to suggest a controlled demolition, debris did do damage surrounding structures, including WTC 7 which compromised it’s structural integrity and subsequently fell to it’s side. However, if you leave out the right information liberally use hyperbole you can make anything sound like bullshit.

    What’s even sadder about this conspiracy theory is that if true, it’s actually fairly inconsequential. So governments do bad things? NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Why bother calling for a proper investigation when it would just be one arm of the state investigating the other? Though that’s just one dimension of this self-declared “Truth” movement. Usually 9/11 is the tip of the iceberg in an even grander conspiracy suggesting a hidden cabal which secretly controls the globe! And why wouldn’t you believe it, after all, government’s can’t be trusted (surprise, surprise)!

    9/11 is the gateway drug into bigger and more elaborate conspiracies which constantly feed the paranoia of the consumer. I use “consumer” is it’s most contemporary context, one who buys a product for consumption. These conspiracies are a cottage industry pimped by unsavory individual’s who press for “donations”, subscriptions to radio shows and the purchase of this or that documentary. What’s usually served is some rendition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, sometimes dolled up to hide the anti-semitic bits for center-left activist types. If you’ve gone even further down the rabbit hole, then you’ll know that all the world’s leaders are actually reptilian aliens and the conspiracy only grows from there. Whatever it is, you’re fear mongered into staying subscribed, much like in the official media!

    It’s nice to see people are concerned the world around them and I genuinely mean it, I’m not trying to be patronizing at all. But what is conscientiousness if it’s false? If we’re going to have activism, then it must be based on reality. That’s a big thing, because a lot of these conspiracies paint a picture of unknown and untouchable despots who rule with an iron fist, which isn’t very empowering to your average Joe. Personally, I feel more fundamental questions should be asked rather than chasing ghosts.

    • surely

      You sound a bit crazy i must admit. What you are trying to do is to confuse people nothing else. The moral of this little movie was to show what probably happened on that sad sad day. Now you have to decide for yourself whether you beliefe the “official story” or not. If not, you try to do some research(internet,friends,family). Then you decide. For me personal, i found it very hard to accept that now more than 10 years after, historians start to do their work and guess what…. the story is not easily solved. One historian for example says that the government of 2001 either made or let the attacks happen, both on purpose. And what the purpose was and is can be seen to this very day…. war war war…..
      so long lizard

    • bosuk

      That is pretty reasonable thinking. Puting conspiracy theories and their followers aside, how much sense is in this doc from 0.00 to 1.30s ?
      Btw doesn`t footage of wt7 collapsing shows it imploding rather than falling to a side?

      • Herbman88

        Of course it imploded.

    • Herbman88

      typical, ignorant, uninformed, following in lockstep idiot. This kind of response is just what the government wants to hear.

    • thatguy

      were you foaming at the mouth when you wrote that?

    • taalofaa .


  • Hue Man (Defiantly not a reptilian alien)

    Hello fellow Humans. There are no reptilian aliens. Please focus all your attention on this ‘9/11’ theory, who would believe some weak, pitiful human terrorists crashed some weak planes into some weak buildings? Now that’s crazy, just like reptilian aliens controlling all major aspects of your lives is also crazy and completely, defiantly made up. Now remember disgusting weak minded humans, reptilian aliens; not real. 9/11 was an inside job; real. YOU WILL ALL BOW BEFORE YOUR REPTILIAN OVERLORDS! A’hem sorry about that. Seriously though there are no reptilian aliens.

    • smelvin

      lol.. thank you.. I too believe there are no such things as reptilian aliens… (accept in my case where i seriously have seen some) but really like you said there are no reptilian aliens.

    • taalofaa .

      If i were to defend the south side of chicago from racist bigoted police, other terrorists,or even feral cats; I would be named a terrorist,hunted down and murdered by gvt.

  • darryl

    I personally dont know anyone who believes the official story as promulgated by Bush and his Ilk. Even the staunch skeptics I know have to concede that this is was very fishy. History will remember this as being very suspicious to say the least.

  • I was surrounded by jerks outside the Portland, Ore downtown library waiting to get in, and was almost assaulted by a dozen of them, getting really testy about the fact I was claiming 911 was an inside job as we waited for the library to open. The stupidity of the cover-up is almost as stupid as the people who believe it. It is hard to face, but the government has gone criminally insane. But, then there is the magic bullet that is the official government account of the murder of JFK. I am ashamed of Americans, Free and brave, not so. Mind controlled slaves who only have the guts to do evil things.

  • Herbman88

    Learn the facts and you will realize 9/11 was the biggest lie ever perpetrated on a gullible American public. Sadly, the vast majority believes everything their government feeds them. The government realizes this so 9/11 (as sloppy as it was) comes as no surprise. Wake up America.

  • Morthund

    as feasable as truth

  • taalofaa .

    Amazing how America has become amti citizen: Bush 1 with arms for cocaine, as well… Bush 2 with 911 and war on N.Africa ,while the ‘patriot act’ remains in full mode. Bush 3 is now running for President……
    Americans thru their elected reps have done nothing to demand an end to this nations longest war repeal the patriot act in full and as well put the cocaine importers out of business since all true cocaine importers are based in the USA.
    Blaming a Mexican or Columbian is not why dope is part of culture in the USA but ‘Bush’ is..
    The fed reserve money kabal owns everything and pensions virtually a past rumor since the fed controls what our money is worth
    Soooooooooooooooo, Just for kicks and ‘taking a ride’ why don’t we elect Bush 3 and find out just exactly what the Bush Klan has for us. It’s gotta be greater than any would be past world conqueror ever envisioned or attempted to do. Coming now or soon!

    • James Johnson

      Blaming anyone for the drug war is insane. Are people going to deal and use drugs? Yes. But the problem remains, too many police and DEA agents are dying and tax payers money is thrown down the drain as these “drug wars” go on. Simple math tells you LEGALIZE drugs and then there will be no HIGH RISKS involved which translates to LOTS OF PROFIT for the dealers. Make drugs legal and there is no profitability. However as has been proven in Colorado, tax revenues on drugs (in their case marijuana) has increased the states productivity by hauling in tax profits in the millions. I for one would like to see no more parades putting to rest an officer of the law killed during a shootout with drug traffickers. And history tells us (Switzerland) that when drugs are legalized the dependency starts to decline and soon is controllable on a personal level. No government involvement other than taxation.

      • taalofaa .

        Yes Legalizing drugs is for the best.Perhaps white male cops will then find new reasons to street execute black males? One fact is certain though:If white men wanted no illicit drugs in the nation there would be none. Illicit drugs are more than a trillion /year business.
        Amsterdam and Switzerland have legal whoring and dope.Legal dope or at least no arrest dope has given them tourism at a maximum. Portugal has done the same now. Sin sells it seems, but only in the USA touted as land of free do cops murder citizens over useage. Freedom is clearly an issue in the USA and hate a very dangerous drug fed daily. I vote for free carry of handguns and cops when called only. Call it the wild wild west but isnt that where America was born.
        Until then Nazis blush daily witnessing American Policing………….Papers– Papers!

  • James Johnson

    I keep waiting for this information surrounding this debacle to be released. Every president after Bush Jr will be held accountable as long as this info is withheld from the public. There’s just too much wrong here and raises more questions than ever have been answered. Are you listening Obama? Every president who sits on this and does not expose the administration of dubya’s implicating him and his henchmen under Cheney is just as guilty as the perpetrators.

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