El Chapo: CEO of Crime

El Chapo: CEO of Crime

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Joaquin Guzman Loera, better known as ‘El Chapo,’ which is slang for Shorty, is officially the world’s most powerful drug trafficker. His Mexican drug cartel controls hundreds of distribution cells throughout Mexico, The United States, Brazil, Europe and even Australia. In fact any community that has access to any type of dangerous drugs can be directly or indirectly connected to El Chapo. In less than ten years, this man turned a start up operation into a multinational criminal empire.

To many Mexicans, he is a folk hero, a cultural icon followed by thousands. Many songs praising his lifestyle have become popular in both English and Spanish. People in his hometown worship him because he came from poverty and he allegedly helps the poor.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and it currently has one of the largest Mexican populations outside of Mexico. This allows Chapo’s surrogates to easily hide amongst thousands of hard working, law-abiding, unsuspecting Mexican- Americans while they destroy entire neighborhoods. Chicago is a foothold into the Midwest; that’s why in 2006 Chapo declared his intentions to make Chicago his distribution center. The Sinaloa Cartel, his criminal organization, has done exactly that. This cartel controls the passageway for the entry of cocaine from Colombia into the United States via Guatemala by air, boat, and land.

Sinaloa, Guzman’s home state, has been the center of Mexican drug production for nearly 200 years. During WWII the poppies grown in Sinaloa were turned into morphine. However today it’s all about pot. Many of the farmers in the area, including members of Guzman’s family, are devoted to growing marijuana. In fact, El Chapo planted his own first crop at the young age of 15.

El Chapo has become public enemy number one, a title held in the 1950s by Alphonse Gabriel better known as Al Capone. El Chapo makes Al Capone look like a boy scout. That’s how dangerous and powerful this man has become. What’s more amazing is that a man who appears to be everywhere, has become so illusive.

On the night of July 11, 2015, El Chapo Guzman escaped from prison, making this his second escape from detainment in Mexico. Apparently he bribed his way out of what was supposed to be a high security penitentiary. Some believe that the reason why he is so hard to catch is because he is being protected by some very powerful people. Watch this interesting film now.

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Rating: 7.6/10 based on 16 votes

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  • Bill Graham

    Chapo is a product of the United States. All the self serving DEA/BP guys that are interviewed have a special interest in keeping the drug war operating. The misguided drug war has produced Chapo. The US government has failed to reread our history books and review the prohibition era. Our government is letting it all happen again. Huge numbers of people are jailed or have been killed because of the policies of our own people. Decriminalization needs to take place NOW or the Chapos will continue to materialize !!!!!

    • SeanQ39

      The product of the US? How ignorant you are to make such a claim while Chapo was unknown to the US until he was already a kingpin. Your ignorance is disgusting yet I laugh at you anyways. haha educate yourself instead of jumping on the anti-US troll wagon. A lil follower are you without an original thought. Just repeating other fools comments. They’d be flattered by your imitation. Nobody else will be though. Just smh while considering your stupidity. Once again the uninformed think the US is all knowing in our god like ability to know all. We re flattered but how stupid.

  • bologna

    “chapo is like the Bin Laden of drug trafficking”


  • cass

    Chapo is just another pawn in the game. He is being directed by people much higher than him. He is the man that will end up taking the fall. Just like Bin Laden did for 9/11 to cover up what the secret government is doing. Make a documentary about how George Bush and the CIAs involvement. Lets get to the top of this, not just the middle man!!!

    • SeanQ39

      Why would you keep blaming the CIA. The CIA did get involved a long time ago trading drugs for guns to arm the contras. They did this to get around needing approval from Congress which voted against arming these people. And the ignorant now forever consider the cia lifetime drug dealers haha for this 1 bad decision. Only the uneducated continue to stay stuck on one thing from the past and now forever foolishly blab like dumb uneducated anti-US band wagoners. Islam and russia started this anti US rhetoric and the ignorant portion of the population cant see more than whats put infront of them. So Im betting you’d be perfect for a bridge I have to sell and I’m thinking you’d like to buy it. How bout it? For you only 50k?

      • MrC

        You must love kool aid..

        • SeanQ39

          Not really but I get a kick out of trolls like you. I’m guessing I’ll get a response to this in like 1 day. You have nothing better to do. Okay maybe 2.

    • MrC

      You should definitely watch “JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Mans Trick” if your wanting a documentary that points to the top. It, along with Zeitgeist, are my favorite two documentaries to date. Though, its a super long documentary (3 and a half hours to be exact), its totally worth it. Great documentary.

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