ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

91 minutes 7.3/10 based on 12 votes

This 2014 movie by Brandx Industries has at its core the very issues that are currently shaking the modern world: privacy, human rights, the role the government plays in the lives of its citizens, and the value and power of technology.

Most people have no idea what a hacker can do. Hackers don’t see locks as obstacles; to them they are simply entertainment that can lead to bigger and better things. Most freelance computer hackers don’t care about privacy or laws. They live by one rule: information should be free and everything can be simplified and coded and understood as information.

Will is a hacker that specializes in breaking into secure systems. This means he is able to break into every computer within a twenty feet radius just for the fun of it. He hacks into the telephone company’s system so he can give himself unlimited service for as long as he wants, and he hacks into people’s personal accounts because ownership is an illusion and money is of no value.

Eventually Will breaks into a secret government contractor and downloads some of their most recent program. The reasoning behind the crime is that the government works for the people, right? One program named Shepherd stands out from the rest. Every time he tries to access it, strange things happen. In the end, Will has to choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 7.3/10 based on 12 votes

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  • Terry Chambers

    Well scripted, acted, videographed — Not as taught as could be — Maybe I’m wrong about that.

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