The Brain Documentaries

Numbers Guy

Savant, Scholar, Showman... Cashier?

David Teitel has had a job as a cashier at health food stores since the mid-1980s. As he rings up the total of their purchases, he enjoys sharing historical facts, baseball statistics, Guinness World Records, and complicated arithmetic with customers.

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Conscious Dreaming

Are You Awake?

This documentary written and directed by Maija Koukkari was nominated for a Creative Scotland Student Media Award in 2014. It explores the concept of Conscious Dreaming and follows three beginners as they immerse themselves in the world of lucid dreaming.

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The Chemistry of Addictions

In this documentary Hank describes how our brains respond biochemically to various addictive substances and behaviors and how those behaviors originate.

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Born to Rage?

Born to Rage: are some people born to be violent? An extraordinary discovery suggests they are. A single gene has been associated with violent behavior.

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Why Reading Matters

Science writer Rita Carter tells the story of how modern neuroscience has revealed that reading, something most of us take for granted, unlocks remarkable powers.

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Stress, Portrait of a Killer

The stress response: in the beginning it saved our lives, making us run from predators and enabling us to take down prey.

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Horizon: The Secret You

With the help of a hammer-wielding scientist, Jennifer Aniston and a general anaesthetic, Professor Marcus du Sautoy goes in search of answers to one of science’s greatest mysteries: how do we know who we are?

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