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The Fallen of World War II

World War II began on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Two days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany and most of the other members of the Commonwealth of Nations followed suit.

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Israel: The Royal Tour

Israel exists at the very crossroads of history and religion. The region has been defined by decades of conflict and a continuing search and struggle for peace.

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Truth and Privacy in the National Archives

Every May 4th, the pain of World War II becomes real to many families in The Netherlands. On that day, the Dutch flag hangs at half-mast and everybody keeps two minutes of silence.

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Between April in 1915 and January 1916, a military disaster took place that claimed the lives of about 58,000 allied soldiers on the Gallipoli Peninsula in the northwestern coast of Turkey.

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The Hittites

A Civilization That Changed the World

If you’ve ever read the Old Testament, you’ve heard about the Hittites because they are mentioned over 50 times there. They were a defiant and proud group of men and women who ruled the near East and changed the ancient world.

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AGHET: The Armenian Genocide

People are not reluctant to talk about the genocides in Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia or the Holocaust. But when it comes to what took place in Turkey over 100 years ago, many take offense.

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Cuban America

The Evolving Character and Story of a Major Urban Metropolitan City by an Immigrant Group

For the last half a century, Cuban immigrants have had an enormous historical, political, and economic influence on the city of Miami, Florida.

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An Epic of Struggle and Resistance

For many decades, John Pilger has been informing the world of the plight of the First People of Australia. This documentary is one of his many journalistic masterpieces in which he exposes clearly the way in which the murder and banishment of thousands of Aboriginals was planned and executed.

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Thoth’s Pill: An Animated History of Writing

This animated film takes viewers on a journey back to the birth of writing. The trip begins all the way back in the early cave days and then brings us right into modern day writing. 

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Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy

This film tells the little-known story about the selectivity and aims of great power and how the modern world is ordered.

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In Spite of Darkness

A Spiritual Encounter with Auschwitz

Auschwitz has become a historical symbol of what happens when the world chooses to remain silent if only for an instant.

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EARTHRISE: The First Lunar Voyage

This film tells the interesting story of how it came to be that the United States Government joined the space race and challenged NASA to embark on a mission to explore the moon.

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The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Discovery That Changed the World

This documentary by Jacques Grimault and Patrice Pooyard posts some disturbing questions and their unbelievable answers. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one that is still standing today.

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Lost on the Atlantic

This film, directed by Rudolph Herzog tells the intriguing story of a daring voyage. A crew of eight men and two women risk everything to prove that our ancestors knew much more than we give them credit for.

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The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

At a height of 3.5 thousand meters in the Peruvian Andes, one can find a fascinating city called Cuzco that was built during the reign of the Incas.

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The Man Who Saved the World

In October 1962, the entire world was on stand by holding its breath because just a few miles from the Florida coast, the two great superpowers were at a stand-off.

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Return to Tarawa

In the fall of 1943 the United States began an aggressive campaign against Japanese defenses in the Central Pacific. Over 35,000 US Marines and Naval forces were assembled for an invasion.

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JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

Immediately after the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963, the United States government came to the conclusion that a lone gun man, a former U.S.

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Little Thumb

Some Must Look Back to Move Forward

Little Thumb takes a look at the life of Frank Wybenga, a Dutch citizen that was captured and imprisoned in a forced labor camp for refusing to fight for the Nazis, who escaped his dark past by immigrating to the USA.

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The Way of the Samurai

Weaving a beautiful tapestry of compelling imagery, a traditional Japanese music score and an intriguing story line, The Way of the Samurai tells the story of a how Japan evolved from brutality to refinement.

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Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

There’s a passage in the bible found in Deuteronomy 7, which was directly spoken to the Israelites. The passage states that when they entered a land to possess it, the people of that land were to be completely destroyed and shown no mercy.

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Honor Flight

One Last Mission

In many ways, World War II is an underdog story. Thousands of young boys were pulled off of their farms, pulled away from their families, and shipped all over the world to fight like heroes.

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Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East

This film project depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The main objective is to bring history to life through the use of computer graphics, motion-picture images and sounds, and actual wartime shots.

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Beating the Bomb

In 1945, the United States became the first country to detonate a nuclear bomb. This one act pushed human kind violently into the Atomic Age.

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