Green Medicine

Green Medicine

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Green Medicine is a documentary film made by Geek Media, directed by Diego Estay and produced by Paradise Seeds. The film offers insight into the medical cannabis scene in Chile. In 2014 the Chilean government granted a license to a non-profit organization named DAYA Foundation to begin Latin America’s first legal cannabis growth. DAYA is a Sanskrit word that means ‘compassionate love’.

The documentary team spent six months in Chile recording the political conversation before and after the license was granted. Needless to say that the debate that led up to this decision was intense. Experts from both sides defended their point of view, some stated that Chile didn’t have a problem with drug cartels, but with the increase of recreational marijuana consumption. Others spoke about the medicinal value of the plants while at the same time others classified marijuana as a strong drug and spoke about cracking down on drug dealers. But many Chileans beg to differ because if marijuana is demonized as the source of all society’s problems, then those who consume it are also demonized. Even comedians made fun of the debate, one even stated sarcastically that marijuana was more dangerous that the pedophile priests that were hanging around.

Once permission was granted, DAYA Foundation contacted Paradise Seeds to organize the import of the cannabis seeds. Paradise Seeds offers plants with different ratios of cannabidiol or CBD. It all depends on what medicinal properties are needed because CBD has a different influence from THC. The goal was to provide service to about 200 patients.

The members of the DAYA Foundation speak of having respect for the plant and recognizing its spirit. Some assert that the cannabis plant has given them life, cleared their minds, and restored their health. People go to the foundation to get information about how the oil extracted from cannabis can help heal many different diseases. One woman assures that the foundation gives all the tools, but each person has to go home and learn how to prepare the medicine for his or her family.

The composition of the plant is being studied at Knop Labs. The plants that they are working with are not for resale, but to understand the medicinal value of the plant to then be able to create plantations that are identical to the ones studied in the lab.

Is cannabis really able to improve the quality of life of medical patients suffering from a range of illnesses, including epilepsy and cancer? The debate continues. Watch it now.

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Rating: 10.0/10 based on 4 votes

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