One Minute To Nine

One Minute To Nine

11 minutes 8.7/10 based on 36 votes

Married at 16 years old followed by over 20 years of violence left Wendy terrified. She summoned the courage to deal with her husband the only way she imagined would keep her and her kids safe from his abuse: by killing him.

This shocking documentary, when it was aired on HBO, was renamed with a somewhat more in-your-face title, “Every Fucking Day of My Life,” referencing the abuse that Wendy and her family endured over the years.

A harrowing portrait of domestic abuse, the project draws heavily on video shot by the dead abuser, as his wife, Wendy Maldonado, spends her final days of freedom before going to jail for his murder. The net result is every bit as chilling and depressing as one might expect.

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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 36 votes

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  • roos

    This was no justice for this family.
    He won.

    • Anonymous

      They smashed his skull in with a hammer. I’m sorry, no matter what he was doing, you can’t murder someone and not pay the price. It is still against the law, no matter what the circumstances.

      • Rob

        True. Against the law. Is there no room for mitigating circumstances? Like Wendy’s stepdad was saying, if someone is holding others hostage, the cops will take them out. But if he does it in his own home, even for decades, he is nearly untouchable. NO ONE who wasn’t raised in that kind of situation can know what it is like. I came from what I consider to be a very abusive home, and I honestly think it was about a TENTH of what this family endured. For 20 years. No one is saying that Wendy and Randy deserve a ticker tape parade. But really… don’t they? I’m a total liberal. I’m so far to the left it’s hilarious to me that so many morons think Obama is a socialist, he is a sellout corporate douche. I am STAUNCHLY opposed to the death penalty. But I struggle with cases like this man. I remember being about 8 and standing over my tormentor with a kitchen knife, watching him sleeping and thinking that if I rammed it into his ear as hard as I could then maybe I could be free. I recognized the look in Wendy or Randy’s eyes whenever the dad spoke to them on the videos. That “is he mad?” instant evaluation, that CONSTANT 24-7 tension and nervousness, the walking on eggshells feeling that comes with knowing that no matter how hard to try to not piss him off… eventually it will come. Sometimes I’d just walk calmly into the living room, walk right up to the couch and say as calm and cool as I could “I hate you. I disown you. I hope you die. I hope there is a god and a hell and I hope you suffer there forever” My sister would ask me later “Why do you do that? You know he always beats you worse when you do that.” and I’d say the same thing… “At least I’ll know why” I got sick of the constant waiting, because you never know. Sometimes days go by, and sometimes it’s 2 or 3 a day for weeks. Sometimes he could be walking by and he’d just clout me upside the head for nothing. He could come home from work mad, one of his lame sports teams could lose, you could walk in front of the TV, one time he asked me why I said something, and when I said that I hadn’t, he punched me for calling him a liar. As I lay there gasping for air he explained that he knew I didn’t but that it was disrespectful to call him a liar. Apparently I’m a slow learner since I told him that I didn’t call him a liar, I just said that I didn’t say that. He replied by toe kicking me. In the face. I was 5 or 6. I wanted him dead so bad I could taste it. I would have cheered. Based on what I saw I’d say this family endured far worse. Some men are just wild dogs. They enjoy making others suffer. I take it back. Wendy and Randy DO deserve a ticker tape parade.

        • Susan Thomas Banks

          You are so RIGHT!

      • Your pretty funny

        Spoken like someone who has neither experienced or witnessed this type of abusive situation. I think it was against the law for the father to do what he did, but that didn’t stop him either. You sound like a prime candidate for an abuser….

        • menjah

          Someone can’t have a different opinion than you without being a wife-beater huh? Sure, beating his head in may have been a justifiable thing to do, but the law’s the law. You can’t just let someone go of scott-free after committing murder.

          • Mark Davis

            You may not let them off scott free, But ask them to submit to a poly graph. If truthfull, then do home confinment and some therapy, and probation. They surely don’t belong in prison given the situation.
            Everyone concerned should contact the Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and tell him to get off his Ass and do something. He’s the only one that can change Her situation. If nothing else The Mother and son should hav fallen under the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW.

      • C’lee

        Bullshit! He was a complete bastard. The world would be a better safer place if all these wife/children beating son of bitches had there life terminated! FACT

      • Heidi Lynn Wolff

        It was not murder. It was self defense. It is completely justified. She saved herself and her kids’ lives: AND did all of mankind a HUGE favor, he absolutely got what he asked for and deserved. We need to get her and her son out of there like: YESTERDAY.

      • anon

        And if he wasn’t dead, he would have tormented his family until he did die. You clearly have never been in a situation of abuse.

  • Ianers

    Very sad documentary


    would have been better without the friggin captioning or at least make it optional

  • that one girl

    I was friends with Aaron and he was never this horrible guy in front of me! I never saw it, he was sweet and kind to me. The guy didnt drink but we would go to parties together in the 90’s and I would be sloshed, he never made a move on me of tried to take advantage he was always a gentleman. He liked heavy metal music and he did have a dark sense of humor but he was not a sociopath. I really dont like that only her side was told here aside from a very emotional rant from Paul. And what about Meth…. nobody said one word about the drug use in the later years and how that may have changed things either. Sigh…Iits just all bad

    • Susan Thomas Banks

      No, HE was just all bad

  • shirley

    it is so sad that a mother and her children had to endure this torture. I don’t believe in killing but i do believe it was her only way out.
    I think the courts should have taken it more into consideration, as far as i’m concerned she already served her time in prison every day that she lived with that montser! good luck wendy i will pray for you and your children. You are a devoted mother and a strong woman.
    May the grace of God be with you

  • Psion

    I’m happy he’s worm food now. These kind of human maggots should all get the same fate. They not only destroy women, but also their families and that usually means small children, who may or may not repeat the abuse once they’re older.

  • LT

    I’m strongly opposed to the death penalty and am very glad we abolished it more than 140 years ago, but if there is anyone who does deserve it in my opinion, it’s serial abusers like these people. They abuse their victims so badly for years on end that they wish they were dead, that death would be a release from suffering to them.

    Fortunately killing your tormenter in a situation like this is legal in most civilised countries, under the battered spouse defense (which also applies to children, not just spouses).

  • Darlene Purdy
  • Susan Thomas Banks

    Wendy did the only thing she could, to save the lives of her children and her own. Unless you have been in an abusive situation, you can not know that what she did was her only way out alive! I just feel so bad for her because justice is not just, and in reality it is the justice system and the courts that should have been arrested, tried, and convicted- for failing a mother, and her four children! People should not have to do what Wendy and her son did in order to have a life free of everyday beatings. This is the United States of America, land of the free? Or Not? And our Governor should have given her an early release, she does not deserve 10 years.

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