Art Authentication

Art Authentication

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Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most tragic artists of all-time.

During his lifetime he sold no paintings.  After less than ten years of serious painting, Van Gogh took his own life with a shot to the head – having sliced off one of his ears a couple of years earlier. But now everyone wants a piece of Van Gogh.

Many Van Gogh paintings bought by museums around the world have turned out to be fakes. The Van Gogh Museum is called upon to authenticate. However, even they have been fooled.  In this special documentary, an artist tries to fool the masters of authenticating The Master.

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Rating: 8.2/10 based on 9 votes

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  • i am an artist and I say if the painting needs a computer to tell if its real or not and its the difference between 10’s of millions of dollars you got way too much money! The same people paying 50+ million dollars for a status symbol painting are paying people minimum wage for there life! Shame on you! Buy the fake and give the people working so hard for your wealth a raise! I am proud of my Van Gogh print.

    • I* their lives* inb4 da troololols

    • youcantfoolme

      Whether you think it’s worth it or not is irrelevant. Supply and Demand. It’s that simple.

  • Face

    Shot to the chest ?!?!

  • RichieRich

    Sliced off a year a couple of years earlier?…Anyway, typo errors aside, investment in art is one of the ways the rich get richer. The filthy rich must find ways of becoming filthier rich and this is one of the ways. So called rare ‘treasures'( not that they are visually superior than what many of the not so famous artists can produce)just get auctioned off to people and corporations within the same circle and each trade pushes up the price exponentially making the rare art owners exponentially richer. A painting of $100 million, if sold, can be used to feed a million poor who survive on $2 a day for 50 days. But why would the rich want to think that way.

  • Hyungnam

    On 27 July 1890, aged 37, Van Gogh is believed to have shot himself in the chest with a revolver

  • Hyungnam

    The Red Vineyards near Arles is an oil painting by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, executed on a privately primed Toile de 30 piece of burlap in early November 1888. It supposedly is the only piece sold by the artist while he was alive.

    • hyungnam

      The Red Vineyard was exhibited for the first time at the annual exhibition of Les XX, 1890 in Brussels, and sold for 400 Francs (equal to about $1,000-1,050 today) to Anna Boch,[1] an impressionist painter, member of Les XX and art collector from Belgium;

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