Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

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In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Islamic fundamentalism has, in the minds of many, taken the place once held by communism as the leading threat to the safety and security of the industrialized West. Filmmakers Wayne Kopping and Raphael Shore explore what they regard as the most dangerous force since the rise of Nazism in this documentary.

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West features footage from Arab television outlets with interviews which are compared with newsreel images of terrorist actions staged by the PLO and other groups in an effort to show parallels between hate-based groups of the past and the current mood among Islamic extremists. Obsession also includes interviews with guerrilla fighters, former Hitler Youth members, and terrorist operatives as they discuss the role and function of extremist political and religious groups.

Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals an “insider’s view” of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the Nazi movement of World War II, the Radicals of today, and the Western world’s response to both threats. Featuring interviews with Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Alan Dershowitz, a former PLO terrorist, and a former Hitler Youth Commander.

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Rating: 7.6/10 based on 37 votes

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  • Ritch Ritchloui

    It is not ‘radical’ Islam if it is what Islam has ALWAYS been. It is simply Islam. Islam is a written doctrine and it is within its central texts that it is easily shown to be nothing more than a pedophile snuff cult. That’s all it has ever been. It has a geographic, cultural and linguistic centre of gravity, Arabia. Islam is essentially the Arabian cult of invasion, conquest, subjugation, enslavement and occupation.

    • tj

      Yeah, click on this guy’s name and see the incredible amount of hatred he spews.

      best to ignore his comment unless you’re a tinfoil hat wearing rw lunatic.

      • Ritch Ritchloui

        At least I don’t belong to a pedophile slaving cult.

        • tj

          Your obsession with pedoohilia is duly noted

          • Ritch Ritchloui

            I’m not not keen on limb-chopping, head-lopping or crucifixions either. It’s just a thing, I really despise the cult of all these depravities.

            • tj

              Which has nothing to do with your obsession with pedophilia.

              • Ritch Ritchloui

                You will find that the vermin cult of the pedophile Mohammed is all about pedophilia, maimings, mutilations, crucifixions and all manner of disgusting practices. It’s pretty straightforward, some of us are not afraid to say it as it is.

                • tj

                  Again, your obsession with little boys and pedophillia is noted.

                • SeanQ38

                  Its beginning to appear that the obsession is yours. You went right at that claim he made only and keep going back again and again.

    • SeanQ38

      The fact that all Tj can point out is pedophilia shows that he cant say anything good about Islam either.

  • Gonzo Wenkümmerts

    This film is almost pure fearmongering, interupted inly by a bit of hatemongering.
    It seeks easy answers to a very complex issue and basically says that radical islamists are all just evil psychopaths. And while it is certainly true that the prominent heads of the radical islamic movement are wiked people with a badly distorted world view I still have to disagree with the central conclusions this movie draws.

    1: There is no war between islam and “the West”.
    Let those people declare it as often as they want, but if I declare war on McDonalds that would not give me the right to kill that fuckfaced moron of a clown. Killing civilians in attacks that are conducted solely with the goal of killing civilians is not an act of war, it is a crime. And if we allow the terrorists to declare themselves as soldiers in a war we allow them to draw some kind of moral grounds for their criminal acts. Those people should be found and put to trial before an orderly court of law, just as ordinary murderers.

    2: Terrorism is not the biggest threat since Nazi Germany.
    Yes, terrorists killed a lot of people in a horrific way. But german bus drivers killed more. German doctors kill more people every year that islamic terroists in all the years since 2001.
    While terrorists are indeed a threat to individual life, they are not a threat to our society.
    If we forsake the ideals our society is based on however, we become a threat to it ourselfs.

    3: I agree that the leaders of tghis radical movement are mostly evil men, and their morality rotten to the core. The overwhelming mass of terrorists in reality act the way they do out of the conviction that it is the last resort they have to defend what they think is under attack.
    There are political and social reasons for those convictions and we will have to adress them when we want to keep international terrorism at bay. We need to solve the true issues instead of blantantly say that radical islamits are evil and this would be the sole reason for terrorism.

    This documentary sucks balls!

    • Racko382

      Take off the blinders you moron.

    • MentalMiggy

      Very well put Gonzo. I completely agree!

  • SeanQ38

    Finally we get to hear what an average Muslim thinks. She thinks we better wake up because her religion has been hijacked by extremists and doesnt want to be a part of our country. Im speaking about muslims in the U.S. We need to rid our country of Islam all together. This Al Hamza needs to be on the CIA list for a drone strike ASAP. We’ll see who sells who at the market sicko.

  • SeanQ38

    These people shouting hate speech are sick. The child abuse is staggering. Mohammed would be pleased. Mein Kompf.=My struggle. Jihad= The Struggle within. Both aimed at the Jews and Western civilization. Hitler even used the Palestinians hatred for the Jews long before Israel was born. Israel would fight 2 wars before finally occupying Palestine to avoid a 3rd. So im tired of hearing how because of the occupation of Palestine Muslims hate Jews and they hate the U.S. for supporting the Jews. Thats crap and unfortunately most dont know that.

  • Ritch Ritchloui

    Yazidi MP Breaks Down in Parliament: ISIL is Exterminating my People


  • Tom

    I despise radicals of all kinds.
    More than despising radicals, I despise people who have so called ‘normal’ behaviors that produce evil results (notice I said normal, not even talking about radical behavior).
    Well, the west (which by the Muslims includes USA, England, and the Jews, and this is a very accurate inclusion), through its ‘normal’ business as usual behaviors has produced incredibly evil and unjust results all across the rest of the world. The economic and military imperialism of the west has for all intents and purposes enslaved the people of the world, and put all of the power into the hands of a small number of super rich elite.
    This enslavement started with the third world for resources, namely oil. It has expanded into the developing world for trade purposes. Now, they have even turned on their own population. With the second great depression of the 21st century that the USA is still suffering through right now, even Americans are falling victim to ‘economic enslavement’!
    In the video, a so called ‘radical’ Muslim said ‘all Muslims and honorable non-Muslims must join us in this fight against American world domination’.
    Through theft of wealth, international banking and trade, military action, and downright dastardly behavior, the west in slowly dominating the world (and not for the betterment of most, just a few). The Muslims are on to something.
    I don’t agree with radical behavior, but I see why they are doing it. They have been stripped of all dignity, and left no choice. They have tried to get their message out peacefully, but the evil American media twists the news and distorts every message out there. For example, this film. This film is a propaganda film, nothing more.
    Instead of focusing on radical behavior of Islam, why doesn’t Documentary Storm ever talk about the ‘normal’ behavior of Israel and the USA? On the American news all we get are distortions and half truths. All the important details are left out? Why?
    Poverty, injustice, and atrocity breed radicalism. Perhaps the rich of the West should be more just, more generous, and commit less atrocity across the world. Then maybe we would see less radicalism.
    The USA/England want to control the wealth of the world and dictate to everyone else how to do things. They needed to control the oil, so they offered the Jewish people a country in the middle east that could be used for military strikes. The Jews, tired of being kicked around for two thousand years accepted the deal with the devil. I get it. They did not want to be the victim anymore, not after what the Nazis did to them. The Jews are just as much a victim of western imperialism as everyone else, but they have made themselves a part of the crime up to now with the theft of Palestine.
    We live in an ugly world full of lies. I just wish more of my fellow Americans would wake up and see how horribly we are all being used by the powerful elite. Something needs to change. What we have now can not be allowed to continue. It is evil and should not be tolerated.
    Written by a white Christian, American born, patriot who is tired of all the lies!

    • justhangingaround

      u sound super communism, like north korea or something.

      • Tom

        I think it is funny and disturbing that when someone speaks the truth about our once great nation, certain others try to label them as communist…or something…whatever ‘or something’ means.
        I don’t sound ‘super communist’. I sound super truthful.
        I am not communist, but I also don’t think anyone really knows what real communism is. The former soviet union and china are not communist, they are some sort of dictatorship. Then again, so is the United States. They all do the same things, just in different degrees. The United States has better liars doing spin control for them, that is the major difference.
        I am not North Korean, I am American. I am just fed up with how the Elite twist everything we see in the media. NONE OF THE AMERICAN NEWS AGENCIES CAN BE TRUSTED.
        Our government is working only for the super rich, and the rest of us, we are slowly being turned into slaves. We are having our rights stripped away from us by the rich. Look at Wisconsin, the GOP stripped the working class of its right to collectively bargain. In California, the rich insurance companies are buying the election by spending tons of money. We don’t have a democracy, it is all about who has the money.
        The working people no longer have a voice, no one is on our side. The democrats and republicans both serve the same super rich elite, they just spew slightly different propaganda to make it seem like we have a choice. It is all a sham!
        More and more people are going to come to these same conclusions very soon, then things might change (I hope).

  • VideoEyes

    Gonzo Wenkümmerts

    1: There is a war between islam and the west & the world islam has declared it clearly!

    2: Islam terror soldiers and sympathisers are a bigger threat than the nazis because there global and want to convert and rule the world and have expressed so, Too many times.

    3: Radical movement rotten to the core evil men and women,I dont care of their radical convictions they feel the need to defend by threat to kill and do so. The only way to solve this issue is what they want death & war, it’s what they want to martyr for their WORLD jihad OR WAR!

    5: If given the chance They will cut your head off the same way they do journalists just like “Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary”, did to James Foley.

    4: Ali, is going to have a lot of virgins to come up with!

    This documentary was Enlightening and informative; get ready cause it’s coming!

    • Benn


  • Mariss Sirokovs

    The bombers are not muslims, it’s a fight for worlds resources – oil, gas etc…hugest lies I’ve ever seen

  • clayton

    Jesus Himself said that why should a Master suffer, and not His servants???? This is all happening because Jesus allows it to happen. Quit blaming the people that are without Christ, for they are acting according to their nature. We as Christians need to realize that once we too were enemies towards our Lord. It was by His mercy and grace that we are not antagonistic nor blind to His reality. Please one and all pray for those who do not know the risen Christ!!! Our words will not come back without doing what the will of God has planned.

    • clayton

      Read Titus chapter 3

  • Morthund

    supprisingly enough, I am leaning sympathetically towards the people who get their kids bombed and their sense of outrage rather than this shity crap

  • BlogZilla

    Pfffft. please. 911 was an inside job. follow the money and political ties

  • Dania Ahmad

    this movie is not logical at all…. how could america and Israel occupy Palestine and kill the Palestinian with their bombs and rockets and how could they burn our mosque (Jerusalem) in a cold blood and after doing all of this they ask innocently : why do they hate us???? i am a muslim and i am a palestinian and i would freely say: i don’t hate american and english as a citizen or as a human .. i hate everyone who support the occupier of my country to kill the Palestinians wherever they are. and you should all differentiate between islam and uslim cuz islam is a perfect religion and when a muslim make a mistake blame him but don’t blame islam

    • Bob

      So when millions of missiles make the same mistakes under the name of islam and under the name of Allah, we blame them as individuals or do we them blame the religion..

  • Sal

    this is not a journalistic piece of work. this is pure propaganda. Taken from the pages of Nazi book on propaganda and hate and fear mongering. 85% of victims from islamic terrorists are muslim in the arab world…so its not a war against the west its simply a war of ignorance against anyone who disagrees with them…the film has taken out vital information that would have made it a balanced and intelligent piece of work. Instead they turned it into ‘them against us’ AGAIN taking their advise from the nazi book of propaganda.

  • Jorge

    This documentary was brought to you by the Central Intelligence Agency. Be afraid. Turn in your rights, and please support the American Military………………Always.

  • Chupa

    Excerpt referring to this propaganda film:

    “The largest donors to Islamophobic groups are the related nonprofit
    donor-advised funds Donors Capital Fund and Donors Trust. Donors Capital
    Fund and Donors Trust allow conservatives looking to contribute to
    their favored causes to put money in a fund and then direct that money
    at their own discretion. This structure promises that the donor’s
    contributions will only ever show up on tax forms as coming from Donors
    Capital Fund or Donors Trust.

    More than $27 million in money held in the two funds has gone to
    Islamophobic groups from 2001-2012, according to CAP’s reports. The
    largest donation made was a $17 million contribution from a single
    anonymous donor to the Clarion Fund to pay for the distribution of the
    the anti-Muslim film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West”
    in 2008. Gaffney sits on the board of The Clarion Fund.

    It’s not clear who is behind that $17 million contribution, but it
    could be casino billionaire and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.
    The New York Times reported in 2012 that Adelson was involved in financing the
    distribution of “Obsession” as a newspaper insert during the 2008
    elections. Adelson also reportedly hands out copies of the movie to participants in Taglit Birthright, a program he funds sending American Jews on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel.”.

    Full version:

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