Riddle of the Skies

Riddle of the Skies

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Episode 1: Is There Anybody Out There?

This documentary series sets out to examine the evidence (physical or otherwise) for the existence of UFO’s. Are they a fantasy dreamt up by a lunatic fringe – or is there a conspiracy to keep information about them from the general public?

Pilots and air traffic controllers worldwide reveal openly details of their personal encounters with UFO’s, with confirmation being gained by flight deck tape recordings and ground radar confirmation.

Members of the public reveal their stories, video footage and still shots of UFO’s in the skies across the world followed by a thorough investigation from experts verifying there authenticity.

Concepts investigated in this series includes the admissions of retired military officials admitting that the majority, if not all, of UFO sightings have in fact been people witnessing military test flights of disc shaped and triangular shaped mercury based plasma driven crafts, of which have been seen by thousands world-wide. Not only was it admitted that the crafts’ existed in the military, they also admit that they were based on recovered alien technology – is this secret world of advanced military aircraft at the heart of the phenomena, or just a military cover-up?

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Rating: 7.1/10 based on 21 votes

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  • Janeth Lazarra Laodenio


  • Ned

    Anything from this century?

  • Billz

    It ain’t about nasaknowing et is here they all still wanna no how man different Ets there are and there capabilities

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  • Earth

    What’s with his fucking accent! I can’t concentrate with that type of voice—he sounds like alien himself.

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