Generation OS13: The New Culture of Resistance

Generation OS13: The New Culture of Resistance

29 minutes 7.2/10 based on 8 votes

Generation OS13 is an explosive insight into the attack on civil liberties occurring in western democracies and how artists, musicians, journalists and authors encourage the peoples right to resist against Banker occupation.

Examining economic dictatorships, puppet regimes, tax havens, tax dodgers, and the debt based money system the film explains why ‘you can not count on the law makers to see shit when it first happens’. For a new era, generation OS13, the repression will not be tolerated; do ‘the government really think they can win that war if the young people are like fuck this, you cant beat that you, can’t beat us, its Impossible’ – Saul Williams.

Featuring Painter, poet & song writer Billy Childish, Harry Malt from Bare Bones, Luke Turner from The Quietus, journalist Huw Nesbitt, broadcaster Max Kaiser, author Nicholas Shaxson & Artists Anika, Comanechi, Gaggle’s & Saul Williams.

You can keep uptodate with the documentary filmmakers here: Website, YouTube.

Released in 2011. 30 min. Director: Michael Oswald. Indie documentary film.

GD Star Rating
Rating: 7.2/10 based on 8 votes

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  • Cam

    Fuck yeah with the Keiser Report…good choice of news network to pick. Thank you documentarystorm

  • Cam

    I do have to say though, they shouldn’t be looting the shops in England; they should be protesting the banks who “looted their money/their nations” (from the Keiser Report)

  • Cam

    I can say also (damnit I wish you could delete comments, or edit them somehow) that I shouldn’t tell them what to do in their own country, but I do believe he (Max Keiser) lives in London

  • WhiteVanMan

    what a load of arse this is

  • Daniel in Boston

    This is rubbish! Only point it made was from the Fat Tart from Gaggle saying it is OK to be Violent during protests – that is how she protested the Iraq War (???).
    I thought Glen Beck was BAD, Max Keiser makes him look reasonable … people, RT (Russian TV) is told what to do and say by Putin and his people, not the most admirable bunch either, believe me!
    Finally, why would Anonymous ask Scientology – and give them credit – for a clip of the stupidest, repressed homosexual in Hollywood (I mean Tom Cruise, not John Travolta – for now).
    — Kids:
    1) Learn and Practice critical thinking
    2) Learn and Practice the art of debating
    3) Review recent history: what has violence protest produced?
    4) After 75 yrs, Marxian Economic Theory did not work
    5) After 3000, Cooperative Economic Schemes have not worked
    6) Make Capitalism conditional – with rules and punishment
    7) All resources are finite … Think before you protest!

    • Cam

      RT is RussiaToday, not RussiaTV. Regardless, yes obviously they get told what to say by Putin…that would normally be a problem

      If what they were getting told what to say wasn’t ABSOLUTELY CORRECT for the most part.

      -An Adult American citizen

      As I was saying before, the problem with the UK protests is that they lack the strong nonviolent values that the Occupy Wall Street/all the other American Occupiers, hold to so dealy.

      Furthermore, I love capitalism and it is what I want for my country (though I would argue the current system fails at providing real capitalism in America) but with that being said, do you really think the Soviet Union adhered to ACTUAL Marxism?

      Aside from that, all of your points are things that Max and Stacy ADVOCATE.

      7) You’re clearly a smart guy, and I appreciate your insight, but think before you post.

      *Looting and protesting are not the same thing, imo…looting is a form of rioting, whereas protesting is inherently nonviolent. Some would argue that many protests have become violent, which they have…but I simply argue that whatever violent acts have happened during protests were either on the part of the authorities in which case protesters often have no choice but to defend themselves/retaliate, or were not themselves acts of protests but which occurred within the context of a protest.*

      The British kids don’t seem to understand this difference. Either that, or their intention all along was to riot. This certainly gets you more attention, but it’s probably not going to be very positive attention…I do think it’s symbolic in that the banksters looted American & British economies, and people didn’t get appalled at that so their argument is why get appalled at actual looting…but two wrong never make a right, they are only making the situation even worse in the UK, and although rioting/looting does send out a message of discontent, it also hurts small business owners and does little or nothing to stop the real corrupt institutions…so you’re right about that anyhow…anyway that’s just my opinion as a guy who doesn’t live in that country

      By the way I liked number 6 a lot, that sort of sums up what the American Occupiers are all about (including myself- it’s quite a simplification of our message but it does really get down to the core of it in a single sentence)

    • Cam

      all the other American Occupiers hold so dearly* not dealy
      two wrongs never make a right* not two wrong

    • Cam


      I don’t see why people have such trouble understanding this in the west.

    • Number9

      3) Well gee, in Libya they had to have a civil war to get their regime change, so yeah.
      4) What is “Marxian Economic Theory” exactly? People utter “Marxian” like it means something, yet it’s so vague an nebulous. Since you’re an American I’ll go ahead and assume you mean “any government control of industry.”
      5) And here’s the stench of Social Darwinism. Humanity has demonstrated itself to be very cooperative in nature, operating under gift-economies through most of it’s existence. For more modern examples, look to any co-op.
      6) Capital will always find loop-holes to anything that inhibits it’s expansion. Look to deregulation of the 80’s.
      7) Scarcity under capitalism is, for the most part, a false construct. Most of the wealth generated doesn’t go just to capitalists, but capital itself. The idea that there is poverty because “there isn’t enough to go around” is absolutely ridiculous, the capacity already exists to feed the world. At the very least, many people’s lives could be made more comfortable. Maybe if production was for people, not profit, then there wouldn’t be a need for protests.

  • jaime

    Stopped watching it after 6 minutes, the music just got in the way of the story.

    • Cam

      I’m surprised to hear anybody say that- I thought the music perfectly complemented what they were talking about pretty much all throughout. Especially good choice on Adagio for Strings

      oh well…I’m just telling you though that it’s worth watching the whole thing

  • Sofia

    I loved this doc, but I can´t disagree more with the glorification of violence in these worldwide protests. Only peace can expose their brutality, silent protests are incredibly powerful too. We can´t lower ourselves to their level- we gain public support when the police state is exposed, and seen as rotten as it is. But advocating violence isn´t the way, it simply gives them reason to crush civil liberties further. Gandhi and Luther King won without smashing up banks and provoking policemen. Peace and love and happy protesting x

    • Roy

      In the examples you give, the people needing to change were the American and British public, respectively.  These are masses of regular people who though retarded are capable of empathy.  Thus when shone the consequences of their actions they can, slowly, change.  The bankers and financiers who own the Western democracies are not capable of empathy.  These are people who exist in a system designed to select the most selfish, greedy and sociopathic from a group already full of selfish, greedy sociopaths.  Expecting them to change because of the harm they cause is like expecting a python to feel guilt for eating a rat.

  • Sofia

    WTF?? I watch a doc about civil liberties and the rest, post a comment for the FIRST time ever on this site, and suddenly there is a photo of me with the comment?! Ironic eh? Good work!! (Anyone know if Docustorm is a wordpress blog because I had one 10 years ago and can´t understand at all how this photo got here). Civill liberties, they would be nice, wouldn´t they. The net is the worst place of all….

    • Hi, feel free to change your image here: Gravatar. The current image of you is attached to the email you inserted to write your comments.

      If you have any other issues, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Barbara Bennet

    Lost interest after ten minutes when music and gratuitous insert clips got in the way. Good start but lost some analsys or objectivity at some point.

  • Sofla, you sound well-meaning, but the Syrian people tried peaceful protests and died for their efforts, while we said all the right things and did nothing.  
    The bankers are like bears raiding our bee-hives.  And, unless we busy little bees start stinging their vulnerable areas, we’ll have no honey left for the even leaner times that are sure to follow — because nothing’s changed under Obama/Bush-lite.  So we now live in a Plutocracy, which means a million dollars is the equivalent of one vote in a Democracy.  I don’t know about you, but that leaves me disenfranchised.

  • Christina Marechal

    What is the song/talking that begins around 9:09?

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