Facing The Habit

Facing The Habit

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There are over two million heroin addicts in the United States alone and every day around 500 people try it for the first time. They say that once you get a taste of heroin, it’s impossible to stop. You see your life slipping away, you become someone you don’t recognize anymore, you lie and steal from your loved ones, but still you keep shooting heroin. In this documentary you will see real addicts talk about all that they do to supply their heroin habit. Listen to their frustration at not being able to stop doing something that’s destroying their lives.

But there is hope. A controversial treatment for drug addicts was discovered recently in the form of the root of the Iboga plant found can be found in West Africa, where it’s used as a sacred rite of passage. At high doses, Ibogaine, the substance found in the Iboga plant, produces hallucinations and alterations in consciousness. However, inexplicably, many who have struggled with heroin have been relieved of their addiction after a controlled dose of Ibogaine.

Ibogaine, however, is illegal in the United States. The FDA has classified it as a drug that doesn’t have medical use or that can be abused. This is known as Schedule One. Those interested in getting treatment must travel to Mexico.

Many former heroin addicts swear by Ibogaine but they readily accept that this treatment is not the end of the road. A former addict has to be prepared for when he or she is faced with the craving to get high.

In this documentary we follow Dave, a former millionaire stockbroker who has lost control of his heroin addiction, travel to Mexico for undergo an Ibogaine treatment as a last ditch effort to rid his life of addiction. Does it work? Is he able to kick his habit for good? Watch now to find out.

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Rating: 6.9/10 based on 19 votes

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  • Michael

    Great documentary, I myself have never been addicted to anything but cigarettes. I do smoke some weed, but that’s not really an addictive drug, I’ve once smoked 2 whole plants that I grew myself in three weeks and then quit for months without any problems. It made me very sad to know the girl in the interview had died. Stay away from this crap, do it for yourself and the potential that you have in life.

  • Karl Daniel Houston

    When your on smack all you want to do is feel ‘normal’ again. You don’t want to do anything unless you’ve had a hit. Your on a roller coaster all the time hi then low, hi low every single fucking day. If Ibogaine resets the brain chemistry and lets you feel pleasure from normal activities then I think it must be a very effective treatment. I don’t understand why it isn’t licensed. Well I do it’s because the drug companies don’t want people to be clean, they make billions from ‘helping’ addicts. I’m from Great Britain and it’s still legal here but I bet it won’t be for long. Well we will see, anyway great documentary.

  • a

    The video is broken

  • now


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