Rethink Afghanistan

Rethink Afghanistan

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The war in Afghanistan allowed no victory on either side. WWII cost about $50,000 per year per troop. This war cost close to $800,000 per troop. That amount was about three times more expensive than any previous war and all it did was to make the Middle East much more dangerous and increase the likelihood of American civilians getting killed in future terrorist attacks. For instance, before the US invasion in 2001, Afghanistan had never before experienced a suicide attack in its history.

There really were no wins, even though Laura Bush declared almost ten years ago, that “because of our recent military gains, women are no longer imprisoned in their homes”. That statement continues to be a lie.

The US government sent hundreds of thousands of people into a country where they had no kinship relationships, they didn’t speak the language, they didn’t understand the culture, and they didn’t share the same religious beliefs. This resulted in many dead American soldiers, many dead Afghans, and a growing hostility towards the United States.

There is no way that sending more troops provided the antidote for the real problems that were faced in Afghanistan. The increase in civilian casualties simply drove more people to make up their minds to join insurgent groups such as the Taliban. The US should have known based on recent history that this is not a country where change can be brought about by force. This was proven when they resisted the British in the 19th century and the Russians in the 20th century. Fifteen years later and the Afghans do not have a more favorable view of the United States, at all.

Back in the 19th Century, the British arbitrarily established the border that separates Afghanistan from Pakistan as a way of protecting their empire. This separation caused an entire group of people called the Pashtun to be disconnected from other members of their tribes. In response to this and other forms of abuse, many of these Pashtuns have now joined the Taliban with the goal of violently ridding the country of all foreigners, once and for all.

By 2009 the US Air Force had already dropped 14,049 metric tons or 30.97 million pounds of bombs on Afghanistan. As a result over 235,000 Afghan civilians now live in displacement camps due to the bombardment in their villages. At the camp, many of them fear dying of hunger and cold and many cry out to God to kill them so they won’t have to face such harsh conditions anymore.

The notion that US troops were in Afghanistan to keep the US safe does not add up. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 3 votes

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  • slx5c

    The dangerous situation for The United States Of America is that The United States Of America has invested most of its Economy into The Military Machine, and this becomes very dangerous for the rest of The World because The United States Of America needs War now to feed the Economic Investment that it has put its own Nation into. Notice that these Wars are in a less dangerous area compared to that if it was a war with Russia or China. These wars in the Middle East have absolutely No Chance against The Military Giant of The United States Of America; therefore, it is no coincidence that these wars in The Middle East turn out to be a Milking Machine at milking every penny that can be produced from such wars, AND THIS IS THE DANGER TO THE WORLD; as well as, it is the danger to The United States Of America as The World grows very tired of The United States Of America and its Military Milking Machine. EYE 5

  • kekacaus

    Elites are making money, this is a private war. I am sorry for people that they have to go there and for Afghanistan people too..

  • NoJuan2015

    A rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight. Nothing new here except he cost has gone up.

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