And Man Created Dog

And Man Created Dog

92 minutes 8.1/10 based on 16 votes

While its fearsome ancestor, the wolf, was created by natural selection-it is man that created the dog. This film explores the greatest inter-species friendship on Earth over the course of 40,000 years.

Working closely with scientists, we deconstruct the genetic history of your favorite companion and explore how man has consistently re-engineered the dog to adapt to a changing world.

An amazing story of how we have taken qualities we cherish from the wolf-loyalty, territory, protection and family-and bred them into a sweet, compliant animal that we call the dog.

Released in 2010. 90 min. Director: Pierre de Lespinois. TV documentary.

GD Star Rating
Rating: 8.1/10 based on 16 votes

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  • Terry I. Chambers

    Human have obviously learned our facial expressions from our close association with our dogs.

  • Me

    Beautifully done. A documentary filled with amazing pictures and good information. This is something I’ll recommend to others as well as watch again.

    As for Stray Rescue, you’re doing some amazing work. Gives me hope.

  • Merry Xmas

    Endless! Goes on and on. Bloody tedious. The background music is so irritating that I was crawling up the walls. I watched 53 minutes and then gave up the struggle. The intended audience seems to be children who like dogs andchildlike adults who like dogs. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Tries to explain the domestication of wolves. One thing they don’t mention asa motivation for domestication is in order to eat dogs — I suppose this would upset the children (and childish adults). But I suspect one reason why dogs were domesticated was in order to eat them. Eating them would have been easy and probably started long before dogs were used in hunting, herding, and hauling etc etc. Anyway, if you’d like to do some intelligent thinking about this subject try reading Donna Haraway and her critics. if only the people making this dirge had done so, it might have been interesting. Bah humbug.

  • burns taylor

    it falsely states you need the adobe flashplayer to watch it WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE IT!!!,UPGRADED TO THE MAX!!!,probably spyware or a virus

  • DanR

    I’d just like to say, I whole heartedly agree with Merry Xmas’ comment below.

    “Endless! Goes on and on. Bloody tedious.”

  • KellyL

    This is really beautiful, especially the part about Stray Rescue. Some people have really screwed dogs over, but there are plenty of other people who dedicate their lives to helping and saving dogs. 

  • laxmareddy

    Hiii Guys , this is wonderful documentary,,@ 1:00:38 to 1:01:04 in the vedio you will listen to a background music ,,it might be English or French..I am not sure,,Could you please help me with the track!!! thank you

  • amylewis

    Dogs are better people than most humans anymore.

  • Birdy2

    I loved the show and didn’t find the music, commentary, length or style irritating; this is how all Nat Geo documentaries are done; they’re created for educational entertainment… not for biology class. Perhaps I’m just another adult child who loves dogs???

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