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I am Yup’ik

In order to survive, sometimes you need to remember what your ancestors taught you. This is especially true if you live in a place like Toksook Bay, Alaska where the total population is less than 1000.

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The Shegué, the Sorcerer, and Che Guevara

Saving The Congo's 'Witch Kids'

According to United Nations data, in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, there are over 25,000 homeless children. Many of them are living in that condition because they have been accused of doing witchcraft.

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Vanishing Point

Imagine being only six years old, waking up one day and being told you are going to leave your home and all the familiar places where you’ve played.

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The Invisible Women

How To Rejoin Society If You Are Outcast?

In India many women are married off at a very early age. There have been cases in which little girls that are still babies— only 5 or 6 years old— have been given to men that are much older than they are. 

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The Chocolate Farmer

All The Knowledge That They Teach Us, We Cannot Eat It

It was American essayist, lecturer, and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson who once stated that ‘The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.’ These words ring true today as a cacao farmer in Southern Belize struggles to work his plantation in the tradition of his Maya ancestors.

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That Damn Samba

Samba is the essence of Brazilian culture. It is the oldest and most important genre of music created in this South American country.

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Brothers on Holy Ground

On September 11, 2001 shortly after the first tower fell, many retired firefighters rushed into Manhattan to offer their help. They spent about two weeks digging through the rubble.

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Without Bound

Perspectives on Mobile Living

In this day and age when the concept of privacy has been twisted and people feel the constant need to broadcast their business on social media, there’s a group of people who live fulfilling, sustainable lives off the grid.

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Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

This documentary by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films exposes some of Walmart’s shady corporate practices. For instance, when a Walmart opens in a small town, it hurts all the ‘mom and pop’ stores that have been around for decades and sends them out of business.

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Devil’s Playground

This documentary by Lucy Walker is about the Amish — a Christian denomination. The Amish church was founded in 1693 by a group of Europeans that protested against the baptism of babies.

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The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective

Picking up a hitchhiker is no different than being a taxi cab driver because they give strangers rides all the time, one man declares.

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Six Women. Two Continents. A Journey of Hope and Healing.

Nobody can understand what it’s like to lose a child unless they have experienced it in their own lives. The pain is unlike that of losing a spouse, your parents, or a friend.

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Cafe Chavalos

Overcoming the Streets

Chavalos is a term used to refer to the children marred by drug addiction and crime who roam the streets of Granada, the oldest city in Nicaragua.

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Hold Fast

Stories of maniac sailors, anarchist castaways, and the voyage of the S/V Pestilence

One winter, four friends decided to meet in South Florida, find a raggedy old fiberglass sailboat, fix it up, and sail off on a voyage to the Caribbean.

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Educating Black Boys

Join DocumentaryStorm, Tony Harris, and Al Jazeera as we go into Baltimore, into the inner city, into the classrooms, and into the head of black boys of America.

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The Culture Of Reddit

REDDIT has become the homepage of the internet. Founded in 2005, Reddit quickly grew into an influential community that decides what is important on the web.

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Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA

Slab City, also just knows as The Slabs, is a one of kind community. It might be one of the only places in the United States where laws and regulations aren’t enforced.

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Carts of Darkness

In the picture-postcard community of North Vancouver, filmmaker Murray Siple follows men who have turned bottle-picking, their primary source of income, into the extreme sport of shopping cart racing.

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The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy

Do you think you’re tough? Let’s take a trip to the mountains of Peru and see how these hypermasculine folks bottle up their personal grudges all year long and then on Christmas day battle it out in the middle of town.

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North Korean Labor Camps

The Founder of VICE travels for 15 hours by train to finally arrive in Siberia and investigate logging camps that are using North Korean slave labor.

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Gandhi’s Children

Gandhi’s Children is not a documentary about Gandhi’s next of kin. It is a documentary about his legacy: on India. It is a documentary about where the children of India find themselves today: many decades after Gandhi’s assassination.

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Life in a Day

Life in a Day, in our opinion, is one of the most charming documentaries ever made. The entire documentary takes place over the span of one day on Earth. 

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THE NEIGHBORHOOD – Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NYC)

Williamsburg is a section of Brooklyn, New York that is currently going dramatic and exciting change. This historic neighborhood includes Italians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Hasidic Jews.

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IRL – In Real Life

“IRL – In Real Life” is a short, light-hearted documentary, which takes a look at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction/compulsion.

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