My Small Breasts and I

My Small Breasts and I

56 minutes 7.4/10 based on 58 votes

My Small Breasts and I uncovers the complex, poignant, and sometimes amusing relationship women have with their tiny breasts.

Talking candidly, three women reveal how they really feel about their own bodies and the lengths to which they’ll go to change their situation.

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Rating: 7.4/10 based on 58 votes

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  • Chloe

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting this up! I enjoyed this documentary a lot. After seeing the girls it’s made me feel better about my own breasts. Mine isn’t as small as theirs but I always thought I had tiny breasts – until tonight that is! My partner has always told me I have a fine pair boobs but I never believed him because of all the massive boobs women have in pornography / magazines / ads so I had a distorted view of what I have.

    The media should show women of all sizes – whether it’s boobs, body or bum – so society doesn’t assume that the definition of a “normal” body are large breasts on a stick frame that’s 6ft tall, with fake tan and bleached peroxide hair!

    • namerequired

      Never forget that what people like varies from individual to individual. Yes, some guys like large breasts.

      But for me, breasts don’t do it for me at all unless they’re petite. Why? Who knows! But I just love them!

      People all have different preferences for spoken accents, body styles, hair colors, skin colors, clothing, lifestyle, cars, and everything else. For me, A-cups are the cream of the crop!

      • Mark

        I don’t care about the size of the breast but I really like nipples…

        There is a man for all women out there I think – don’t let the marketing get you down and hold you back ladies:)

        Pert and proud…and no bra around the house is HOT!

  • Unknown

    This documentary has helped me realize that nobody is perfect and those ladies out there who have big breasts, are probably the ones who are living it hard — especially those who are in porn magazines and such. I don’t mean to sound rude here or anything, but I feel so confident in my own body and happy with the way my breast are, because my guy friend says it’s just part of who I am when I am size A in a bra! I’ve got nothing to hide when I go swimming to the beach, as I’m so confident in my body and self…what is there to worry or complain about? Sure, I see other girls who got bigger breast than I do but at the end of it all, I don’t care, because I’m in the outdoors to have some fun! There are more important things in life than just worry about having big boobs like all the girls you see in high school and town,

    PS. I don’t mean to sound mean or here anything…just speaking my very own opinion!

    • namerequired

      I love you!

      A girl who doesn’t care what size she is and has fun anyway is so awesome!

      And by the way… I am a man and >>> I LOVE SMALL BOOBS! <<< And here's a little joke but I'm totally serious when I say it: "anything more than a mouth full is a waste anyway!" Haha! It's all I need!

      Feeling quite deprived and longing for my flat-chested girl right about now. You'll excuse me while I spend a few minutes alone thinking about small-breasted ladies…

  • Mimi

    Thanks ladies for sharing ur stories and struggles. The grass is not always greener on the other side :( or :)
    I am a DD cup size and i feel my breasts are too big, yes too big, i say to them stop growing, yes i do.

    Many people think i look fabulous but if they only knew how i really feel. They are too big! And too much attention gets old.

    At the end of the day we have to accept our bodies and unique and beautiful.

    C’est la vie.

    • Percy07

      Unfortunately, no matter what a small boob lover says, we can never change the perception of a lady who sees small boobs as a problem. I wish I could prevent just one lady from being concerned, and especially prevent just one operation to enlarge. Somehow nature really knows best. A small natural breast will remain a beautiful, natural breast always, while the majority of implants look wrong and run too much risk to be worth it.
      Please little ladies, be natural and be proud of your little assetts. xx

  • Walt

    You can tell a lot about a society by what it worries about. Worry about having enough to eat or somewhere to rest – thats a tough life. Worry about petrol prices or tittie size – all things considered – life is pretty good.

  • Chrissy

    Thank you for posting this. It’s helpful to know that other women can have difficulties with their chest size, too. The pressure in the media to have large breasts is immense nowadays.

    The most important thing that struck me about this, though, is that the woman who is featured in the film is absolutely beautiful. She really doesn’t need to change anything about herself. And this made me think that maybe it’s possible to see myself in a similar manner, that I could be beautiful w/o large breasts (my husband certainly thinks I look great as is).

    Someday, hopefully those of us who are small-chested will also feel better when our boobs are still perky in old age …

  • taffysaur

    the girl who has the photos done is in the dictionary under ‘cute’.

  • Gerry

    Next thing you know they’ll be selling padded bras to 9 year olds…oh wait…

  • sarah

    when there are documentaries like this, you know for sure there is something majorly wrong with the society that women (and men) live in. Although its easy to say ” get over it, its not a big deal,” but in a society like this, its hard to just ignore it because its everywhere. its almost like the goals of society is to make women feel bad about themselves in order to sell their products. it is not right…

    • Mark

      Just don’t believe the bullsh!t.
      The marketing is just destructive rubbish designed to make you feel bad and take your money.
      It is hard to reject that stuff but frankly, I am happy if my gf has small breasts as long as she is lovely and we are happy together.

      If a guy wants a woman with big breasts then let him find them – he is obviously not for you and probably just missed out – he just did you a favour.

    • Guest

      Thats advertising in general Sarah. The vast majority of products in existence are not really needed. So industry “manufactures” not only products but the demand for them as well. So they make you feel like you are missing something so that you can think that the product has the answer. It never does though.

    • Carreen Schroeder

      You are spot on, Sarah. This has been intentionally done as a campaign against women for far too long now and the industries who feed off of our media-induced insecurities are making BILLIONS of dollars; they won’t give up; they have too much to lose. WE have to WAKE UP and finally realize that there has been a deliberate attack on the woman’s well-being and it is time to finally rise above.



  • Anonymous

    I thought that all the women looked good. They had boyfriends and so on, but seemed to be in need of some extra attention. The media only plays so much of a role, these women had trouble with themselves and wanted more attention than was needed.
    There is a large emphasis on breasts, as well as other parts for both males and females, but there are plenty of people who still find things that the media doesn’t promote attractive (like small breasts and so forth). There might be much much fewer of these people, but they are out there.

  • Kirsty

    I know that I’ll never feel good about myself until I do something about my boobs. I feel the same as Laura, it’s like I’ve missed out on the whole experience of developing boobs that everyone around me has gone through. I’ve only ever been an AA cup and it’s just not right at all. I don’t see why I should have to suffer with the misfortune of being flat-chested, so I will be looking into ways to put it right.

  • namerequired

    I am a man who has always ABSOLUTELY LOVED SMALL BREASTS. I adore them.

    We exist. Really. I found this video because I was trying to find pictures of small breasts so I could take care of myself since my girl is back home visiting her folks for 2 weeks.

    Can’t wait to get her shirt off again and give every part of her the attention she deserves!

    Every time I hear about a girl having surgery because she doesn’t like her small breasts it just seems like such a shame to me… desecrating something so beautiful.

    • Mark

      Yes – I agree with you.
      Small is fine – just be happy with what you have – they are not going to sag, don’t get in the way and I am happy if my gf has small breasts.
      Be happy ladies:)

  • Jobby Head

    I LOVE BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maestra Sierra

    I sometimes hate my tiny breasts due to the fashion clothes not catering to women such as myself. I have to wear little girl shirts because all of the womens’ shirt, even size small, are too big in the bust (breast area), whereas it is perfect at the waist and hip areas. With the measurements of 36 30 37 I’m basically a banana/ square body type. *sighs* Frustrating. For me to fit in any of the womens’ shirts I have to grow into a c cup (basically 44 inch circumference at the bust area). I HATE it. I think many of these shirts are this way due to the increase of stupid b!tches having breast enlargement surgeries. I’ve seen tiny 24 in waist females with c cup size breasts and they look ridiculous. I knew this one woman, who gave herself what look like D cups on her size 0/2 body… even my man stated how he would be really mad if she were his lover (he also said something about how her breasts look like they would feel like stones and not breasts). She does look fake and silly with such disproportional breasts. …but that’s my point it is silly proportions that are causing a fashion disaster for those of us who stay tiny and natural. Why should I have to walk through the girls’ dept to buy my bras and shirts? *sighs* Thank you so much you stupid b!tches who went under the knife.

  • namerequired

    Please… girls… understand.

    NEVER be worried about your breast size. It doesn’t matter. It NEVER mattered to me, at all. Ever.

    Every girl I have ever loved had small breasts, when I think about it.

    My girlfriend has the cutest, most adorable, lovely, small chest and I just love it. I can’t imagine anything different, since anything larger to me would be just UGLY.

    I know there are other men out there who feel the same way. And we are just as awesome, intelligent, successful, and fun. And we also have so much love to give.

    Believe it. It’s true.

    Never change yourself. You are beautiful already. I notice you, every time you walk by.

    • Carreen Schroeder

      Wow. Diggin it. Please say this publicly as often as you can. Please write posts on fashion magazines online, telling people how so many men truly feel. I need this, my three daughters need this, women everywhere need YOUR message to be louder than the multi-billion dollar industries’ messages (cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, fashion) that subliminally and often overtly, but most always DELIBERATELY plant the seed of self-loathing vis a vis our physicality and then monetarily FEED off of our ‘shame’, when we buy their clothes to enhance our ‘looks’, buy their make-up to improve our ‘looks’, go under the knife, to fit the narrowed-vision of ‘beauty’…and the GREATEST crime of all, is that women in 2013, are still being inundated with the message that our only true value lies in our physical attributes. I beg of you to keep speaking openly and writing boldly as much and as often as you can.



  • CreamSoda

    As a woman I say to embrace your natural breasts whatever the size. I always felt extremely self-conscious about my barely A-cup breasts when I was younger. The crazy thing is that I had breast cancer in my twenties and the radiation treatment has left me with one tiny breast while the other has grown in size with two pregnancies. I love the larger breast and wish they were both the same size. They never will be unless I have plastic surgery, but I’m in my mid 30s now and really don’t sweat it. I just wish I hadn’t spent so much time obsessing about being small when I was younger rather than just being confident and happy. When you don’t worry about your breast size you end up meeting men who are attracted to you just the way you are rather than noticing all the big breast preferring men who aren’t.

  • My wife has small breasts, and I love them dearly.

    • Carreen Schroeder

      Thank you for this comment. I watched the above video a number of months ago and was moved to tears. I have been writing my own book on this very subject and it is basically complete but I have been personally in touch with Ellen Fischer-Turk, the photo-therapist in this video and she is agreeing to do my photos for the book once I find a publisher. In the meantime, she gave me the very valued advice of releasing one chapter at a time on a WordPress blog to build a following. I’ve done just that and hope to soon open up this ‘closeted’ pain so many women feel – true, meaningful, powerful conversations, so that women everywhere can come to know their true beauty. I hope you will visit me at:



  • Cam Krout

    I wish members of both sexes were far more concerned with the size of their intellect than that of their reproductive organs and/or other body parts.  You aren’t a human being who has a soul- you ARE a soul.  You ARE a mind.  You ARE a consciousness.  Your body is just an extension of that…

    • Steven

      You asserted some highly dubious metaphysico-mystical propositions there, as if they were established fact!  What am I?  Well, I think that all higher animals (all vertebrates) are bodies which have minds.

      From the evolutionary point of view it seems that the mind and “consciousness” are late acquisitions.  Early, primitive organisms are invertebrates, which are most probably insentient automata.  Therefore, it is the mind which developed late out of the body, not, as you stated, the body which is an extension of the mind. 

      I think that my mental states are like perceptions of my neurological states.  They cannot be reduced to neurological states; they are what it feels like to be in a neurological state.  So to be a body with a mind is to be a body which is conscious of itself.  It is a body that is conscious, a conscious body.  So I believe that there is no mental state which is not a perception of a brain state.

      This obviously contradicts your assertion that I am not a human being with a soul.  So long as soul is just a mystical-sounding synonym of mind, I think that that is exactly what I am.

  • Roy

    There should really be a documentary category called ‘First World Problems’ for videos like these.  The one on WOW addiction could go there too.

  • Fireeye

    I feel the exact same way like these women…. Stupid A-cup..Stupid society.. Stupid me lookin’ like a boy on the top half of my body..

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  • madscirat

    Like all petty First World problems, this one has the same solution. Go to Africa. Look. Problem gone.

  • maddie

    laura looks like bloody angelina jolie. Stop obsessing over flaws when your clearly so beautiful!

  • WillD2

    This is very sad. These girls have beautiful bodies, and don’t realise that there are many men who really genuinely prefer smaller breasts. A woman with smaller breasts is no less a woman than one with larger ones.

  • Cassy_Again

    Some of these comments not only make me shudder, they clearly point out the issue. The value of another human being is not based on some cultural preference, like breast size, or penis size, or how curly a person’s hair is. Until we stop assuming this is the role of women in our society, to be attractive and “snag” a man, this problem will only get worse. Even comments meant to compliment are still referencing pretty faces, etc.. These are women, not cattle. We value good looks but at the end of the day looks offer little in a relationship except to feed a shallow ego. Wit, survival skills, parenting skills, health…these are the only things that actually matter.

    • William Harper

      Shudder away, Ugly Small Tits.

  • William Harper

    I got news for you ladies…you have vaginas. Nobody cares about your stupid tits.

  • Chase Smith

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  • UkrBot

    Don’t believe them! Flat chest is great!

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