Being Ginger

Being Ginger

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We’ve all heard the nicknames from “carrot top” to “fireball.” And what about the tons of distasteful jokes and downright stupid questions people ask redheads. One would think that by now society would be way past the days of making fun of people just because they are a bit different. Aren’t red haired men and women as deserving of love and respect as everybody else?

This film is a comedic look into the life of a ginger man. Scott P. Harris seems to be tired of the stereotypes and has set out on a quest for love. But while he’s working on that, he discovers a basic human truth: we are all different and hair color has very little to do with what makes us unique. There are certain traits in all of us that set us apart from others. Generally it’s a good thing to not be just another face in the crowd. However, it’s up to us to decide how much we allow these traits to affect us.

Through candidly sharing his experience Scott allows us to join him as he exposes his deepest fears. He tells how his red hair has influenced his life and how it dictates how he feels about himself. This is a film of self-discovery that anyone can identify with because the search for love and acceptance is a universal experience.

While the title of this film gives the impression that it’s all about red hair, it is really about how each individual searches for his or her truth. Watch it now.

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Rating: 8.3/10 based on 20 votes

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  • Bobby O’Shay

    I had no idea that red hair was something to make fun off. I guess I’d never heard anyone poke fun at anyone else with red hair. What’s funny about it. It’s all around, like the varied and categorized shades of blondes, grays, browns, and red is more prevalent that “true” jet-black hair, and no one makes fun of that. I don’t get it.

    I do ‘get’ having to get over the cruelty of grammar school kids, and being the only red headed guy amidst the browns and blondes in your class, (I don’t recall girls with red hair being mocked)

    Any early cruelty can scar, but red hair as an adult should by now, be way way way at the bottom of your list of concerns, if on the list at all.

    And as far as the myth goes that: “All red headed Irish girls have a quick temper and even after winning an argument, every red-headed Irish lass on the planet will continue to vindictively drive the point home by upsetting your life in ways you couldn’t imagine until they’re convinced that you’ve been hurt as much as they feel they’ve been hurt.”

    It’s no myth. But if they’re happy with you, you’ll be loved and your life enhanced in ways you couldn’t imagine.

  • Michael Kinsey

    Well, nature has balanced itself out as usual. The redhaed gals are dynimite, and the guys are duds. The gals procreate with rese and frequency, while the men, just wonder about it. But the genes still get dispersed through the women. Thus there are lots of redhead men and women., balanced. The real problem here is , he just wants to get laid.

  • Jana Wagnerova

    i feel so sorry for everybody who harmed you and treated how you didnt earnt, I hope you are lucky now, and please feel selfconfident, you are a beautifull person!

  • thenose

    I was picked on growing up as a young male ginger in the United States. I actually have a problem with the term “Ginger” because I have ( and many other red haired people also ) equate this name as equal to calling a black person a Ni ___er. I will never forget the one girl who came up to me in gym class, and told me her older sister had a baby and his hair is red. She and a few giggling girls in the background laughed as she asked me in front of the other girls if he would have red hair “down below” … duh….. I told her if she wanted to know, come over Friday night and I would show her. I am now married to a beautiful Italian woman. Yes…. some woman of other hair colors are extremely turned on by red haired guys.

  • Rikki Hopkins

    I don’t understand the negativity towards redheads… I’ve never once looked at a redheaded man and thought he was less attractive than brown/blonde/black haired men in general. I’ve had crushes on redheads just as I have any other color. Actually, I feel like the rarity of how many natural redheads are out there would make them all the more unique and special? However, you probably feel the way you do for a reason, and perhaps being in your shoes, I’d see a totally different perspective. Who knows. Nevertheless, I’m sorry you were bullied. It’s clearly affected you and childhood scars are always very difficult to overcome. I understand that for sure. Wishing you the best. Everyone has insecurities, I assure you. Just a thought, maybe it’s not always your red hair that leads to rejection, perhaps it’s your lack of self love. People like people who like themselves. <3 Good luck. God bless.

  • Teralin Pearson

    The guy in the video that suggest the fact that he hid being ginger is not thinking. Say he hides the fact falls in love then has kids with someone. The fact is going to come out and the result will not be good for him or anyone else.

  • Geri McDonnell

    As a ginger living in Edinburgh I really related to this. I agree that gingers do not date other gingers because deep down in our DNA we know that two gingers reproducing is one of the signs of the apocalypse. So is a Scottish man winning Wimbledon so we need to be extra careful now :)

  • Carol barclay

    Loved watching this film , You are a wonderful man so genuine . The woman you met that was so rudely anti ginger is unfortunately one of the many shallow minded people out there . I am so glad you managed to get some of that deep hurt out that has been stuck inside your wee heart for so long. The old teacher you interviewed i won’t even go into that his face said it all . I wish you a happy future and you find that lucky lady :)

  • millana h.

    Great documentary, I come from a family of redheads with a lot of freckles. As a child I would sit out in the sun for many hours hoping that the freckles would grow into one big freckle as a result of a tan. I look at freckles now and find them so cute, especially because they are different. However, my brother suffered severely. He was redder than you and was saturated with freckles, he was also a late bloomer, therefore, small in stature. He was teased mercilessly and picked on, while I was extremely popular. I recall beating on so many kids, kids who picked on him because of his red hair and freckles. Red hair and freckles are like a double whammy. We are blue eyed and green eyed, and I recall looking at redheads with brown eyes, who seemed to have no freckles, and wishing I was them. I found redheads with no freckles very beautiful. Well my brother grew up, he is now 6’2″, his freckles have faded and no one would dare mess with him. But he hasn’t spent his whole life trying to prove himself. And to be honest, I am not turned on by redheads, but nor am I turned on by blondes, at first glance. I find them feminine qualities., I prefer dark hair, with olive skin, but once I get to know someone all this goes away. I am older now, and my freckles have also faded, but truthfully, I now miss those freckles I so despised. My brother grew up to be quite good looking, not my type, but he had no problem attracting females, however, I am sure his insecurities remain within him. You are a very attractive young man, and trust me, you don’t want the attention of those who have such prejudices. Perhaps, you have a greater insight to what people of colour go through. As you grow older you will gain your confidence, the taunts that you received will always remain heart felt, but you will overcome them. A little off topic, but I think ed sheeran has made it cool to be a redhead now. I would like to apologize to you, because I do recall bullying my brother when he was at his weakest, and for this I was wrong. You will meet that special person who loves you for who you are an then you will start to heal,you are a beautiful young man.

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