Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

This documentary has one modest goal: to seriously disrupt the beliefs of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They go about digging in Jerusalem and excavating new proof from the time of Jesus that could challenge the very concepts of the bible – and the very bible, itself. 

Almost 2,000 years ago a cave near the Dead Sea became a hideout for Jews fleeing Roman persecution.  Jesus had died a few years earlier (so they say), and the Jewish world was coming crashing down under the mighty Roman heal.  In the 1960’s, archaeologists found letters actually written by hand by Bar-Kokhba: a Jewish rebel and one of the most famous defenders of the Jewish resistance. Could there be more treasures in the cave? That is the premise.

Using high-tech equipment that wasn’t available in the 1960’s, a new team explores the caves. They discover long-lost artifacts and relics that would make Indiana Jones blush.

The discoveries cause the team to hatch a new theory that could potentially rewrite Holy Land history.

This documentary caused controversy among Christian and Jew and Muslim alike: religious believer or staunch atheist.  Everything is at stake. The answers are buried in that cave.

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  • James

    I’m amused by how ‘religious’ people, as they are called, are almost always so defensive about their beliefs. If they had any actual faith, nobody questioning their belief would be an issue. They would be free to question their own beliefs and make a progress toward true understanding of humanity and how we should all relate to one another. Instead, they use their religious beliefs as a political manipulation tool, they forcibly indoctrinate their children(and in some cases ours) so as to take away from their natural freedom of choice and thought.

    I say question everything. That is why we are made the way we are, to seek out the whys and find the answers. The truly amazing thing is how many don’t see that there are infinite answers to some of our question and we should stop limiting each other in that search.

    • Bruce

      Beautifully said.

    • Roy

      Religion is a necessary evil. It assures that people not ready to think for themselves, don’t.

      • Brinyreg

        i second that 

    • J.

      Yep, aren’t Muslims a pain!

  • Brinyreg

    i think all american people should be banned from acheological sites i think there to blunt in the mind and they dont have the etiqte it takes to actully handle these sites my mind wanders on the destruction they must cause in there little treasure hunting quests ,americans simply arnt the kind of people u want digging around these priceless artifacts

    • ty

      This is perhaps the most poorly spelled and ridiculous comment to ever call into question an entire nation’s intelligence, and competence. You have my vote for the for most ironic comment of the month, and my sincere hope that you do not honestly believe that everyone from America is stupid…even if a bunch of them are.  

  • BigAl

    The description above is not very informative. This documentary is about an archaeologist who visits a site where important artifacts were discovered decades ago. He does not find any significant new artifacts so decides to re-interpret those previously discovered, giving them much greater historical significance. He fails to persuade his colleagues that his interpretation is correct.

  • Luis Roderick

    Tis documentary gives as a glimpse of how slowly but surely, as science gets more sophisticated, the stories and alleged “proof” of religious artifacts and documents that pretend to solidify religious beliefs are mainly fiction. And it was created in order to keep the faith in people which is slowly dissipating as humanity evolves into other stages of life.

  • Stefanus

    What does treasures in a cave near the Dead Sea brought by fleeing Jews have to do with the invalidity of the three Abrahamic religions?

  • i am always aghast by the intolerant monotheistic label of “pagan” used as the most horrific adjective used by supposedly “holy people”. Its amazing all the violence monotheistic followers have put upon pagans over the centuries. The same applies to jews, christians and moslems. They all abhor paganism as the worst type of human behaviour found in the world and they generally recomend using all kinds of violent means to destroy it. They even ascribe divine endorsement to any criminal act commited against pagans. So in other words, what i am saying is that monotheistic religions accept committing the worst crimes against pagans, in the name of holy purification, which is an abomination. Most of the holy monotheistic scriptures justify ravaging pagan followers of any kind in the whole world and justify it by enforcing it as the will of God. Tolerance, is really not a good thing for monotheistics, for they think that tolerance means weakness and falling to temptation.
    But violence and assasination on pagans is quite fair for monotheism.

  • TruthHurts2013

    Utter typical crap. Yet again placing artifacts in caves and ‘finding’ them to completely make up history. They’ve been doing that for many many years to justify stealing other people’s land and making up history to make themselves more important than is the reality. Pure evil.

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