Human Garbage

Human Garbage

90 minutes 2016 8.8/10 based on 14 votes

Manchester is a large city that offers visitors and locals a variety of entertainment. But during the last few years, something strange has been happening: the homeless population has grown exponentially. Nobody knows the exact number of homeless men and women in the city, but they are everywhere and ignoring them doesn’t make them disappear.

In Manchester, there are not only people sleeping on the streets, but many are also struggling to find food. This has been called the Human Garbage Effect. The real question is who is to blame for this increase in abject poverty?

Human garbage is a derogatory term, but this is exactly how the homeless have been made to feel because of the lack of help that once existed. There have been budget cuts that have eliminated the funds that once existed to support charities, causing shelters to shut down at an alarming rate.

The homeless have been discarded like rubbish; they’ve been spat on, pissed on, sat on, and pushed around. One homeless man says he has tried to get off the streets, but feels like he is constantly getting knocked back down. The government has been accommodating immigrants, but doing nothing to help the nationals. Of course it’s important to provide asylum for those who are fleeing dangerous situations in their own countries, but at what point should the government draw the line and begin to take care of its own people?

The amount of time living on the street varies widely from a few months all the way up to almost two decades. The big questions this film tries to answer are: how dangerous is it to be homeless? And, how does the public treat a homeless person? A look at recent news makes it clear that many homeless have been attacked and even murdered for no good reason.

And so this man, Gary Jay, decided that the only way to really find out what it’s like was to leave his home, his family, his comforts and rough it for one week. When he informed his wife and daughter of what he was about to do, they weren’t too pleased with this idea. The wife describes it as if he was going off to war—nobody knew for sure what the outcome would be.

The last person that attempted living rough to make a documentary was a young man who was found dead in an abandoned building just three days after he started his research. His documentary never aired.

At the end of his experiment, when he went back home, both his wife and his daughter realized that all this time they had been clueless regarding what being homeless is really like. They started noticing the homeless and feeling compassion for their plight.

Homelessness has no place in a developed world. Something is terribly wrong and this problem needs to be sorted. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.8/10 based on 14 votes

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  • Marianne sherritt

    I don’t need to watch the video to know the homeless people must come before immigrants and until every homeless person and every hungry child is helped we cannot in good conscience take in immigrants. This problem must be solved first.

    • Deborah A Ellis

      I agree 100%. The decision that the rich have the right to enjoy the benefits that America provides to them is an atrocity. The caring population in America pays for thier pleasures with blood, sweat and tears. Nothing changes except the rape of our Earth, Waters and Air. The impoverished are made the escape goat that the upper hierarchy depend on. By the common citizen’s death’s, thier problems appear to magically disappear. This latter part of my life is in total despair. Will God forgive them fir foresaking the People’s of this world? I have no doubt, money can’t pay thier way once all is said and done.

  • Paul Dunt

    I like documentary storm very mich ” when they work ” this does happen quite a lot,the answer on the screen is the usual ” an error has occurre, please try again later ect ect ” this is very annoying and seems to be happening more. Why can’t it be fixed it does remove so much enjoyment.

  • Very important documentary. A great public announcement service to Manchester and the UK. Lets just hope it makes a difference for those out in the cold

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