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America The Beautiful

Is America Obsessed with Beauty?

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There’s got to be something crooked going on in a society in which adult models are expected to weigh less than 90 pounds even if it means putting their health is at risk. We’re living in that society; a society where the female body image has become so far removed from reality, that many are willing to subject themselves to all kinds of abuse in order to be thin. This documentary sheds a light on child models, plastic surgery, celebrity worship, airbrushed advertising, and life-threatening cosmetics.

Men have been so bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ that in many cases it has hurt their ability to accept and to love what is naturally beautiful. Our society has become so obsessed with outward appearance that women who don’t measure up are judged, criticized, rejected, and seen as less valuable. Just because society singles out a few for fame and recognition, doesn’t mean the rest needs to feel ugly, but the qualities that make women truly beautiful are blatantly ignored while the focus is on looks.

If you take into account the average amount of time a teenager in the U.S. is exposed to media on a daily basis, you might find part of the problem. Just by flipping through a fashion magazine for three minutes can make a woman feel depressed, guilty, and ashamed of her looks. The United States has 5% of the world’s population but is exposed to 40% of all advertisement. Nowhere else are kids more likely to believe that how they look defines who they are. And the results of this mindset are devastating.

According to Marc Baptiste, one of the leading fashion photographers in the U.S, what you see in a magazine has been retouched, tampered with, altered, tucked— whatever it takes to get a perfect image. All this is done to make it get as close to perfect as possible, even if that ‘perfection’ is unreal.

Who benefits from women not feeling beautiful? How far are companies willing to go in order to sell their product? Well, the answer might not surprise you at all because we have known it for years. This film by Darryl Roberts will force you to take a good hard look at how beauty is defined in our society and how all those who are unable or uninterested in complying with these standards can get hurt literally. This will either inspire you to change or make you feel bad. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.0/10 based on 17 votes

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    very well done. Woman we are in millions of different ways.

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    no sound

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    Does anyone have a link to a version with the sound not muted?

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