Drug Crazed – USA

Drug Crazed – USA

16 minutes 7.3/10 based on 32 votes

Remember when that “Zombie” in Miami chewed a homeless man’s face off in real life? Think back to early 2012. Yes, that wasn’t a dream. The crazed man, who had to be shot dead, was on a little-known drug at the time. This investigation looks at “bath salts’ and the rising danger in America.

“It’s robbed him of a life. It’s taken his soul.” Tiffany Russell watches footage of her 24-year-old son Skyler, a bath salts addict.

Tiffany feels that the American Government has taken too long to act on this new simmering epidemic. Drug Enforcement has finally stepped in, but it may be too late for people like her son.  The government has banned the substance, but chemists, entrepreneurs, and drug lords were quick to tweak the banned formula so that it could be legally available once again. “Now we have to pass new laws,” says a representative of the United States Homeland Security office. The new form of the drug is, by all means, technically legal. The effects are devastating.  An Important short documentary that is worth watching!

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Rating: 7.3/10 based on 32 votes

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  • Alex MWT

    Very scary, anyone know someone who has actually tried this?

    • Garison W.

      Yes, I have a friend who tried this and he actually never recovered. He still has bad dreams about it and can’t sleep. Luckily, no face eating. Phew.

    • Cam

      Yep, I have two friends who are girlfriend & boyfriend who used to do the stuff. They would always tell me there were mice in the apartment, even though I never saw them…so I set mousetraps, but to no avail (at which point my suspicion that they were just hallucinating was confirmed). But then they started describing these larger, nonexistent crab-like creatures roaming around, which I think caused they themselves to realize they were just hallucinating. Fortunately, not long after that they stopped doing the stuff and went back to doing crack cocaine. Now I know that sounds bad, but they actually seem to keep their crack habit under control and bath salts are FAR, FAR worse. It’s prohibition itself that causes the market for these new drugs to exist…the illegal drugs are dangerous, but they are NOT as dangerous as these new, unregulated compounds. If we would just legalize drugs, these things would stop happening.

  • Thomas

    They did an autopsy on the guy and found NO BATHSALTS in his system…

    • Cam

      Yup, you are both correct

  • hobbes

    he wasnt on bathsalts…some people are just crazy to begin with.

    • Thomas

      Most likely a paranoid schizophrenic..Just like the woman who chopped off her sons head, tore off his face and ate his brain, or the guy on the greyhound bus who chopped off some random guys head and tore out his eyeballs and heart and ate them.

  • Nicola-Jane Wiseman

    I’m presuming this is just the regular stuff that you’d buy over the counter that you should be putting in your bath? I’m from England and not heard of this.

    • hils

      This is NOT normal bath salts. Thankfully here in Uk we haven’t seen much of this poison they are talking about.

      • Dr Fishkie

        Its MKAT its been in the UK Years and still is.

    • Thomas

      They started calling this drug bath salts because it looks like bath salts. It actually has nothing at all chemically to do with bath salts…

      • tr

        No, they are called bath salts because they are marketed as bath salts. Brand names include Blizzard, Blue Silk, Charge+, Ivory Snow, Ivory Wave, Ocean Burst, Pure Ivory, Purple Wave, Snow Leopard, Stardust, Vanilla Sky, White Dove, White Knight and White Lightning. You buy these at head shops, Korean marts and dollar store.

      • Nicola-Jane Wiseman

        Ahh okay, I understand more, thx

  • madscirat

    I don’t think news media propaganda designed to inspire unwarranted fear counts as a documentary. Just one rat’s opinion, though.

  • Sandy

    OMG Australia. WTF This is possibly the worst and least informative documentary I’ve ever seen. Drugs are bad MMM…kay.

    • some drugs are definitely pretty bad, yes sir

  • WOG

    Media and people need to stop talkin about “bath salts”. Multitude of very different drugs are sold as bath salts (to circumvent the analog laws). Most common are stimulants / entactogens like MDPV and Methylone (aka bk-MDMA), psychedelics such as 2C-E and sythetic cannabioids such as JWH-018, AM2201 etc, but there are also opioids, benzos, and dissociatives (for example PCP analogues). The point is, saying some one is on “bath salts” tells nothing, and I believe knowing what was the drug in question in any single case is information with a real value for harm reduction: some of this stuff is really, really bad and people need to know. Also, if people would have safe access to good ol’ drugs whose safety profile and risks are known, less people would end up ingesting chemicals that practically nothing is known of.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    Define “bath salts”. Is it MDPV? Mephedrone? A combination of drugs? That’s the first step.

    The second step is making safer drugs legal so these sketchier drugs die out. Not available to kids, but consenting adults 21 and over. Anyone who sells psychoactive drugs–legal or illegal–to kids should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Also, the media needs to quit downplaying the significance of mental illness, poverty and other factors in violent incidents like these. Hold them accountable for their irresponsible reporting, which does as much damage as the drugs themselves.

  • Bob

    Fuck lets just make everything depressing illegal, like shitty Hollywood movies and the news. Its causing people to kill themselves to escape this backwards hypocritical world, that is more concerned with a celebrities hair style than feeding starving kids.

  • Bathsaltsrotflolwtf

    It speaks volumes that this poorly researched, nave and misinformed piece of shit can be successfully pedaled as a documentary.

  • Bathsaltsrotflolwtf


  • piqo

    Propaganda, pathetic propaganda. Terrorism. Everyone involved in the making of this film should be publicly humiliated and forced to find another profession.

  • Bath Salts! Never heard before. Is this a form of LSD?

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