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53 minutes 2016

Every four years, when it comes time for the citizens of the United States to elect a president, the pundits in campaign finances predict that the upcoming elections will be the most expensive in the nation’s history.  This 2016 presidential campaign is no exception to this tradition. In fact, it has been estimated that this year, candidates, parties, and other groups will spend more than double the total that was invested in the 2012 campaign, which was $4 billion. Clearly, the United States holds the most expensive elections in the world.

Every campaign has a limited amount of money to spend and the goal is to get more votes than the opponent. This can be done by getting people excited about your candidate or by suppressing the votes that would otherwise go to the opposition. For instance a commercial that costs $100,000 could bring 300 new votes, but could also cost the other party a decrease in their supporters.

And so campaign money is spent in mailing, door to door, focus groups, phone calls, transportation, etc. Nowadays most of that money is spent on television advertising. For instance, in 2014, one out of every three dollars of cable advertising was political. That same year, Republicans spent about $69 million more on television ads than Democrats.

If we go back and analyze the $4 billion spent in 2014, it begs the question was this money spent in the best interest of the citizens? Because close to 4,000 school workers, including teachers, were laid off in Philadelphia and 93% of those affected are from poor families. It has been predicted that in D.C more than one in ten public schools will close in the near future due to the lack of funds. Wouldn’t it have been better to spend $4 billion increasing the school district budgets instead of trying to get votes?

Here’s another shocking fact: in 2015 the United States provided Israel with a daily military aid of $10.2 million. Shouldn’t that money have been used to fund schools and guarantee that children in the United States obtain a proper education? Then there’s the fact that the base yearly salary for all members of the U.S House and Senate is $174,000 plus benefits, while the national yearly average salary for teachers is about $44,870 and in 2015 Chicago was asked to cut teacher salaries by 7%.

Politicians tend to make a lot of promises during their campaigns: better housing, more jobs, better health care. Most of these promises sound like they will really benefit the people. However, how can candidates who have never been poor understand what the real needs are? And how can they come up with laws that will actually improve the quality of life of people they can barely identify with?

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  • slx5c

    Easy Michael Gerard Grimm former Republican Roman Catholic Christian House Of Representative of Staten Island New York who is threatening that he (Grimm) will break a Man like a little boy; after all, this is the very same threat that violent Homosexual men do to grown men to teach the grown men a Homosexual lesson; it happens every day in Prisons all over The World of breaking grown men as though the victim is a helpless “BOY!” EASY VIOLENT HOMOSEXUAL MICHAEL GERARD GRIMM with your violent Homosexual Tendency Threats. Yours truly, YOUNGBLOOD! EYE 5

    • slx5c

      A 65 million dollar question is: “Why, starting at September 11, 2001 are Legal American Citizens ‘TERRORIZED’ of The White House, and the rest of The World follows the same ‘TERROR’ of the Legal American Citizens; why is this happening?!” EYE 5

  • slx5c

    Cowards always hide behind Patriotism and Religion, and it is no wander that George Washington pointed this out when George Washington said: “Be aware of the ‘FALSE PATRIOT’ who will wrap himself up in ‘The American Flag And Stab You With IT!'” EYE 5

  • slx5c

    At 55 years old in the year of 2016 A.D. this man of this Documentary I believe could be the age of a son if I had one, and I have to say that I would tell him: ” I am so ashamed as an American; I am so ashamed as a GOD loving being; I am so ashamed as a Patriot that you have been so ‘SHUNNED’ to find out ‘TRUTH’ in “MY COUNTRY!” GOD GOD GOD! I AM SO ASHAMED! EYE 5

  • slx5c

    If you do your mathematics when make a phone call to “THE HILL” and want truth, and they say they are too busy because of the Election year; then you call to “THE HILL” the next year wanting truth, and they say they are too busy because next year is an Election Year. NO SHIT! Every two years is an Election Year, or every year in between is a Next Year Election Year when Elections are EVERY FREAKING TWO YEARS! Duhh! Duhh! Duhh! EYE 5

  • slx5c

    I am so sorry that The Congress and The White House are such Corrupt Scumbag Criminals! Again, I apologize, and again I am so sorry because I do feel somehow responsible as you will read of my other entries of this Documentary, and again, I am so sorry because somehow I feel responsible of interfering with your goal to reach “TRUTH” that was intentionally turned into a “WASTE OF TIME!” And it was from my Congress, and it was from my White House on the dishonorable Hill that intentionally Wasted Your Time To Find “TRUTH!” However, what else do you expect from Corrupt Scumbag Criminals: HONOR?! NO! You expect Corruption that wastes the “MANY” for its “FEW!” EYE 5

  • slx5c


  • ruthslater


  • Jim Takahashi

    The USA has been a nation where the evil and cunning elite controls the masses (also world-widely known as American idiots).

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