Child of Rage

Child of Rage

28 minutes 8.6/10 based on 35 votes

This documentary tells the story of a six year old girl, Beth Thomas, labeled as “The Child Of Rage,” tells her story of healing from Reactive Attachment Disorder as a result of being sexually abused. This is a bone-chilling story with scenes that you will never forget.

The film features footage of Beth revealing to her therapist that she has tortured animals and sexually abused her younger brother. A consequence of the abuse she endured as an infant.

Her road to healing and recovery is recorded in this fascinating documentary.

Read more about Children of Rage – Beth Thomas (and Mary Flora Bell)

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Rating: 8.6/10 based on 35 votes

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  • broken link

    Dear Friends this film is ‘broken’. It stops abruptly at part 3. Frustrating because this is a fascinating documentary. Please fix it. Cheers!

    • Hello,

      I’m afraid the video works fine.

      Refresh the page, press the screen-symbol on the bottom-bar of the YouTube video and click part 3.

      If you have any further problems please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Andy Averill

    Hi there fascinating footage. Loved it. I am about to do a paper on attachment for college and was wondering if there was any other sources or material you could pass on.

    You can really tell from the first half of the video that Beth and no feeling or remorse I doubt she even knew what she was doing was wrong in the first place. Her right temporo-parietal junction was probably not even being stimulated due to the severe trauma she suffered early on in life but it seems with the intervention and the one on one therapy she started to recover quite well.

    Thanks for your time

  • ugggh so many of the videos on here are broken, very disappointing

    • Owen Zappa

      The issue is the up-loader on YouTube, not docstorm. Complain on there.

  • Owen Zappa

    FYI… Beth is currently doing well and works as a pediatric nurse.

  • Rose Webb

    …..BETH’s adoptive parents didn’t give up…they had a nerwork of support…I know they had sleepless and prayerful times…they NEVER gave up…

    • Ana

      They gave up, Nancy Thomas adopted Beth, so they awarded the custody of Beth to her.

  • guest1

    I’m sorry, anyone with a history of sexually abusing a child, especially their own sibling, should NOT be working with other children!!! And nursing is an occupation that just sets the stage for a breach of trust.

  • an empathic person

    That’s horrible

  • beth

    Does anyone know when this documentary or when Magid interviewed Beth?
    it would help a lot for my essay

  • Cindy Joanna Restrepo Ortiz

    I don’t see any reason why she can’t be a nurse, she is recovered and it wasn’t her fault, if she graduated is because she passed all the tests of trust along the way we shouldn’t discriminate her if we don’t have faith in the recovery what’s left then?

    • realittycheck

      So you’d be fine with her taking care of your baby?

      • Cindy Joanna Restrepo Ortiz

        Yes, I don’t see why not

        • mediaaccess

          Because she doesn’t have a kid and she doesn’t know the situation. To say ‘anyone should not be’..that would expand to an ‘alcoholic’ never helping alcoholics, a divorced person never being a marriage counselor….

      • Cindy Joanna Restrepo Ortiz

        I’m not a mom yet so I can’t answer you that..

  • paramore309

    I think this is a very important film no matter how old because it shows what abuse and sexual abuse can do to a child. I think I may share this with my friends at voat.

  • Rabbity Frog

    I keep seeing people commenting about “Not being able if they have issues.” Right. So a child who is molested at 3 years of age, all the way to 6 for example, pulled from the home, and has RAD, turns around and starts to do WHAT THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO ASSUME WHAT IS RIGHT, goes into a corrections for that, STILL as a child, ends up coming out as a well adjusted adult WHO HAS NO INTENTION OF EVER doing anything again, and is being supported and helped through their mental disorder is not good enough?

    Maybe we should start teaching Empathy as a child. Children are sponges. What happened to her and why she was abusing her brother are the cause of ADULTS who made her developing mind think that this was NORMAL. When we as well “Adjusted” people know it’s not. It took her YEARS to have all that damage done to her.

    Yes she has a history of doing what at that age what the thought was the correct thing to do, but you know what else happened? She grew up. her brain developed. People helped her overcome that.

    Honestly, I’d trust my kids with her. She’s in a supervised position, being monitored, and is regularly seeing her therapist and getting treatment. But then again I’m also not heartless enough to think that anyone with a mental disorder, especially one like RAD, is going to be a risk. I also think that even if someone has offended, I’d know, and monitor my kid, but I shouldn’t sit there and increase their chance of doing it again BY OSTRACIZING THEM SO MUCH that they would rather go back to jail.

    That goes for ANY crime. Giving someone a “Normal life” and a routine and goals ends up dropping their chances of re offending by quite a significant number. Pedophiles for example are less likely to offend if they receive proper support from a clinical Psychologist or licensed therapist but also their community. IMAGINE THAT.


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