Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

47 minutes 7.2/10 based on 35 votes

For some people, finding a partner in life can be difficult. For others, it’s almost impossible. 10 years ago, a small factory in California began making an alternative partner. Each is tailored made to suit every taste.

There are now 3,000 real dolls across the world providing some of those with love and companionship that real women cannot. Each doll costs around 4,000 pounds. Of those able to afford it, the dolls are worth every penny.

The RealDoll is designed to recreate the appearance, texture, and weight of the human female and male form. Their primary function is to serve as sex partners. This activity can be accompanied by certain preparations such as dressing them up in different types of clothing, changing wigs or makeup, and even adjusting body temperature by use of electric blankets or baths.

Early prototypes were made from solid latex with an interior skeleton, but construction of the outer material was later switched to more realistic silicone. In June 2009, Abyss Creations switched from tin cure silicone to the much better quality platinum (medical grade) silicone, which resulted in dolls that are much less prone to tears and compression marks than older RealDolls.

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Rating: 7.2/10 based on 35 votes

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  • Faust

    This was so weird to watch, especially when that guy started to rub the dolls feet and talk to it? What the hell? Is it a real inside their minds?

    To me these people are living in some surreal dream world, cut off from society in a lonely little bubble. Weird…just weird

  • Kablam

    “At first it was just sex sex sex sex sex…”

    AHHHHH hahahahahahaha fucking looper

  • Nilsa

    I just think these guys have no life and have conditions they should take care of, i find the real doll situation as something for a company to make more money and not help them with the real issue. I thinks its so sad and i feel badly for them but sometimes its just their fault. oh well…

  • Stain

    That sucker bought somebody else’s pubic hair

  • Maestra Sierra

    Everard seem to be the most normal one of the whole group shown here. He just needs to dress better and he would be able to attract a real woman.

    The next guy after him, Gordon, is the strangest of the bunch. Of course you have bad skin and teeth…look at the crap you’re eating. I’m glad he removed himself from the gene pool. We don’t need more socially awkward people in this world.

    It seem that these men want a female companion who would be house bound…like a slave. Sorry but most women, such as myself, hate being locked up all day. I like the outdoors, away from home. Being out, talking walks, talking about science and history topics… not lying in bed, watching tv and being someones sex toy. Sorry not my idea of a fun time. This is why I picked the teaching profession as my occupation. I like the mental stimulation of unexpected, unpredictability of teaching young children with disabilities. It’s challenging at times but I like it. It keeps my mind from being bored and still. A still mind frightens me… worse still is a still body… I need to be moving, doing, thinking or else I feel dead.

    • christian

      I love spending time with my girlfriend in bed watching movies and series, there is nothing wrong with it. But I would never want my woman to be housebound and certainly not a sex toy. I love that she a is a hard working journalist, and we love travelling around the world and challenging each other intellectuallly. But the house is where we have the most fun ;)

      • Count Feces

        Licking her butthole clean, no doubt.

    • Count Feces

      That’s nice. Who gives a shit?

      • diannebrown

        Who gives a shit? Human beings capable of healthy emotions. You know, empathy and stuff. That would likely leave out the sort of loser who calls himself “Count Feces.”

        • Count Feces

          Nobody cares about you, you dumb cunt. You mention empathy and then call me a loser in the same breath. Nice job. I repeat, nobody gives a shit. Based on how much drivel you’ve written on Disqus alone I suspect nobody gives a shit about you.

        • Count Feces

          These men are not infringing upon anyone’s rights. You’re upset about this video because you know they won’t tolerate a sack of shit like you when there is an alternative. Why do so many women in the humanities complain about a lack of women in the sciences? Why didn’t they go into the sciences? Oh yeah, because they’re women. AHAHAHA.

        • Count Feces

          No one cares about Sierra’s stupid little story. She’s another mediocre piece of shit swimming in a massive puddle of shit. She wastes her time teaching fucking retards for Christ’s sake. These dolls keep ugly autards from reproducing and deprives ugly women of their sperm. It’s great for the gene pool. Hell, if they’d been out sooner you would have never been conceived, Diane. All of the whiskey in the world couldn’t get the horniest guy on earth to fuck your sow of a mother.

        • Danielle Hensley

          I cared about the REVIEW, because that is what this thread is for, not for bashing people. For some reason, I was subjected to reading the mess that some turd thinks other people want to read. Guess he couldn’t find a job as a writer, so he spends his time blathering on documentary review pages…about feminism. Okay, bud. People want to read what other people think about the above documentary, not your personal rants. That you came back after such a long interval to bash people is such shit.

          • Guest

            Your face makes me want to puke.

  • Kate

    Is this where the idea for Lars and the Real Girl came from? This is just creepy though. I mean sure these guys are lonely, but is it necessary to treat the doll like a real person by doing it’s makeup, rubbing its feet, and taking “family photos.”

  • Don

    Pathetic, Go see a prostitute for God’s sake. Find yourself a beautiful lady of the night and enjoy a great dinner companion and of course sexual partner. A doll? What a bunch of flakes.

    • VideoEyes

      A prostitute is not a good dinner companion unless were talkin Burger King. However I would have to agree with you on having sex with a doll But, you don’t have to feed it…..^V^!

      • JohnnyBigWad

        My Doll eats the whopper … all the time.

        • VideoEyes

          Poor thing, all Bread&Crap and no Meat. SO..ooooo…..SAD…..^V^!

    • Count Feces

      Who wants to spend money on an ugly, overpriced, disease ridden whore? Buy a doll.

      • diannebrown

        I’m sorry you’re still a virgin.

        (I’m really not.)

        • Count Feces

          I’m sorry you don’t understand economics or epidemiology. Again, you’re a woman, so I forgive you. Those subjects require math.

        • Count Feces

          But I’m sure as a social justice warrior on the internet you are making enormous contributions to society.

        • Count Feces

          Aren’t you propagating the patriarchal notion that a man’s value is partially determined by his sexual experience? Silly feminists. You can’t even stick to your own bullshit dogmas. Logic is a difficult subject. You should probably go back to the kitchen.

  • ParaMythos

    I couldn’t do it, I got 17 minutes in. This was just to messed up for me.

  • Revanhavoc

    So effin weird

  • christian

    hehe this is the early proto type for homeowhores from Jodorowsky Incal universe :D

  • Jenni

    This is was reallly strange. A little disturbing. I am not sure how I was able to sit and watch it all, but it was really strange. And I would not be okay with it if I were the girlfriend of a man who owned a realdoll, or worked with one. It’s a sex toy taken too far almost….idk just…weird.

  • steven

    God, it’s shocking how narrow minded and judgemental most of these comments are.

  • ccrrcc

    10 years ago i bought a real doll as a last resort for loneliness that was driving me into a deep depression. I am well educated, employed, financially secure, and not ugly or overweight. I am kind and intelligent, caring and monogamous, but I struggled to meet someone and I had no idea why. At the time I was so desperate for companionship, I actually believed a doll would at least offer some relief from loneliness…but as it turned out that was a ridiculous belief since it cannot provide companionship. After a few months I got rid of it, and I am still just as lonely 10 years later.

  • Alexander Malyugin

    I spend a great deal in an imaginary world.I am an artist, but I am trying to make the best out of the real one too.
    And finding someone who you’d have any feelings for not to mention warm ones, is quite difficult almost impossible, despite being alright looking and not stupid.
    People just don’t get it and always push their stupid points across because they think they know what life is about, what is right and what is wrong,or there are eve cases of people who don’t understand their surroundings or hardly think about anything at all.
    If you don’t like what you see, at least show some empathy instead of being a judgemental self-entitled douche.

  • Remy

    I really honestly am very sad for these men. It as if they have given up on humanity. This was a very good documentary, with the exception of how bad I felt for these lonely men.

  • Hi. There is more use of silicone in the next generation of love dolls. But due to the use of silicone, the price of every love doll is higher.

  • :)

  • GEhotpants101 .

    I’ve seen a few shows about the “real dolls” and instantly recognized Davecat’s voice. Oh, that crazy Davecat and his doll wife.

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