Chris Jordan on The Midway Project

Chris Jordan on The Midway Project

6 minutes 10.0/10 based on 2 votes

Photographer Chris Jordan discusses his Midway Project; a fine art photography series documenting the tragic phenomenon of the death of the local albatross population due to excessive intake of plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Released 31 March, 2011. 6 min. Produced by Riley Morton. Indie short documentary.

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Rating: 10.0/10 based on 2 votes

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  • Baron Von Watermelon

    If this so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch truly exists and is as large as claimed, then why aren’t there any photos of it and why haven’t people visited it…?

    • friend

      there are. they have.

      • Baron Von Watermelon

        Where? When? Let’s see them…

        • anon

          Try a google image search. Also, the similar patch in the Indian Ocean is affecting searchers’ ability to find the missing Malaysian plane – watch the news.

        • Brenda Taylor Conry

          It is not a visible patch like an island, because it is 10 meters below the surface. If only seeing is believing for you, then you will have to take up diving.

    • john

      there is a lot of information on the garbage patch, its very real

      • Archie Caldwell

        Only the stupids fail to realize that.

        • Baron Von Watermelon

          So then where are the photos? I agree that the ocean is polluted, but this supposed “trash island” should be large enough to be seen from space, yet… photos. I suspect that you blokes are the sort of people who blindly believe everything they read/see without possessing the ability to think in a critical manner.

          • Archie Caldwell

            If u new how to search u wud find it. Its a huge garbage dump floating. U appear totally illiterate.

          • Archie Caldwell

            It can be seen from space if u no were to look.

          • Archie Caldwell

            I can assure u trash island exists and is a big headache

    • Bruno

      Its an “island” that starts approx. 10meters below the surface of the sea and reaches about 30meters depth. In this ~20m thick carpet has a density of 5kg/kmĀ² which seems very little to be talking of an island, but it is a very hostile place for life and, considering the affected area runs from the japanese coast almost up to california, its a real threat to many species.

      • Archie Caldwell

        So what is mankind gonna do about it? Nothning as usual its to coslty he will just continue with his destructive ways.
        Lets hope manikind destroys himself before he destroys all the other species.
        We need another plague and I think that will happen our super bugs are getting pretty strong and imune to mans drugs.

    • Archie Caldwell

      Insteand of sticking ur head in the sand do some research and stop quesioning reality.
      Mankind is poluting his fish bowl and the world a cannot heal itself till mankind has been eliminated.
      Mankind is the most insidious virus to ever polute this great world.

    • Archie Caldwell

      U r an idiot. U have no clue.

  • ffff ffff

    from what i’m seeing here, most viewers, unfortunately, failed to receive Jordan’s message. we do NOT need to be thinking/saying “humans ‘deserve’ to die, humans are a ‘virus’, etc.” in response to this. whether you believe you feel that way or not, perpetrating that line of thinking has nothing but NEGATIVE consequences on the situation. how can you expect humankind to begin bettering itself while harboring such MISANTHROPIC thoughts? it makes NO SENSE.
    what do you do, when you realize something about yourself that you don’t like? you CHANGE it. you don’t sit back and say, “oh, i’m worthless, i deserve to die.” you get up off your self-pitying ass, and you DO SOMETHING about it.

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